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State Of Play - no Affleck included

Have you been seeing those crazy trailers with Crowe and Affleck talking loudly in hushed tones in the backrooms of Washington? Did you know that State Of Play was originally a six-part BBC miniseries? We've got a few copies for rent, in case you're curious before you see the Hollywood remake, or "want to know more" after. Imagine if you replaced the cops in The Wire with journalists, and then tossed them into a political conspiracy. This is just so damned good. It's a classic newspaper thriller, and the format gives it enough time to flesh out the characters and story very nicely. I watched this during the last days of the Seattle PI's run, and, even though it was fiction, found comfort in at least the concept of investigative journalism, and was reminded of the value of it. It's credentials too, are way above the bar. Kelly MacDonald, Bill Nighy, Polly Walker, and most importantly David Morrissey and John Simm all turn in pitch perfect performances, and the writer/creator, Paul Abbott, is responsible for some of Britain's finest television of the last decade. I can't even imagine Ben Affleck filling David Morrisey's shoes, or Rachel McAdams replacing Kelly MacDonald. No way. So check this out, soon, before the feature film takes a big giant American poop on the original. Actually, the remake's in very good hands. Kevin McDonald, late of One Day In September, Touching The Void, and Last King Of Scotland is directing, and the ubiquitous but amazingly talented Tony Gilroy had a hand in the adaptation so it shouldn't be all bad. Still, check out those Brits (and Scots.) It'll be well worth your time. We might even put a couple extra
copies out for rent if y'all come down and heed my words.
State of Play