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Ack, sorry about the technical difficulties, folks. While we work out the kinks, we should let you know that we're working on a BRAND NEW site that hopefully won't have such troubles (knock on keyboard). Whoo! Speaking of technical difficulties, did everyone hear about Slumdog Millionaire and this? We're working on getting our goods taken care of, in the meantime you can call 1-888-223-4FOX if you've bought a copy that doesn't include all special features. Maybe you'd also like to tell Fox what you think of the "goodies only on the "purchase" copy" policy... Remember, it's April 1st: our new rental policies are now in effect. Rentals are now due at 8pm, with the hour grace period until 9pm (so don't panic if your bus is stuck in traffic). Don't forget that it's still cheaper to pre-pay for your rentals; ask us about a punch card the next time you're in. Also remember you have until the 15th to a) do your taxes and b) to redeem that thrifty Stranger coupon. We hope to have things back up and running as soon as possible and appreciate your patience. In the meantime, feel free to give us a call at (206) 524-8554 or email with any questions/concerns. Did it really snow this morning?