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Tickets on sale at Scarecrow for CAROLE LOMBARD & TWIN PEAKS FEST at SAM

Laugh off the dog days of summer with classic comedies from a screen legend. Seattle Art Museum just announced their summer film series Goddess of Laughter: The Comedies of Carole Lombard: six weeks of humorous fare such as The Princess Comes Across (co-starring a pre-My Three Sons pairing of Fred MacMurray and William Frawley) and My Man Godfrey with William Powell. The series kicks of July 9th with Howard Hawks' Twentieth Century. We've got tickets for sale here at the store; they are $35 for SAM members and $39 for the general public. Twentieth Century We also have tickets on sale for SAM's annual Twin Peaks/David Lynch Festival at 7:30pm on Friday, July 24th. In addition to the usual mingling with fellow Lynch fans, they'll be showing Mullholland Drive (or as we sometimes refer to it, Mullholland Doctor). I only saw it once (at SAM with Naomi Watts in attendance!) and can only recall some of the more Lynchian elements. Something about little people crawling around a couch? Does that ring a bell? I"m going to have to see it again. You should too. Tickets are $8 for SAM Members, $10 for everyone else. Laura and Naomi