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New To View: The MacGuffins talk Affleck & Reiner

In the latest episode of The MacGuffin Podcast, Spencer & John chat about the hills and valleys of two writer/director/actors with new movies coming out this weekend: Ben Affleck (The Town) and Rob Reiner (Flipped). Enjoy. We often get asked why Rob Reiner doesn't have a director's section here at the store. While he's made more films many of us know by heart than any other director (I could probably recite Princess Bride, Stand By Me and When Harry Met Sally with little to no trouble), I guess there's always been the feeling that his body of work doesn't quite meet the auteur definition we usually go by (see also: Ron Howard). What do you all think? Let us know if we should cram him in between Michael Reeves and Karel Reisz. Side note: If you gentlemen don't really like The American President, that's fine; Reiner does little to shape the film. But I'd argue that just like A Few Good Men, American President rises several notches above "blah" thanks to the script by Aaron Sorkin. For example: Spencer & John end the episode with their DVD picks of the week, both of which we have for rent & sale.