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Theater roundup for August 6th

It looks like the sunshine is taking the weekend off, so now's as good a time as any to head indoors (and away from the buzzing Blue Angels) and watch some movies. After you've visited our store to get MAX HEADROOM: THE COMPLETE SERIES just out on DVD this week, you may want to set your sights on our local theaters. Northwest Film Forum has the documentary JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT: THE RADIANT CHILD and the Japanese 1977 comedy/horror fantasy freak out HAUSU. Mere words cannot accurately describe this film, so we strongly recommend you follow the link and watch the trailer. The Criterion Collection will be putting out a DVD of it in the fall, but you won't want to miss this new 35mm print and the chance to experience it with a crowd. Saturday in the center of the universe, Fremont Outdoor Movies has PRETTY IN PINK up on the big concrete wall. I think someone should stage a debate about whether Andie belongs with Blane (a major appliance, not a name) or Duckie. Central Cinema's showing READY, SET. BAG!--a documentary that follows eight grocery store employees from around the country as they complete in the National Grocers Association's Best Bagger competition (I'm going to watch and see if I can pick up any tips for packing my own bags). They're also playing WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER starring Janeane Garafolo, David Hyde Pierce, most everyone in THE STATE and former Bar Mitzvah DJ Paul Rudd. There's also 80s action to be had on Monday with Chuck Norris and THE DELTA FORCE. There's more action to be had down the street from us at Grand Illusion Cinema. On Saturday there's the OLD SCHOOL KUNG FU DOUBLE FEATURE with THE INVINCIBLE POLE FIGHTER (starring KILL BILL's Gordon Liu) and THE MYSTERY OF CHESS BOXING (starring the original Ghostface Killer). Over the weekend they're also showing BEHIND THE BURLY Q, a revealing documentary about the history of burlesque along with the sketch comedy absurdity of the ensemble-riffic AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON in the Late Night spot. Happy viewing to all.