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New to View: David Fincher, THE SOCIAL NETWORK & LET ME IN

In this week's episode of The MacGuffin Podcast, Spencer & John gear up for the Facebook origin story THE SOCIAL NETWORK with a look at director David Fincher's previous works. Did you know that before Fincher helmed such films as SEVEN, FIGHT CLUB, and ZODIAC, he directed music videos by such artists as Paula Abdul and Madonna? Can you guess which ones? Visit his shelf in our Director's section and see if you can figure it out (or cheat and look here). They also give a shout out to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, writer of The American President and creator of two of my all time favorite TV shows, Sports Night and The West Wing. Should the MacGuffins ever want to do a Sorkin retrospective, I'd be in to that... Next, Spencer & John explore the mix of excitement and wariness that comes on the eve of LET ME IN, the US remake of the Swedish atmospheric horror film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, which ended up at #50 on our Best of The Decade list. We all remain hopeful the film will be more Dawn of the Dead remake and not Friday the 13th. They end with their DVD picks of the week, which you'll see below. Sean "Diddy" Combs and Clark Gregg are the best things about their respective films.