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New to View: MacGuffins talk blood and spoofs

The unabashedly fun three dimensional bloodbath PIRANHA 3D opens this weekend at our neighbors the Neptune and other theaters around town. Spencer and John over at the MacGuffin Podcast are gearing up for the gore with look back on the career of its director Alexandre Aja*, who has brought to the screen such violence & blood filled films as The Hills Have Eyes remake and High Tension (we agree with you guys about that ending). Next, the MacGuffin Men reflect on another film opening this weekend: VAMPIRES SUCK, a spoof of Twilght (and whatever other pop culture references they can needlessly cram in) by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. They are the anti-auteurs responsible for, among other works, Scary Movie and Meet the Spartans, of which Spencer rightly says, "Every time someone watches this movie, an angel loses its wings." Spencer and John discuss the history of the spoof film, reflecting such classics as Young Frankenstein, The Naked Gun, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Airplane! and even Hot Shots!, all great spoofs made before the aforementioned directors came in and drove the genre to a dark, cheap place. We also endorse Spencer & John's DVD picks of the week: *Am I the only one who reads his last name and pictures her?