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This weekend at SIFF Cinema: BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI

I don't really believe in the notion of guilty pleasures when it comes to movies--there's nothing wrong with enjoying a movie that isn't widely considered "good." What does send me into bouts of cinematic self-condemnation is thinking about the movies I haven't seen. One of those seemingly endless titles is BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI. Somehow in my phases of appreciation for stars William Holden (in such great films as Sunset Boulevard and Stalag 17) and Alec Guinness (Kind Hearts and Coronets and that one space movie), director David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago), its inclusion on pretty much every "outstanding film" list ever generated, and the first spark of curiosity generated from this, I never taken the time to watch it. Luckily, I'll get a chance to cross it off the list in style this weekend when SIFF Cinema presents a new 4K digital restoration. It opens Friday, September 10th at 7pm with an introduction by film historian & critic Robert Horton and runs through the weekend. Check the SIFF Cinema site for showtimes & ticket details. Whether you've watched KWAI a dozen times, haven't seen it since film school, only ever watched it on your phone, or you're like me and haven't yet had the pleasure, head to SIFF Cinema this weekend.