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Anime Spotlight: Back 2 Scruel

The new section is up! It's almost that time of year that I *used* to dread: Back to School time! thankfully I have long since graduated and plan on never going back. Just in case you happen to love school, or are returning once again-- maybe you should take some time to study up on some weird school themed anime. Series' themes are including but not limited to: Teachers who: are aliens, ex-Yakuza, look (/are) 11 years old, a man in drag, a spy, insane. Fellow classmates who: use hand puppets to talk, love ping pong, are a robot gangster, are Freddie Mercury, will fight you at any time, carry machine guns, are rich host club men, are dressed in drag, are psychic, fight aliens, search for time travelers. Maybe actual school will be a lot easier once you sympathize with any of the characters in these anime series. My personal Recommendations as a lover of fantastic anime: G.T.O. Which stands for "Great Teacher Onizuka"! a 22 year old ex-Yakuza who wants so badly to right his wrongs by teaching students and being the BEST TEACHER EVVVEERRR!! This guy is so passionate wanting to teach, but ends up facing the worst unteachable class ever (think Dangerous Minds, anime style) and of course with his bad-ass Yakuza ways, he shapes the minds of these unteachable students and slowly but surely wins their trust. Fantastic. There is also a super popular Live-Action series based off this anime/manga. Here is Greenwood Is one of my new favorites that is underrated and lesser known. A 6 episode OVA from 1991, I loved it immediately. It's only a snapshot into the main character's life where he leaves home due to being in love with his brother's wife and ends up in the "weirdest" dorm on campus with the oddest (I think they're cool!) characters. I wish it was a full series, I think they could have done a lot with it. It's my favorite style of animation and done well. Entertaining, original and under the radar. Check it out!! Project A-ko is a wonderful OVA series from 1986. Nearly anything from the 80s to mid 90s wins my heart. Love the style, love the over the top ridiculous plot and cherished every moment Project A-ko threw at me. A-ko is the strongest, fastest girl alive. Her best friend C-ko is a cute little blonde girl who she feels she must protect. Crazy smart B-ko sees their friendship and envies it. So B-ko builds a giant mecha to steal C-ko away. A-ko must fight! AWESOME. and goofy. love it! Last but never ever least: like it, love it, GOTTA HAVE IT: Ouran High School Host Club is my favorite anime of all time. I made up a drinking game to it, held huge parties with friends who didn't even like anime, and they ended up loving it (maybe it was all the drinking that helped). It's not hard to love. It's fantastic, funny, heartfelt, well made, oh and hilarious. I always recommend this show as often as possible. A poor but smart girl gets into Ouran (super rich school) and accidentally stumbles upon the host club. She breaks an expensive vase after flubbing around and then has to cross dress to stay in the club to pay off her debt. HILARITY ALL AROUND ALWAYS. the previous Anime Spotlight section featured GUN ANIME! All guns, all blasting, all the time! You should have had ample time to explore that section, as it was up since March (sorry about that). If you missed it (because you went on a 4 month vacation) I highly recommend Mad Bull 34, City Hunter, & Golgo 13!!