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New to View: MacGuffin vs. The Other Guys...IN 3D

Ok, it's not really in 3D. In this episode of the MacGuffin Podcast, Spencer and John discuss the history of 3-Dequal factor--the third movie in a series being in three dimension just for the heck of it (Friday The 13th, Jaws, Final Destination, etc). It's all in anticipation of this week's release of STEP UP 3D. But Spencer & John begin their film chat with an overview of writer/director Adam McKay's career, starting with his days as a writer on SNL and on to his films with Will Ferrell, including Anchorman & Talladega Nights, plus with the excellent television program Eastbound & Down and the Internet sensation of Confidential to Spencer: I totally agree with you about the durability of "shock factor" comedy. But I will defend the enduring hilarity of Talladega Nights forever. Keep your eyes out for Spencer & John and the MacGuffin Podcasters as they film their show each week up in our Action/Adventure/Western enclave.