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Straight out of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park in beautiful Dartmouth, Nova Scotia come Ricky, Julian and Bubbles--aka The Trailer Park Boys. They're taking a break from their get-rich-quick schemes and...uh...higher endeavors to bring their live High, Drunk and Unemployed tour to Seattle on Tuesday, October 26th at the Moore Theatre. Before they take the stage, they're making a quick stop here at Scarecrow to meet fans, sign autographs and pre-function. Be here at 2pm on Tuesday, October 26th with your DVDs and...uh...water pipes ready for signing. If you've not yet had the pleasure, Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary style-comedy series that follows the aforementioned gentlemen and their fellow trailer park residents as they do their darnest to stay out of jail while trying their best to get there. Here's a small sample--with language NSFW: It lasted for seven seasons and spawned two feature length films--all of which we have available for rent in our Canadian TV section. You've got plenty of time to watch the whole series before they arrive. You might also want to visit our front counter and enter to win tickets to their show at the Moore.