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Anime Spotlight(s)! Feb and March

Anime Spotlight is still rotating it's many anime themes monthly, so in case you missed it, there are past section lists on the shelf in the animation room! February was quite a tall order with the overly popular theme of "Awkward Love + Wild Card!", which had so many series in it, I had to cut it down. Who knew that the Japanese have lots of anime based around guys who don't know how to act around girls they like? especially with so many variations of aliens, technology, magic, vampires, and time traveling?! Quite creative, really. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!~ February Anime Spotlight: Chobits Dears DNA2* FLCL* Fruits Basket* Girl who Lept Through Time* Girls Bravo K.O.R. movie &OVAs Karin Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya* Midori Days Moon Phase Please Teacher! Ranma 1/2* Saber Marionette Saikano Video Girl Ai* Voices of a Distant Star Welcome the the NHK Yumeria *indicates my current personal favorites that I highly recommend! Right now, March is almost coming to an end, so please check out the current section before it changes again! March's theme this year is "Music"! all about j-rock and j-pop idols and popstars! some are over the top and hilarious while a few others are dark and serious. it's a good mix! March's Anime Spotlight!: Assemble Insert* BECK Chance Pop Session Detroit Metal City* Fancy Lala FLCL* Full Moon Gravitation Hana Dan the movie Idol Project Interstella 5555* Key the Metal Idol Legend of Black Heaven Macross 7 the movie Nerima Daikon Brothers On your Mark* Perfect Blue* Piano Violinist of Hameln Wandaba Style *highly recommend! I haven't seen too many in this month's section, so please come in and let us know which ones you like this month! ^____^ ♥