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New to View: A look back at the Summer of 2010

With the first hints of fall wafting through the air, Spencer & John of the MacGuffin Film Blog take a profanity-laden look back at the summer cinematic highs & lows. They start with The Avengers set up IRON MAN 2, and touch on the many remakes (I get it, the KARATE KID remake is bad), the many sequels (I still tear up when I think about TOY STORY 3), the surprisingly good (MACGRUBER will be out on DVD on September 7th), the totally awesome (duh, INCEPTION), and the criminally underrated (SCOTT PILGRIM). Confidential to the movie making powers that be: I would totally enjoy a Wallace Wells movie. After digesting the summer's film fare, they look forward to the first great movie of the fall: MACHETE!!! (aka Nash Bridges reunion) John: For future reference, Beezus is a nickname for Beatrice, Ramona Quimbly's older sister We agree with their DVD picks of the week, which you'll find in for rent in our New Release section or for sale in the New Sales area (by the return slot)