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New to View: The Wright Stuff

Before you head out to the theaters for the action packed double feature of The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, we recommend you watch the latest episode of The MacGuffin Podcast. The 54st installment of Spencer & John's weekly film discussion is entitled The Wright Stuff. * Your hosts begin with a career retrospective of Pilgrim director Edgar Wright, who you know as the behind-the-scenes point of the Wright/Nick Frost/ Simon Pegg talent triangle that brought forth the awesomeness of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz** and the too-short lived TV show Spaced. After that, they delve into Sylvester Stallone's varied filmography, from Rocky & Rambo and their sequels (Scarecrow votes for Rocky IV as the best Balboa sequel) to his more Razzied works. All of the non-theatrical titles mentioned in the episode are available for your retrospective viewing pleasure at your local indie video store. And Spencer is right, Date Night is great. *The title naturally brings to mind both this (which we heartily recommend you revisit sometime soon) and this. Holy crap, is Jordan wearing a BAUHAUS shirt????? **One of us here at the Crow describes Hot Fuzz as "a cross between Miss Marple and Bad Boys II."