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New to View: The Next Generation

Greetings and welcome to another episode of The MacGuffin Podcast. In advance of this week's new theatrical films, Spencer and John discuss the work of The Last Exorcism's producer (and the main focus of the film's marketing other than the possessed girl's contortions) Eli Roth. It includes talk of his blood drenched directorial efforts like Cabin Fever and Hostel (and hopefully Thanksgiving) and his acting roles in Inglorious Basterds and the recent Piranha 3-D . Is he just following Quentin Tarantino's playbook? Do people hate him because he's reasonably good looking? You be the judge. Spencer & John then move on to Centurion's writer/director Neil Marshall. He's also responsible for Dog Soliders (a great werewolf movie made when they were considered scary and not hot) and horrific cave claustrophobia of The Descent (which Spencer would prefer be on our Best of the Decade list). Apparently in the future he'll be working on a film with Sam Raimi called Burst 3-D, in which "something is causing people to explode." Count us in. They end the episode with their powerhouse DVD picks of the week:
Actually, Spencer picked the Complete Collection of Lost, which we're waiting to arrive from our distributor.
Look for Spencer & John filming up in our Action/Adventure/War enclave.