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The end of LOST & more New Releases for August 24th

So many new releases, so little time. Here's what's new to our shelves. As always, * means it's also on Blu-ray; follow the SALE link to buy here online. And now without further ado... LOST: SEASON 6 *—This is the final season, so the now entire series is on DVD. If you've been holding out watching this show (like me), now's the time to start. If you're already a fan, we do have it for sale. If you're in need of a refresher, read this over on Sean Axmaker's blog and rent the first five seasons up in our Fantasy TV section. SIMPSONS: SEASON 13 *—Angry Dad! Bart the Bubble Boy! Flaming Moe's! R.E.M.! SALE SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD *—The latest installment of George Romero's zombie opus. CITY ISLAND—Andy Garcia & Julianna Margulies star in this charming comedy about a Bronx correctional officer, his secret-keeping family and his dreams of becoming an actor. NIGHTFUR—A surreal sci-fi romance from writer/director Jason Brown, starring J. Michael Craig, Jana Danae, Jeter Rhodes and Creighton Barrett from Band of Horses. ME & ORSON WELLES—We've had the PAL import here for awhile, but now Richard Linklater's film about a young man's experiences with a Mercury Theater production of Julius Caesar is out on domestic DVD. It stars Clarie Danes and Zac Efron (don't worry, he doesn't play Welles). AJAMI—Five tales of violence and vengeance in the Israeli city of Jaffa intertwine in this Oscar nominated film. SHIRINTaste of Cherry director Abbas Kiarostami's new film that conveys a narrative through the sound of the dialogue and the reactions of an audience watching the film—including Juliette Binoche. MACHINE GUN MCCAIN—The 1969 gangster film starring John Cassavetes, Peter Falk, Britt Ekland and "special guest star" Gena Rowlands is new on DVD. Read more about it over on Sean Axmaker's blog. 3 SILENT FILMS BY JOSEF VON STERNBERG—The Criterion Collection presents Docks of New York, The Last Command and Underworld. SALE LA DANSE: LE BALLET DE L'OPERA DE PARIS—The latest documentary from Titicut Follies director Frederick Wiseman follows the rehearsals & performances of seven ballets by the Paris Opera Ballet. YOO-HOO, MRS. GOLDBERG—A fascinating look at the life & work of the Gertrude Berg, the television pioneer who created The Goldbergs--one of the first sitcoms, won the first Emmy for Best Actress, and helped introduce Jewish culture into the mainstream. AGE OF STUPID—In the year 2055, one man (Pete Postlethwaite) sits alone in "The Global Archive" that holds all that's left of an Earth decimated by climate change and overconsumption. He studies news footage & reports from our time and wonders why we did nothing to stop our demise in this part documentary, part fictitious cautionary tale. THE BACK-UP PLAN—Jennifer Lopez plays a single woman wants to have a baby, so she visits the sperm bank and gets pregnant with twins. Just then, the perfect man comes along. What will happen? NEW VIDEO GAMES How To Train Your Dragon (Wii) Kate & Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3, Xbox) Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) ANIME NEW RELEASES Anime Related Anime Related 3: Lost in Fansubs Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Pt. 2 Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation I-III FAMILY NEW RELEASES Crazy Hair Day...and More Funny School Adventures Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed...and More Favorite Children's Stories Miss Nelson Has A Field Day...and More School Adventures Teacher From The Black Lagoon...and More Slightly Scary Stories Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE The Long Good Friday Mona Lisa Shogun Assassin—30th Anniversary Edition Time Bandits NEW TV ON DVD Black Arrow: Complete Series Gangland: Season 5 Ghost Hunters International: Season 1 Pt. 2 NCIS: Season 7 Red vs. Blue: Recreation Season 7 Sweeney: Series 3 & 4 Gossip Girl: Season 3 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS The Aftermath (1985)(PAL)—Belgium Baby Yaga: The Final Cut (1973)(PAL)—Italy Chimera (1991)(PAL Code 2)—UK Clean Sweep (2001)—Israel Dark Arc (2004)—Canada Desert Flower (2009)(PAL Code 2)—UK Gol & Gincu (2005)—Malaysia Greengage Summer (1961)(PAL Code 2)--UK Humains (2009)(PAL Code 2)—France Indiana Joai: Elephant Cemetery (2003)—Thailand Jonathan Creek: The Judas Tree (2009)(PAL Code 2)—UK Monday Morning Glory (2005)—Malaysia Nuit Du Carrefour (1932)—France, directed by Jean Renoir Obaba (2005)—Spain Sanctuary (2004)—Malaysia Seven Days (2007)—Korea Spiral: Series 2 (2008)(PAL Code 2)—France Step Into The Darkness (2009)—Iraq The Square (2009)—Australia The Infidel (2010)(PAL Code 2)—UK Richard Schiff alert! Women Without Men (2010)(PAL Code 2)—Iran, directed by Shirin Neshat NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVE Agatha (1979)—"Agatha Christie is generally considered the Queen of Crime Fiction. Her novels, stories and plays bamboozle legions of murder aficionados with complex plotting and dazzling denouements. But no mystery she ever wrote surpassed the one she lived. This tantalizing tale posits what may have happened to the famed writer during her real-life 11-day disappearance in 1926. Dustin Hoffman plays a brash American journalist who tries his own hand at sleuthing when he sets out the find the missing novelist (Vanessa Redgrave), a shy, introspective woman whose marriage to a war hero (Timothy Dalton) has foundered. What really happened? The world doesn't know and Dame Agatha never told. But as suspensefully directed by Michael Apted (Coal Miner's Daughter, Gorky Park), Agatha offers a spellbinding solution." The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)—"The yarn begins when a jockey heads for that great post position in the sky during a major race. Mystery writer Paula Bradford (Jean Arthur) is sure it's murder. Her ex-husband Dr. Lawrence Bradford (William Powell) is sure she's nuts - until a dead body at the doctor's doorstep makes him suspect #1. Then the exes are off to the races tracking clues and risking their lives discovering whodunit... and rediscovering why they got hitched in the first place." The Locket (1946)—"The Locket is a chilling film noir suffused with the vivid postwar psychological mystery that made films such as Spellbound Bijou favorites. Laraine Day stars as a woman who was denied the locket in childhood and who now turns her charms on man after man as she plots jewel theft after jewel theft...and as theft ultimately leads to murder." So Well Remembered (1947)—"John Mills heads a distinguished cast in this story of a dedicated news editor in a slum-ridden English mill town and his doomed marriage to the beautiful, headstrong daughter (Martha Scott) of a corrupt mill owner. Spanning the years from the end of one world war to the end of the next, So Well Remembered captures the sweep of history and the power of reform through the emotionally charged lens of personal lives." The Stars Fell on Henrietta (1995)—"Texas 1935. It's a time of boomtowns or bust for oil wildcatters and, time and again, derby-topped Mr. Cox has come out flat busted. No worries. Mr. Cox has a mule-headed optimism. He's sure as the sunrise that near the town of Henrietta on a cotton farm that raises more dust than bolls, there's black gold beneath the barren sod. From Clint Eastwood's production company, The Stars Fell on Henrietta is a sweet-natured tale of hope and redemption. As Mr. Cox, Robert Duvall adds another acclaimed expert performance to his gallery of great roles. And Aidan Quinn, Frances Fisher and Brian Dennehy shine as Lone Star denizens not so much swayed as gradually infected by Mr. Cox's unflagging will." NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & NON-FICTION FARE An American Journey: In Robert Frank's Footsteps—"The National Gallery of Art has cited Swiss photographer Robert Franks iconic book, The Americans as the book that changed the course of 20th-century photography. More than half a century later, filmmaker Philippe Seclier, traces Franks road trips across the continent, searching out the same small-town tableaus and vistas on vacant highways that inspired the photographers intimate and moving images of isolation, loneliness, and division by race and class. Seclier aims not to replicate Franks vision, but to provide insight into the experiences and process that brought his powerful work into being. From Texas to Montana, from Nebraska to Louisiana, from New York to San Francisco, An American Journey is a 15,000 mile odyssey through contemporary America, moving between past and present, photography and cinema, and two Americas, separated by time." The Basis of Make-Up I-III—"Explore the mindset and artistic vision of iconoclastic filmmaker Heinz Emigholz, who is the originator of Architecture as Autobiography, a series of documentaries on unique or unusual architects consisting of still images of the subject's buildings. The meticulousness of Emigholz's style of filmmaking is spotlighted in Die Basis des Make-up, a three-part DVD that showcases his illustrated notebooks and sketchbooks." Chuck Close—"Chuck Close, an astounding portrait of one of the world's leading contemporary painters, was a parting gift from filmmaker Marion Cajori before she died. With editing completed by Ken Kobland, Chuck Close limns the life and work of a man who has reinvented portraiture. Close photographs his subjects, blows up the image to gigantic proportions, divides it into a detailed grid and then uses a complex set of colors and patterning to reconstruct each face. The genius of the film is not only that it allows the artist to illuminate his methodology (he is wonderfully articulate), but also that it features his friends and colleagues (Brice Marden, Robert Storr, Dorothea Rockburne, Philip Glass, Arne Glimcher, Kiki Smith, Elizabeth Murray, Alex Katz, Kirk Varnedoe, among others) who make important contributions to appreciating Close's gifts." The Comeback (2007)—"In a bleak attic in Munich, we find a German boxer, alone, pounding the bags. His name is Jürgen 'The Rock' Hartenstein. He is aging. He is alone. He was once a champion..." Cosi Fan Tutte—Nicholas Hytner's 2006 production of Mozart's opera recorded at Glyndebourne with conductor Ivan Fisher and The Orchestra of the Age of the Enlightenment. Dispatches 06—"Wars crush our humanity. Defeats splinter our movements. Corporate media turns a blind eye to our mounting crises and a cynical one to the people who stand up against them. Against a tide of ignorance, isolation and cynicism, Big Noise Dispatches take you around the world to look war and crisis in the face, but also to witness a shared struggle for survival and dignity in this time of violence. Jeremy Scahill investigates Blackwater's role in the Nisur Square massacre, Greg Palast tracks American debt speculators to Liberia, Big Noise goes inside the resurgent white power movement in America, and we visit East St. Louis." Generation Rx (2008)—"For decades, scores of doctors, government officials, journalists, and others have extolled the benefits of psychiatric medicines for children. Generation Rx presents "the rest of the story" and unveils how this era of unprecedented change in Western culture really occurred - and what price has been paid by our society." Incredible Human Journey—"Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and discover how the first humans became us in this five-part Travel Channel series from the BBC! When Homo Sapiens set out from East Africa on a treacherous journey to populate the world, they weren't the only human species on the planet, but they were the only one, ultimately, that would survive. Why is that? And how did we change, over the course of the greatest ever journey to become the people we are today? This fascinating series undertakes five epic journeys across the globe, tracing the ancient routes of our early ancestors to reveal the extraordinary and brutal challenges they faced." The Last Communist—"A semi-musical documentary inspired by the early life and legacy of Chin Peng, exiled leader of the banned Communist Party of Malaya. Interviews with the people in the towns he lived in from birth to national independence are interspersed with specially composed songs in the mould of old-fashioned propaganda films." Legends of the CanyonLegends of the Canyon delivers the story of the advent of rock music spawned in the garden of the Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon. Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, The Mamas and the Papas, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt and many other great artists of the era were all inhabitants of Laurel Canyon and brought to life the anthems of a generation from the hills of this idyllic, commune-like setting in the late 1960s." Warning: As you'd expect of the time period, there's some brief nudity & language in this trailer... Rudolf Nureyev: Celestial Attraction—"Born on the Trans-Siberian express train, Rudolf Nureyev never stopped moving in his meteoric rise to become the most brightly shining star of the ballet universe. From commanding the stage of the Paris Opera to cavorting with Miss Piggy on the Muppet Show, Nureyev's charisma and virtuoso talent brought a new, modern dimension to classical dance. Seventeen years after his life was prematurely claimed by AIDS, we take a retrospective look at the great artist, his life and his body of work in all its grace, passion, excess and drama." Over British Columbia—"See some of the world's most amazing scenery, from mountain sunsets to rocky coastline, snow-draped peaks, pristine lakes and spectacular wildlife. Float with a bald eagle, join a pod of Orcas or run with a bear. Get rare views of Mount Robsons jagged spine, Top of the World, Whistler/Blackcomb, the Alaska Highway and the Gulf Islands. See it all, from the rugged wilderness of Fort Nelson to the snowy slopes of Whistler to the sun-drenched Okanagan shore!" The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius—"This is the complete story of the rise and fall of Royal Raymond Rife, the San Diego scientist who demonstrably cured cancer in 1934 only to have this great achievement ignored, attacked, and then suppressed." Salome—The classic 1974 performance of Strauss' opera by Weiner Philharmonik. Shadows of David Thompson—"Fur trader, surveyor and explorer David Thompson paddled, rode and walked from Hudson Bay to the Pacific Ocean, travelled the full length of the Columbia River, and after 28 years in the west wound up in Montreal, all the while making maps that were unsurpassed for a hundred years. His journals were some of the earliest descriptions of what is now British Columbia and parts of Montana, Idaho and Washington state. Now, 200 years after Thompson did his great work, film maker George Sibley paints a vivid picture of a world on the brink of change and a man who helped change it, filmed on the actual locations where it all took place." Wade In The Water, Children—" Through a passionate mixture of private videos, uncensored interviews and school-day adventures, the children of New Orleans notoriously violent Central City neighborhood have created a riveting portrait of childhood at the heart of an ongoing American crisis..." ...AND MORE MOVIES Addicted to Her Love—"At a graduation party, Jonah Brand catches the eye of the popular and beautiful Sara Weller. When her hard-partying circle of friends learns Johan works at a pharmacy they welcome him into their group and lure him down a dark path of lies, deceit and larceny. Starring Daryl Hannah, Lizzy Caplan and D.J. Cotrona." Altitude Falling—"A new film from Paul Bright, maker of Angora Ranch and Aaron...Albeit a Sex Hero. In the year 2029 everyone has been injected with an identification chip originally for medical emergencies which the corporate run government uses to track travel patterns, purchases, political affiliations, relationships, and diseases. Greg Forrester perfected this technology, but fled to a remote mountain town to escape the world he created. Many lonely years later he meets and falls in love with Danny, a new boy in town who turns out to have important connections to Greg's past. Greg helps Danny get a government job but is devastated to discover he inadvertently recruited his lover into a covert army assigned a suicide mission. The only way Greg can save Danny's life is to destroy his own. Filmed in the Colorado Rockies, Altitude Falling predicts our future as people willingly sacrifice privacy without regarding the consequences." Dorian Gray (2009)—"When Dorian Gray arrives in London he immediately falls under the influence of Lord Henry Wotton, leading to a life of increasing debauchery. Dorian soon trades his soul for eternal youth and as his lust for pleasure grows, he resorts to murder to protect his secret. It stars Ben Barnes, Rebecca Hall, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Colin Firth." That Evening Sun—"Academy Award-nominee and ten-time Emmy-winner Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild) stars with Oscar-winner Ray McKinnon (The Blind Side) and Alice in Wonderland's Mia Wasikowska in this critically acclaimed gem. Fleeing the retirement home where his son abandoned him, Abner Meecham sets out to reclaim his beloved Tennessee farmstead - only to find it's been leased to an old enemy, the volatile Lonzo Choat. After Abner intervenes to protect Choat's daughter from her drunken father's abuse, events spiral toward a startling, violent climax in ' exceptionally fine, richly atmospheric film.' (Joe Leydon, Variety). Dedicated to the memory of the late Dixie Carter." We Have To Stop Now—"Lesbian therapists Kit and Dyna have it all: they re a power couple, they each have a thriving practice, and they've published a best-selling book called How to Succeed in Marriage Without Even Trying. But Kit and Dyna also have a problem: right before the book came out, their relationship started falling apart. Naturally, they don't want anyone to know. They are secretly in couples counseling, and so far, it's not going well. And life is about to get a lot more complicated: Kit's flaky sister has parked herself on their couch for the indefinite future, and a film crew has arrived to document their perfect marriage."