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Got plans this weekend?

Whatcha doing this weekend? Will you don your Boba Fett outfit and head to The Emerald City Comic-Con? Checking out Pasolini's Arabian Nights &Romero's Night of the Living Dead at the Grand Illusion or Fellini's Satyricon at Northwest Film Forum? Swooning over Jesse Eisenberg in Adventureland? Or will you stop by Scarecrow and catch up on all the great new releases of the last few weeks (Slumdog Millionaire, Milk and Venture Brothers: Season 3 just to name a few...)? Whatever your plans, be sure to head to The Triple Door TONIGHT (Friday) at 7:30pm for Showgirls, hosted and annotated by David Schmader. If you miss it, we do have the DVD with his commentary track available in the Paul Verhoven section. But we've said it before; an opportunity to see Mr. Schmader present this timeless classic live is not to be missed. And for those attending the Con, I'll leave you with this.