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Theatrical round up for Labor Day weekend

Hello and Happy Labor Day weekend! While you're at Scarecrow getting movies for your weekend French New Wave/80s Hong Kong/pre-Oscar win Tom Hanks films marathon, be sure to check out our USED SALE on all VHS and Adult titles. If you'll be braving the crowds at Bumbershoot, be sure to take some time from seeing bands, browsing Flatstock and consuming giant ears of corn to line up at SIFF Cinema for in the 1 REEL FILM FESTIVAL. There's over 100 shorts from all over the world playing over the weekend--for details check SIFF's site or the handy guides in either of our city's free alternative weeklies. One of the band's playing Bumbershoot is Wheedle's Groove, a supergroup of local R&B artists from the 60s & 70s that reunited in 2004. They're the subject of Jennifer Maas' excellent documentary WHEEDLE'S GROOVE, which will be playing all week at Northwest Film Forum with special guests & music a-plenty. They're also showing Pier Paolo Pasolini's classic MAMMA ROMA. On Friday down at Central Cinema, there's the MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL Quote-A-Long (complete with free coconut halves for everyone!), then on Saturday there's the fascinating/horrifying found footage extravaganza known as EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. CC's 80s Action Hero nights continue on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in COMMANDO. Our friends at Grand Illusion Cinema are showing the Japanese action/comedy/fantasy/romance of BATTLE LEAGUE HORUMO. Speaking of the GI, be sure to check out our special Grand Illusion rental section chock full of some of the great films that have played Seattle's oldest continually running movie theater. You can also get tickets here for the CASABLANCA fundraiser on Saturday, September 25th. We'd also like to give a a shout out to everyone taking up residency at PAX this weekend and remind you our Joysticks! section is full of films to compliment your convention experience. Have a good, safe weekend, everyone!