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Theatrical goings-on for the weekend of September 17th

Hello and welcome to this week's theatrical round-up. We start at SIFF Cinema, hosts of the MAELSTROM INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL (or MIFFF), a weekend of features and shorts from around the world in the realms of animation, sci-fi, fantasy action and horror--genres that are often ignored in the larger film festival circuits. Visit the SIFF Cinema site for details & ticket information. Over at Northwest Film Forum there's BUNNY & THE BULL, a Gondry/Jeunet inspired tale of two friends' trek through Europe as recreated by clay models & paper mache by MIGHTY BOOSH director Paul King. You'll definitely want to make plans to see the encore presentation of Louis C.K.'s HILARIOUS on Friday at 9:30pm at Central Cinema. It has received high praise from the discerning comedy fans here at the store. Also at the CC this weekend is FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, a film most of us can recite start to finish but never tire of watching. Scarecrow congratulates Central Cinema's programmer Clinton McClung for making the Stranger Genius awards shortlist. Our neighbors at Grand Illusion Cinema have HARIMAYA BRIDGE, a complex drama about a man who travels to Japan to retrieve his deceased son's belongings. He discovers much about who his estranged son and tests his own resentment towards the Japanese, having lost his own father in WWII. In the IMPORTANT REMINDER department, you only have about a week left to get tickets for the GI's CASABLANCA fundraising extravaganza on Sat. Sept. 25th. We've got tickets on sale here for both the 6:30pm and 9:30pm shows here at the store. Lastly, it's an all Affleck weekend with Casey's I'M STILL HERE, a portrait of the enigma that is Joaquin Phoenix, and Ben's THE TOWN starring Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm and Ben himself. If you're still snickering at the idea of Ben Affleck helming a gritty crime drama, we invite you to head to our Murder/Mystery/Suspense section and get GONE BABY GONE. Have a great weekend, everyone.