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Happy Sunny days, everyone. It's probably only going to last another 36 hours, so soak it in while you can. Don't let the strong rays sap your movie going energy, just take a nice walk/drive/bus ride here and rent some movies to enjoy once darkness falls. There are many things to be happy about other than the sun. First, today is apparently some kind of special day where our DRUGS rental section is more popular than usual. Follow our Twitter feed to see if we place anything else commemorative today, or log in to suggest an appropriately festive film. Second, we reported on the rumors last week, but it seems now, according to and friend of the store Michael Ian Black's blog (via The SLOG) that, wait, I have to compose myself here... really, finally, actually, THE STATE WILL BE OUT ON DVD ON JULY 14th. Excuse me while I go prepare the pudding! The STATE!!! Third, we all know that in these times thrift is important, so that's why we've placed a handy 50% OFF USED MOVIES coupon in our ad in the current issue of THE STRANGER. That's half off any used DVDs, VHS or Laserdiscs we've got for sale. Before you recycle the paper, clip that coupon, stuff it in your wallet between the ATM statements and bar receipts*, then head on in and take advantage of the maximum bargains. Now go forth and enjoy the sun. Even if you don't make it in tonight, you've got to come by tomorrow for The Wrestler and Caprica. The forecast for 2 for 1 Wednesday is a mere 54 degrees with a chance of rain. We'll see you then. *That's just what's in my wallet. The contents of your wallet may vary.