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AWAY WE GO screening May 9th - with Dave Eggers!

As the skies clear and the temperatures rise, we look forward to the shining days of summer and the awesome movies it brings to theaters. One such film is Sam Mendes' Away We Go starring John "Jim from The Office" Krasinski and Maya "we wish she was still on SNL" Rudolph. I highly encourage you to now watch the trailer by clicking here. away_we_go Did you watch it? Looks good, no? And the added bonus of Allison Janney? Sold! Away We Go doesn't open until June 5th, but there's a special screening here at the Harvard Exit at 4:30pm on Saturday May 9th. It's a benefit for 826 Seattle, a non-profit writing & tutoring center that provides writing workshops & homework assistance and all kinds of other good word-related activities free of charge to students 6-18. AWG was written by Vendela Vida (one of the editors of The Believer) and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius author/Where The Wild Things Are screenwriter/826 National founder Dave Eggers. He'll be in attendance after the screening a bit of the old Q & A. Tickets are $25; you'll find the ticket information here. You'll see a great film and, since all the proceeds go to 826 Seattle, help a great cause. We'll see you there.