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Theater-going roundup for the October 1st weekend

Welcome to the theatrical round-up for the first week of October (or to our heavy metal friends, Rocktober). We begin with the awesome goings on at Northwest Film Forum as they kick off the LOCAL SIGHTINGS FILM FESTIVAL. It begins Friday at 7pm with Zach Weintraub's coming-of-age summer romance BUMMER SUMMER along with Lindsay Foster's road trip short film FATHER LOVER FRIEND. That's followed by the big Opening Night party where you'll relive 1995 though song and dance. You're encouraged to dress for the occasion so dust off your Doc Martens and REM Monster tour shirts. The Local Sightings Festival continues through the week with an impressive selection of shorts, features and documentaries, including the premiere of CITIZEN MAYOR, a look at our recent mayoral race and I AM SECRETLY AN IMPORTANT MAN, a profile of "grunge guru" Steven "Jesse" Bernstein. Click here for the full schedule. This weekend SIFF Cinema hosts the SEATTLE LATINO FILM FESTIVAL, beginning Friday night with VIAJE REDONDO, a story of how two women's relationship evolves through the course of one ride home, and continuing on through the weekend with more features and documentaries. PRINCESS BRIDE continues through the week over at Central Cinema, along with the LADIES OF THE 80s SING ALONG on Thursday the 7th, where you can have a beer and belt out classics like "Total Eclipse of The Heart" as loud as you'd like. Grand Illusion Cinema gets into the spirit of the season with the triumphant return of ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! This month-long celebration of the cinematic creepy and campy begins with DOUBLE AHHNOLD! aka a double feature of CONAN THE BARBARIAN and CONAN THE DESTROYER. The Late Night screenings return with the New Wave werewolves of HOWLING II. Also in wide release this weekend is THE SOCIAL NETWORK aka "The Facebook Movie" which is already being called a generation and/or decade defining film. Despite the almost universal praise, I'm still not sure I want to sit down and watch a whole movie about how Facebook came to be. But with David Fincher directing a script by Aaron Sorkin, I must trust I am in the best hands possible. Let us know what you think of it over on our Facebook page.