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New to View: Inception & Dinner for Schmucks

Greetings, everyone and Happy Birthday to Mr. Christopher Nolan. We're celebrating here in the store with a Batman Begins/Dark Knight double feature and ever continuing discussion of his latest film Inception. Is it too soon to say it will sweep awards season, or has the hype ruined it for everyone? Join Spencer and Laremy of fame hash out these questions and more in a special all-Inception edition of the MacGuffin Podcast. The first half is relatively spoiler-free for those of you who still haven't had the pleasure; the second half discusses specific details & theories you might not want to know before you see it. But seriously, go see it. Then in the latest MacGuffin episode, Spencer and John reflect on the careers of Steve Carell and Paul Rudd in anticipation of this weekend's new film Dinner For Schmucks. If you're like me and enjoy reflecting on Paul Rudd in general, read this excellent open letter to our current/future significant others by MacGuffin contributor Brandi Sperry. Also in this episode, Spencer & John also chat about indie DVD distributors and their willingness to take risks releasing titles that the big studios think won't make money. We share their love for Criterion, Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, the folks at Shout! Factory and independent video stores everywhere.