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Theater round up for the last weekend in August

Hello and welcome to another not-as-summer-as-you'd-want-weekend in Seattle. We're hoping the rain stays away for this weekend's outdoor cinema events. Saturday night at the Mural Amphitheater in Seattle Center there's the new STAR TREK starring recent birthday boy Chris Pine as James Tiberus Kirk. On Friday at Cal Anderson Park there's the last movie in Three Dollar Bill Cinema's BLONDE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN series--Disney's 1977 live action adventure CANDLESHOE. It stars a sandy haired Jodie Foster as a street smart tomboy hired by a thieving gang to impersonate a missing girl and find a hidden treasure. Saturday at Cal Al there's Northwest Film Forum's 5th ANNUAL BIKE IN, a celebration of pedal-powered transport featuring music, short films and the undeniable awesomeness of PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE. At the Northwest Film Forum cinema, there's LOOKING FOR ERIC, Ken Loach's life-affirming tale of a down & out postal worker inspired to turn his life around by his idol--Manchester United's Eric Cantona. They're also showing AROUND A SMALL MOUNTAIN, the most recent work by French New Waver Jacques Rivette. Over at Central Cinema, there's the always charming BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S (if only they had martinis at CC...) and the 1977 Japanese psychedelic horror/fantasy HAUSU , which will be out on DVD in October from Criterion. On Saturday night the TV CARNAGE crew returns with LET'S WORK IT OUT, a collection of clips from strange and outrageous work out videos. If you like TV Carnage, we have several of their compilations for rent in our Comedy TV section. Dennis Nyback's ANIMATION EXTRAVAGANZA continues down the street from us at Grand Illusion Cinema with the series COMPARE TO DISNEY--aka F&%K MICKEY MOUSE. In this presentation, Nyback shows how other studios reacted to Disney's dominance in the '30s and '40s with films that either, "rip him off, beat him to the punch, or make vicious fun of him." Included are works by Fritz Freleng, Bob Clampett, Tex Avery & others. Lastly, a programming note for the GI: The Late Night movies are taking break and will start back up in October. Happy viewing, everyone.