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New Special Section! ONLY ON VHS

In these modern times movies are available through your computer, your phone, and pretty soon will likely be projected directly to your brain. But what about those that get left behind in the digital dust, films that for some reason or another don't get transferred to the new fad format of choice? Don't they deserve to still be seen and enjoyed? We at Scarecrow Video say, "HECK YEAH!" Hence our new special rental section: ONLY ON VHS, a celebration of films &oddities still waiting for their DVD debut. Only On VHS Section highlights include The Beatles Let It Be, Frank Zappa's 200 Motels, John Frankenheimer's 99 and 44/100 Dead! (starring Richard Harris, filmed in Seattle, featuring portions of University Heights Center in various stages of combustion), and this gem: Legend of Billie Jean There's plenty more interesting titles, so dust off the VCR and head in. Though you'll have to wait a few days to get this one: Swayze Dancing! as I'll be taking it home tonight. Happy viewing, old school style!