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Theatrical round up for August 20th

Hello & welcome to the theater-going round up for this cloudy weekend. If you're at all a fan of the French New Wave, head to Northwest Film Forum for the Seattle premiere of TWO IN THE WAVE, a documentary about the friendship, collaboration and ultimate turmoil between Francois Truffaut and Jean Luc Godard. If you're just starting your French New Wave education, see this film and then come in to Scarecrow and visit Truffaut & Godard's director's sections. Also kicking off this weekend at NWFF is the VINCENT MOON RETROSPECTIVE. The innovative musical documentarian who NWFF describe as, " a sonic adventurer, constantly seeking new musical treasure chests," will be in attendance to present a week of films featuring such bands as Beirut, Arcade Fire, Mogwai and REM. Speaking of directors visiting our fair city, Tommy Wiseau will be at the Egyptian this weekend for midnight screenings of his now legendary movie experience THE ROOM. You can get to know the man behind the phenomenon on Saturday night with a special VIP Meet & Greet Reception at Central Cinema. Also at the fine eatery/drinkery/cinema, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK makes an encore weekend run, then on Monday the 80s Action Heroes series continues with Steven Seagal in OUT FOR JUSTICE. We expect all you Seagalogists to be out in full force. Film historian Dennis Nyback returns to Grand Illusion Cinema for a two week ANIMATION EXTRAVAGANZA. It begins with BAD BUGS BUNNY, a collection of the horribly dated, heinously politically incorrect Warner Brothers cartoons (just so you know, this presentation is not for the kids). We encourage you to visit the GI web site for the rest of the ANIMATION lineup (and while you're there, become a member). We're also hoping the weather holds for Saturday night's rescheduled showing of PRETTY IN PINK at Fremont Outdoor Movies. Come on, sky, don't rain on Duckie!