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Theatrical Round up for July 31st

Greetings and welcome to the last theater-going round up for July. I apologize for the lack of rounding up last week, but I was out getting hitched to a swell fellow movie fan. Now that the wedding is over, we can get back to our regularly scheduled movie watching. This week's theatrical schedule begins with movies of the outdoor presentation variety: Friday night at Cal Anderson Park, Three Dollar Bill Cinema continues their BLONDE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN series with THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN, the classic 80s teen outlaw story starring the Slater-rific team of Helen and Christian. The show starts around 8:30pm but you'll want to arrive early to claim a patch of grass. On Saturday, Fremont Outdoor Movies is screening Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS with live orchestral accompaniment. Seeing Metropolis with live music under the stars...definitely not a bad way to spend your evening. Elsewhere around town and indoors, Northwest Film Forum series celebrating the Portuguese director they call "international cinema's randiest rapscallion": THE GENIUS OF INSANITY: FIVE FILMS FROM JOAO CESAR MONTEIRO. It begins Friday with RECOLLECTIONS FROM THE YELLOW HOUSE and continues on into the first week of August. NWFF also has OF MONTREAL: FAMILY NOUVEAU, a behind the scenes look at the band's 2009 European tour. Central Cinema's going to the dogs (ha!) with BEST IN SHOW. On Friday they're also showing TOTAL BADASS: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF CHAD HOLT, Bob Ray's documentary on the Austin underground music scene. Our pals at Grand Illusion Cinema have BEETLE QUEEN CONQUERS TOKYO, which sounds like it should be about a giant bug that squashes the greater Tokyo metropolitan area but is actually a documentary about Japan's fascination with insects. For your Late Night viewing enjoyment there's WE FOUND IT IN THE BASEMENT, a collection of celluloid oddities the GI folks dug out from their subterranean stacks. From a Disney-produced anti-drug film to Saul Bass' WHY MAN CREATES, it should prove to be an entertaining evening. Happy viewing to all.