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Ticket giveaway + coupon + weekend viewing

While you're in the store picking out your weekend viewing, be sure to stop by entry box on the front counter and enter to win tickets to a screening of the highly acclaimed/Oscar nominated Austrian film Revanche at SIFF Cinema. If you're having trouble deciding what to watch, we just put out a fresh batch of STAFF PICKS. Look for them in the New Release area. Many of us enjoyed the Shaw Brothers-esque Ip Man One Crow staffer described it as "the story of the man who taught Bruce Lee how to be such a badass." If you're into saving money, look for our extreme green USED COUPON in the current issue of Seattle Weekly (the one with the devil car on the cover). It's good for 50% OFF all of our USED SALE ITEMS. You can clip &save on good stuff, like the 4th season of Lost. In actual-watching-movies-in-a-theater news, several Scarecrow staffers will be in attending the CINEMAPOCALYPSE tonight and Saturday night at Grand Illusion Cinema. It's "two nights of white-hot exploitation thunder" presented by trusted authorities in the exploitation department, Alamo Drafthousers Lars Nilsen and friend of the store Zack Carlson. Get the low-down dirty details here. cinemapocalypse Also on screens this weekend: The Seattle Jewish Film Festival, the Social Justice Film Festival at the GI, the National Film Festival for Talented Youth, showing amazing films made by folks 22 and younger (such a talent showcase always leaves us with mixed feelings of awe and extreme old age), and the philosophical musings of Examined Life at Northwest Film Forum. Of course, we suggest all these things after you go see Beyonce in Obssessed... Don't forget that you can keep track of what we're watching over on our Twitter page. If you haven't already, we'd be honored if you befriended us MySpace &Facebook.