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New Releases for July 27th 2010

Batman: Under the Red Hood* - Going probably as dark as an original DC animated film can go, Batman deals with the death of Robin and a vigilante who's trying to top the Dark Knight by murdering criminals. It looks more mature than the original Batman Animated series, but keeps the same tone. Clash of the Titans (2010)* - If there was a computer with internet in your house when you were born and don't know who Ray Harryhausen is... you'll most likely be the ideal target audience for this film. CGI-a-GoGo!! G.I. Joe: The Movie (Special Edition)* - When you have epic story lines where G.I.Joe saves the world in one half-hour what are you going to do for a feature length film? You create a massive underground alien civilization that's greater than G.I.Joe and Cobra that attempt to dominate the world with their own twisted biology. To legitimize it all, they throw in voices by Don Johnson and the late great Burgess Meredith. Ip Man* - The great historical/action film based on Bruce Lee's mentor finally has a respectable American release. It features all the great extras that the previously released Region 2 version had and now it's on Blu-ray to boot! It's crazy how cheap they're going for this week! Repo Men* - A realistic idea that stands in-between where we are now and the possible future of becoming cyborgs. You can rent-to-own replaceable organs, but if you miss some payments... there are repo-men who will come collect the machine right out of your body. Obviously there are pros and cons. ANIME NEW RELEASES Dragon Ball: Season 5 (UNCUT) Hayate the Combat Butler Kurokami: the Animation PT.2 Soul Eater: Part 4 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Goodnight Moon... And More Great Bedtime Stories Max's Chocolate Chicken... And More Stories by Rosemary Noisy Nora...And More Stories by Rosemary Pocket for Corduroy... And More Stories About Friendship Ultimate Guide to the Awesome (Discovery Kids) NEW VIDEO GAMES Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii) Assassin's Creed (XBOX) Assassin's Creed II (XBOX) Beatles Rockband (XBOX) Bioshock 2 (XBOX) Dark Star One: Broken Alliance (XBOX) Deadrising (XBOX) Final Fantasy XIII (XBOX) Guitar Hero 5 (XBOX) Guitar Hero II (XBOX) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (XBOX) Halo 3 (XBOX) Lego Batman The Videogam (XBOX) Red Dead Redemption (XBOX) Shadowrun (XBOX) Table Tennis (XBOX) NEW TV ON DVD Agatha Christ Hour: Set 1 - "As seen on PBS's Mystery! Tales of romance and danger in the glittering 1920s and '30s How can "happiness expert" Parker Pyne return a wayward husband's affections to his wife? Will a chance encounter on a train transform the life of a jobless investment broker forever? And why does a vision in a mirror mean misery for a beautiful bride-to-be? In these stories, lesser-known Christie heroes and heroines solve crimes of the heart as well as puzzling cases of larceny and murder. With just the right mix of danger and deception, romance and revenge, innocence and intrigue, these classic adaptations are Christie at her best, now on DVD for the first time. The top-notch ensemble cast includes John Nettles (Midsomer Murders), James Grout (Inspector Morse), and William Gaunt (No Place Like Home) and features Maurice Denham (All Passion Spent THE STORIES The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife: A housewife enlists Parker Pyne to save her marriage. In a Glass Darkly: A WWI officer has a vision of a young woman's doom. The Girl in the Train: An unemployed young man takes a fateful train journey. The Fourth Man: Three learned men debate a strange case of self-inflicted death. The Case of the Discontented Soldier: A bored army major seeks excitement with Parker Pyne's help." Midsomer Murders: Series 11 - "This collection contains the entire eleventh series, featuring Blood Wedding, Shot at Dawn, Left for Dead, Midsomer Life, The Magician s Nephew, Days of Misrule, Talking to the Dead. Featuring the episodes in production order, this collection features the entire eleventh series, starring John Nettles and Jason Hughes. Set in the idyllic, picturesque county of Midsomer, Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby discovers that all is not as it seems and beneath the tranquil surface of village life exists a disturbing and cunning propensity for murder." Ricky Gervais Show: Season 1 (PAL)(Code 2) - "Derived from the original XFM radio show and having broken world records as a podcast download, THE RICKY GERVAIS SHOW has now been drawn into a superbly funny animated series featuring the musings of Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. The animation combines the simplicity of Hanna-Barbera with the wackiness of Genndy Tartakovsky and is colourful and surreal, bringing the much loved series to life in a new light." Sgt. Bilko: Phil Silvers Show Season 1 - "Master swindler Sgt. Ernie Bilko (Phil Silvers) conducts war games of the profiteering kind in the bucolic confines of Fort Baxter Army base in this golden TV oldie, while post commander Col. John Hall (Paul Ford) serves as Bilko's eternally befuddled target. In the Emmy-winning show's debut season, Bilko leads his men in a succession of sure-to-misfire maneuvers, from an eating contest to a singing competition to opening a bar and grill." Stargate SG-U 1.5 - "The electrifying series starring Robert Carlyle returns, presenting a whole new set of challenges for the civilians and military personnel stranded in deep space aboard an aging spaceship. As Dr. Rush (Carlyle) races against time to locate a tracking devise hidden somewhere on the Destiny, he also begins to suspect that a mole for the Alliance has infiltrated the group. Confronting the constant demands of their ship, the crew must also face their personal demons time and again in this powerful adventure that also features Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Shanks, Richard Dean Anderson and Julia Benson." NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS All is Forgiven (PAL) (Code 2) (France) - "Separated from her biological father for more than a decade, a teenage girl living with her mother in Paris sets out to reconnect with her wayward dad in director Mia Hansen-Løve's sincere family drama. Years ago, Victor and Annette spent an idyllic spring in Venice with their beloved daughter Pamela. Though Victor would frequently neglect his work in favor of frolicking with Pamela outdoors, visiting Annette's parents, and hanging out in the park with local drug dealers during those picturesque days, lovelorn Annette remained convinced that her husband would become more responsible when her family returned to Paris. Old habits die hard though, and soon after returning home Victor and Annette have a monumental blow-out. In the aftermath, Victor moves in with a junkie he has fallen in love with and Annette disappears into the city with Pamela. Flash forward eleven years later, and seventeen year-old Pamela is still living in Paris with her mother. When an inquiry into father's whereabouts reveals that Victor is living nearby, curious Pamela decides to check in on her long-lost dad." Avellaneda's Moon (Argentina) -" the story of an emblematic neighborhood social club: it used to be part of a splendor and finds itself today in the midst of a crisis that threatens its very existence. It would seem the only thing to do is to make it a casino, but nothing would negate as much its foundational values and the goals for which it was created in the 40's: a social, sports and cultural club. The founders descendants will debate whether they should save themselves whatever the cost or meet again with those dreams..." Calles Sin Nombre AKA Streets with No Name (Mexico) - "Rogelio is torn between his family at home and his gang life. He is conflicted between the advice from his Uncle who is trying to get him to follow his dreams and stay on the right path or continue his gang life in a world of drugs, thievery and crime". De La Calle (Mexico) - "Rufino is 15 and lives on the streets of Mexico City. He gets money by doing odd jobs and participating in the drug deals of La Seno and El Ochoa a judicial policeman without scruples who controls the neighborhood in which they live. One day driven by circumstances Rufino steals money from El Ochoa unleashing the persecution and harassment of the policeman." Desire (1937) - "Sacha Guitry exchanges his usual top hat for a uniform in Désiré, in which he plays a cavalier valet embroiled in an awkward flirtation with his new employer (played by the actor-director's real-life wife, Jacqueline Delubac), who is involved with a stuffy politician. A carefree class farce filled with memorable supporting characters, Désiré blurs the line between upstairs and downstairs." Florist, The (2004) (Iran) - "A white gladiola... a black car... a city where you can disappear with out a trace. The Florist is a thriller set in contemporary Tehran, a metropolis both foreign yet chillingly familiar. Neda, an American woman born in Iran, returns to the land of her birth desperately seeking answers to a mystery that has tormented her family all her life." Home (2008) (Switzerland) - "a mesmerizing fable of modern family life starring internationally renowned actress Isabelle Huppert. Huppert plays Marthe, a happy-go-lucky mother whose family enjoys an idyllic existence in their isolated, ramshackle home, with edges onto an abandoned highway. Almost entirely cut off from society at large, they forge their own utopia. Everything changes when city trucks roll in to complete the road's construction, allowing rush hour traffic to start rumbling by. Refusing to give up their solitude, Marthe, her husband Michael and their three children resort to increasingly desperate measures to insulate themselves from the pollution creeping inside their windows." Just Another Pandora's Box (Hong Kong) - "Qing Ye Se (Ronald Cheng) only knows how to be a thief, but he runs into major trouble when he accidentally steals the heart of Rose (Sun Li), an immortal fairy. During a chaotic chase, Qing gets ahold of the Pandora's Box, sending them both back in time to the Three Kingdoms era. Mistaken as a general, Qing is thrown right into the middle of the Battle of Red Cliff. Meanwhile, Rose continues to devise new ways to earn Qing's affection, even if it means having to be someone else". Message, The (China) - "April 26, 1940, former Nationalist vice president Wang Jingwei made peace with Japan and set up a Japan-supported regime during World War II, a puppet government. Oct 10, during and anniversary ceremony of the government, a Wang government high official was assassinated. Taketa, chief intelligence officer of the Japanese Imperial Army, believed that it was an action of an underground anti-Japanese group "Old Gun"." My Depraved Brothers (China) - "Tien and Fei are two brothers who were separated during childhood and live very different lives growing up. When they're finally reunited, Tien is shocked to learn that Fei is now a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Tien struggles to maintain a cordial relationship with Fei, until a shocking incident gives him no choice but to go against his own long lost sibling." Part-Time Work of a Domestic Slave (Germany) - "The third film by Alexander Kluge, architect of the New German Cinema, features his sister Alexandra as Rosewitha Bronski, a woman trying to make her way in a hostile society. Rosewitha is a wife and mother, a local abortionist, and a factory worker turned labor activist. Rosewitha s is chaotic: Her children scream for attention; her demanding husband is unemployed; the factory is in the midst of relocating; and doctors don t pay their referral fees. Kluge captures her frantic life in a cool, episodic style that makes use of voiceover and inserts to comment on Rosewitha s choices. Smart, provocative, and challenging, PART-TIME WORK OF A DOMESTIC SLAVE is remarkably relevant for today s women." Pearls of the Crown - "Les perles de la couronne) Sacha Guitry plays four roles—including King Francis I and Napoleon—in this multilingual whirlwind of pageantry that investigates the fate of three pearls missing from the royal crown of England. Guitry's first script written directly for the screen rockets through four centuries of European history with imaginative, winking irreverence." Quadrille (France) - "A sparkling four-way affair overflowing with dialogue that showcases writer-director Sacha Guitry's wit, Quadrille stars Guitry as a magazine editor whose longtime girlfriend (whom he hopes to make his fiancée) is uncontrollably drawn to a handsome American movie star. Meanwhile, a discerning reporter (Jacqueline Delubac) watches from the sidelines with amusement and provides the final corner of this romantic rectangle." Spinnin' (Spain) - "From rising auteur Eusebio Pastrana comes this tapestry of love stories set against the colorful backdrop of Madrid in 1995 - reimagined here as a city where cynicism doesn't exist. At the heart of the film are Garate (Alejandro Tous) and Omar (Olav Fernadez), a gay couple looking for a woman to mother their child. The obstacles they face are often achingly realistic, yet their story also presents a utopian vision of a world in which all couples - whether gay, straight, or in between - can reside happily within the spectrum of modern families." Story of a Cheat (France) - "(Le roman d'un tricheur) Considered Sacha Guitry's masterpiece, this fleet, witty picaresque about a gambler and petty thief is a whimsical delight. Guitry himself stars as the "tricheur" looking back fondly on a life of crime, which he narrates with an effervescence matched by his clever editing and cinematography. With its rapid storytelling and inventive use of voice-over, The Story of a Cheat's style has influenced filmmakers from Orson Welles to François Truffaut." NEW WARNER ARCHIVES Background to Danger - "The studio that put Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca also sent fellow film tough guy George Raft to Ankara for a World War II thriller featuring intrigue, romance and Casablanca's Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. The danger starts when a beautiful brunette hands American Joe Barton (Raft) some securities for safekeeping. The brunette turns up dead, the securities turn out to be explosive intel and Joe is #1 on the Most Wanted list of both Nazi henchmen and Soviet spies. Director Raoul Walsh (High Sierra, White Heat) ratchets up the tension of a gripping screenplay by W. R. Burnett (High Sierra) based on a novel by Eric Ambler, whose other page-turner-to-screen works include Journey into Fear, The Mask of Dimitrios and Topkapi." Brewster McCloud - "Brewster McCloud (Bud Cort) lives deep within the cavernous underground of the Houston Astrodome, but his dreams rise much higher. He aims to fly. Not in a plane. But with strapped-on wings he's designing - encouraged by a mysterious woman (Sally Kellerman) who may be his guardian angel. But Brewster McCloud, Robert Altman's wild, anarchic cult fave, isn't about dreams as much as it is about the highs and lows of humanity. It's a serial-killer mystery. A frenetic car-chase flick. A crazy circus-finale comedy. Shelley Duvall debuts as the tour guide whose seduction of Brewster may lead to his undoing. Ah, love. The thing that at once shapes and unravels us. The thing that may or may not give us wings." NEW ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT FILMS Art of the Steal - "ART FOR WHOSE SAKE? It's been called the greatest theft of art since the Second World War. THE ART OF THE STEAL reveals how a private collection of paintings became the envy of the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other major institutions and the prize in a battle between one man's vision and the forces of commerce and politics. Founded in 1922 by wealthy American drug developer and art collector Albert C. Barnes, the Barnes Foundation became the finest collection of paintings by Renoir, Cezanne, Matisse, Van Gogh and other masters. Housed in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, the Barnes Foundation was envisioned by Barnes as an art school, not a public museum, but ever since Barnes death in 1951, the fight over its future has been underway. On one side are the artists, historians and lawyers defending Barnes wish that the entire collection (valued at over $25 billion) never be moved, loaned or sold; and on the other side, the politicians, huge charitable trusts, tourism boards and rich socialites pushing to relocate it to downtown Philadelphia. This is a real-life David vs. Goliath story, a tale of suspense in which hangs the fate of some of the most sublime works of art ever created." As You Like It (2009) (Shakespeare's Globe)* - "Thea Sharrock's irresistible new production of Shakespeare's popular romantic comedy stirs wit, sentiment, intrigue and love into a charming confection which challenges the traditional rules of romance. At its heart, a feisty but feminine Rosalind (Naomi Frederick), in love with the endearingly naïve Orlando (Jack Laskey), uses her disguise as Ganymede to counsel him playfully in the art of wooing. Distraction is provided by Dominic Rowan, a remarkably funny Touchstone, and Tim McMullan, whose sonorous tones are perfectly suited to the lugubrious wit of Jaques. Filmed in High Definition and true surround sound." Farrell, Malachi: At Work-Making of a La Gegene - "The documentary retraces the steps involved in the making of La Gégène, a mixed media art work by Malachi Farrell and his team for the MAC/VAL museum in Vitry-sur-Seine, France in 2007. Using movement, objects, images and sounds, La Gégène evokes the Algerian War and its related acts of violent torture as well as today's media deluge. Filmed in an experimental fashion, this documentary depicts the strength of this activist art work as it invites viewers to question social, political, historical, and contemporary events." Green Porno: Series of Films by Isabella Rossellini - "Inspired by the wonderfully odd and humorous short films created by Isabella Rossellini and released on DVD for the first time, Green Porno offers a visually arresting and scientifically accurate look at the sex lives of marine animals and other creatures. This book will make you see the animal kingdom as you never have before." Ice Hotel - "Imagine a hotel that's constructed of thousands of tons of snow and ice and re-built from scratch every winter. This is the Ice Hotel in the village of Jukkasjaarvi in northern Lapland, Sweden. It's a place where artistic beauty and architectural innovation are combined to create a truly unique vacation experience. Step inside this one-of-a-kind structure where guests spend the night in sleeping bags and unwind in the steaming hot ice sauna and see what it's like to chill out in the coolest hotel on earth." Loos Ornamental - "One of the pioneers of the European Modernism in architecture, Adolf Loos turned against building ornamentation, triggering a controversy in architectural theory. His development of a spatial plan launched a new approach to thinking about building spaces. His houses, furniture, facades, and monuments were constructed between 1899 and 1931 and represent a refreshing approach to modern architecture. Filmmaker Heinz Emigholz chronicles Loos's work in this quirky documentary that features intricately composed still shots of 27 of the architect's buildings in the order of their construction. Another in Emigholzs series on important or unusual architects (Sullivan's Banks; Maillart's Bridges; Schindlers Houses)." Mitcell, Joan: Portrait of an Abstract Painter - "A powerful and intimate portrait that captures Mitchell's independent spirit and testifies eloquently to Mitchell's art. Joan Mitchell was born in Chicago in 1926 and died in Paris in 1992. After graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago, Joan settled in New York City in 1950. She was an active participant of New York's dynamic Abstract Expressionist scene and hung out with fellow painters Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning and Philip Guston and, soon, poets Frank O'Hara, James Schuyler and John Ashbery. In the mid-fifties, she moved to Paris, France. There she was part of a circle of friends that included Pierre Matisse, Samuel Beckett and Alberto Giacometti. Mitchell is one of the great abstract painters of the 20th century. This elegantly edited documentary weaves interviews with the acerbic Mitchell and other leading painters and critics while letting her stunning pictures dominate the film. Stephen Holden of the New York Times says, "The canvases have grand chaotic romanticism. While celebrating the physical universe with an ecstatic love of color, they don't shy away from expressing a harsh, feral apprehension of nature and its violence." Peter and the Wolf & L'Enfant Et Les Sortileges) - "Matthew Hart has taken Prokofiev's ever-popular piece for solo narrative voice and orchestra and made a delightful children's ballet, danced in this studio recording by pupils from the prestigious Royal Ballet School, with the great Anthony Dowell as the Storyteller/Grandfather. Hart's choreography and Ian Spurling's designs give a contemporary feel to the traditional tale of the boy who saves his animal friends from a wolf. There is a captivating simplicity to their highly entertaining production." Sheers, Owen: Poets Guide to Britain - "Acclaimed poet and author Owen Sheers presents this enlightening series in which he looks at six great works of poetry about the British landscape. The poems by William Wordsworth, Matthew Arnold, Lynette Roberts, Sylvia Plath, Louis MacNeice and George Mackay Brown explore a sense of place and identity across Britain's most remarkable settings: Westminster Bridge, Dover Beach, a tiny Welsh village, a Yorkshire wooded valley, the Scottish isles; and open the doors to captivating stories about the lives of the poets themselves." Sophisticated Misfit: The Art and World of Shag - "A four-year documentary about the artist SHAG and legion of fans." Zorn, John/Richard Forman: Astronome - "Richard Foreman is one of the great geniuses of modern theatre, and his dynamic staging of John Zorn's opera "Astronome" was one of his greatest works. Drawing upon Alchemical and Mystical imagery, the visual world Foreman created was sumptuous, provocative and mysterious. For this DVD, 10 performances were captured on film from hundreds of angles and brilliantly edited by filmmaker Henry Hills, a longtime friend of both Zorn and Foreman. You can now experience this once in a lifetime presentation with a whole new intensity. Staged so as to hear the music better and clearer than ever, "Astronome" is a revolution in opera / music theatre." ...AND MORE MOVIES Accpetance - "Walking a fine line between self-destruction and self-discovery, Taylor Rockefeller is a bright, blue-haired young girl currently running the gauntlet of college applications, admissions essays, advanced placement exams, and an insanely overly ambitious mother. As a battle is waged on both sides of the application process, Taylor learns an invaluable lesson about the genuine meaning of acceptance." Accident's Happen - "Oscar nominee* Geena Davis stars as Gloria Conway, the sharp-tongued mom in this darkly comic story of a family strangely cursed with a streak of bad luck. But as life takes unexpected detours, Gloria manages to tear apart her pain to find the humor in even the toughest things that happen to her. When her teenage son Billy uncharacteristically lets off some steam in a series of scandalous pranks, the tragic results are something no one could have predicted. But with the love of his family and some unexpected help, Billy sees the magic behind lifes oddest accidents. *Best Supporting Actress: The Accidental Tourist, 1988" American Loggers - "Meet the seven brothers of Pelletier Inc., a family with timber in its blood. Each day they lead their crews into woods to claw out a living in the forests of Northern Maine. They cut roads through the mud and snow, harvest timber with fearsome machines and drag monstrous bundles of wood to waiting trucks which will make their way down unpaved, ice-covered logging routes at breakneck speeds to mills throughout the U.S. and Canada. It's a brutal and dangerous existence in which a twist of fate, one error in judgment, can yield horrific consequences: mangled equipment, injury, and even death. This series follows this hearty breed, marveling at their stubborn dedication, courage, and ingenuity as they tackle the Northern Maine wilderness." Appointment With Danger (1951) - "Postal Inspector Al Goddard (Alan Ladd) is assigned to investigate the murder of a fellow officer. The only witness to the crime is Sister Augustine (Phyllis Calvert), who identifies the photograph of one of the assailants. This leads Goddard to a seedy hotel where he learns that the assailant is a member of a gang headed by Earl Boettiger (Paul Stewart), and he soon discovers that the gang is planning a million dollar mail robbery. This classic film noir also features the stars of Dragnet, Jack Webb and Harry Morgan, as Stewart's Henchmen. This was Alan Ladd's final Film Noir and was directed by Lewis Allen (The Uninvited)." Bad Blood (1981) - "In October 1941, Stan Graham, a Westland smallholder, develops a persecution complex and starts to threaten his neighbours. They put up with it for awhile but things become intolerable. One day a party of four policemen arrive to confiscate his firearms. This causes a flashpoint for him - he loves his guns and is not going to hand them over. He shoots all the cops and, in the ensuing altercations, three more locals before heading to the hills. A manhunt composed of police, army and homeguard is organised and delivers Graham's come-uppance. Based upon a true event that happened around the present community of Kowhitirangi, out of Hokitika." Bal, Le (PAL) (Code 2) -" is a 1983 Italian-Franco-Algerian film without dialogue directed by Ettore Scola that represents the fifty-year story of the French society by way of a ballroom in France." Byrne, Steve: The Byrne Identity - "Steve Byrne has established himself as one of the premier stand-up comedians of his generation. In his second one hour special, Steve asks the universal question "Who are you?" The result is a poignant, inventive, and immensely funny look at how we identify ourselves in America." Cameraman: The Life & Work of Jack Cardiff - "celebrates the life and work of this unique figure in British and international cinema, a man whose career spans an incredible nine decades of cinema history. "Legend" is a word all too frequently used in Hollywood, yet Jack Cardiff's story surely proves him worthy of that title." Chicago (1927) - "Sexy, jazz-loving and dressed to kill, Roxie Hart (Phyllis Haver) has a doting, handsome husband in Victor Varconi; not to mention a gold-digging affair on the side with Eugene Pallette, who pays and pays, eventually with his life. Put on trial for murder, Roxie secures lawyer Billy Flynn (Robert Edeson), equal part mob 'mouthpiece' and publicity agent. When Roxy hits the headlines, the courtroom theatrics begin. Like the musical Chicago that won the Best Picture Academy Award and five other Oscars in 2002, this original 1927 version descends from a 1926 hit Broadway play by Maurine Watkins. It s a terrifically entertaining mix of humor and melodrama as well as a pungent critique of trash journalism. Frank Urson signed Chicago as director, although it is substantially the work of Cecil B. DeMille and his A-list technical staff. (DeMille apparently judged it unseemly to take full credit for this cynical and secular story while his religious spectacle The King of Kings was still in theatres!) Chicago is silent filmmaking at its peak, with an outstanding score for this edition by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra. The 1927 Chicago was long believed a lost film, but a perfect print survived in Cecil B. DeMille s private collection. Restored by the UCLA Film and Television Archive in 2006, it has since been widely performed to rapturous audiences. This deluxe Flicker Alley 2-disc collection also includes two excellent bonus films: The Golden Twenties (1950), a compilation documentary feature produced by The March of Time from authentic footage of the era; and Oscar-winning Lauren Lazin's The Flapper Story (1985), in which several self-declared children of the roaring twenties look back across the decades on their youthful lives. A Note on This Edition Chicago is mastered in high definition at 25 frames per second directly from Cecil B. DeMille s original nitrate print, through the courtesy of the DeMille Estate. The Golden Twenties is also mastered in high definition from a 35mm duplicate negative and magnetic sound track, while The Flapper Story is mastered from a composite print by arrangement with producer-director Lauren Lazin. All three films are produced for DVD by David Shepard. Included are a brochure by Thomas Pauly on author Maurine Watkins and the factual background of Chicago, notes by Robert S. Birchard, author of Cecil B. DeMille s Hollywood, and a special documentary supplement, Chicago; The Real Roxy Hart by Jeffery Masino and Silas Lesnick." Chow Down - "Root for Charles, John, and Garnet as they try to buck the system of pills and procedures and outfox their heart disease and diabetes. When their doctors inform them that they can't get better, our intrepid trio tells the doctors to think again. With lighthearted animation, piercing expert interviews and a feisty attitude, CHOW DOWN is the moving story of the success you can achieve when you rewrite the recipe for a healthy life." Chrysalis (2008) (Ray Bradbury) - "In the future: The world is ravaged, a third world war has left our planet in a state of decay. In a research facility a handful of scientists research ways to sustain plant life. Scientist Benjamin Rockwell has been called to this decaying research facility. Once of the scientists there, Smith, apparently has died. Smith lies on a table, his body transformed, his eyes and mouth grown shut. After getting over the shock, and completing an examination, Rockwell realizes that there is still a pulse within Smith... His body continues changing... a Chrysalis has grown around Smith in order to protect him. Now in earth's darkest hours these scientists must figure out what mysteries lay inside the CHRYSALIS." Crack in the World - "Dr. Steven Sorenson (Dana Andrews) and his wife and fellow scientist Dr. Maggie Sorenson (Janette Scott) plan to utilize the geothermal energy of the Earth's interior by detonating a powerful thermonuclear device deep within the Earth's core. Despite warnings by Maggie's ex-flame and fellow scientist Dr. Ted Rampian (Kieron Moore), Dr. Sorenson proceeds with the experiment after he secretly learns that he is terminally ill. This experiment causes a crack within the earth's crust and threatens to split the earth in two if it is not stopped in time." Dark City (1951) - "After losing his company's $5,000 cashier's check in a crooked card game, a stranger in Chicago commits suicide. The group of gamblers, with Danny Haley (Charlton Heston) as a member, worries about the dangers of cashing the check, but this becomes the least of their worries when the head of the group is found hanged. Police Captain Garvey (Dean Jagger) concludes the hanging to be a case of homicide and discovers that the stranger had a mentally deranged brother who is out to avenge his brother's death. Fran (Lizabeth Scott), a torch singer desperately in love with Danny, begs him to runaway with her. This classic film noir also features the stars of Dragnet, Jack Webb and Harry Morgan, as Danny's gambling partners. Directed by William Dieterle (Rope of Sand)." Days of Thrills and Laughter - "First time on DVD! A celebrated look at silent films from early in the 20th century. The film celebrates comics like Charlie Chaplin, Mack Sennet and the Keystone Kops, Fatty Arbuckle, Stan Laurel, and others are featured in some of the best moments in their filmic careers. The compilation also includes the mysterious Harry Houdini conducting his death-defying stunts. Plus the dashing Douglas Fairbanks and lady in peril Pearl White. The film often lets the silent pictures speak for themselves, running entire one-reelers or significant chunks of an old movie." Dirt Road to Psychedlica: Austin TX During the 60's - "Producer/Director: Scott Conn 72min. 2008 With a folk singing Janis Joplin, the 13th Floor Elevators, peyote, LSD and the first psychedelic music venue in Texas, Austin was a fertile ground for the emerging counter culture of the 1960s. Seen as nonconformists, Beatnik inspired students were drawn together by folk, country and Blues music while dabbling with peyote and later exploring with LSD. Traditional values became challenged as they sought a lifestyle outside of the system. Civil Rights and the war in Vietnam were galvanizing factors in 1960s American society, but the advent of psychedelics made it electrified! This is how Austin became groovy." Don't Look Up (2009)* -" While filming in Transylvania, a crew unearths celluloid images of a woman's murder and unleashes the wrath of evil spirits. Based on the story by Hideo Nakata (the creator of "The Ring") and directed by Fruit Chan. Starring Henry Thomas, Kevin Corrigan, Lothaire Bluteau and Eli Roth." Earth: The Sequel - "Based on The New York Times best-selling book Earth: The Sequel - The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming by Environmental Defense Fund Director Fred Krupp, this one-hour special provides a definitive and hopeful look at our new energy options. And whether it's by harnessing energy from the sun, waves, wind or heat embedded in the Earth, the inventors and entrepreneurs behind these bold ventures are proving that saving the planet can be a viable, and profitable, endeavor." Entre Nos - "Mariana (Paola Mendoza) is determined to keep her family together. Her children, Gabriel (Sebastian Villada Lopez), 10, and Andrea (Laura Montana Cortez), 6, have grown up in Colombia without their father. He immigrated to the United States years earlier in order to make a better life for his family. Finally after many years of separation the family is reunited in New York City. After coming home late from work one night Antonio announces he has found work in Miami and will be moving there...alone. He will send for the family when he is settled. Days go by and Mariana does not hear from him. Worried and desperate, she goes to her only friend s home only to find out Antonio is not coming back. The rent is due, there is no food on the table and Mariana has fifty dollars to her name. With no one to turn to, she must find a way, in a strange city where she barely speaks the language, to provide for her family, financially and emotionally. Mariana makes homemade empanadas (meat patties), which she tries to sell on the streets, however this quickly fails. With all options closing in on her, Mariana turns to the city s trash, collecting cans in order to put food on the table. With Gabriel and Andrea working beside her, the family finds the most stability they have known since their arrival, and it is during these challenging moments that the family triumphs. In entre nos, Mariana, Gabriel and Andrea take us on a remarkable journey where we bear witness to a family s commitment to survival and their unrelenting hope for the American soda can at a time." Free Lunch - "Walter Tanner Jr. is done with handouts, he's done with his privileged past, and he's done with having to answer to people. Realizing the value of hard work, Walter sets off on the road to the American a lunch truck. Together, Walter and his friend Casey serve the working people of LA, while Walter struggles with the realities of business and being a fish out of water. Will the struggle prove to be too much?" Frontline: My Father, My Brother and Me - "In My Father, My Brother, and Me, Iverson sets off on a personal journey to understand the disease that has taken such a toll on his family. Along the way, he meets some remarkable people -- a leading Parkinson's researcher whose encounter with "frozen" heroin addicts led to a major breakthrough; a Parkinson's sufferer given a new lease on life by an experimental brain surgery; and a geneticist who helped identify some of the gene mutations responsible for Parkinson's and who is now working on drugs to fix them." Frontline: The Hugo Chavez Show - "He's been portrayed as a savior and an autocrat; a hero to his nation's poor and a bombastic, would-be dictator eager to dominate the world stage. He forges controversial alliances while inventing a new kind of revolution he calls 21st-century socialism. He calls George Bush a devil and Castro a god. Who is this man Hugo Chávez, and where is he headed?" Girl-Getters AKA The System - "The System is set in a British seaside village where the local young men mingle among the summer's tourists in search of sexual conquests. The group's leader, Tinker (Oliver Reed), aims to entrap a fashion model (Jane Merrow) from a well-to-do family, but he finds himself unexpectedly falling in love. With the tables turned, Tinker begins to see that maybe it's not the tourists who are being used in these sexual games." Hannie Caulder - "The wild west gets wilder when Raquel Welch (Fantastic Voyage) saddles up in HANNIE CAULDER, a sagebrush saga that combines hard-hitting action with the rowdiness of three of the most wicked villains ever to ride the lone prairie, played by Ernest Borgnine (The Wild Bunch), Jack Elam (Support Your Local Sheriff) Strother Martin (Cool Hand Luke). Welch is Hannie, a woman sworn to vengeance after she's raped and widowed. At first, she has more heart than know-how, but once a bounty hunter (Robert Culp) arrives in town, he teaches her how to use a gun. Hannie straps on her .45 and sets out to put a few notches in its handle. Legendary villain Christopher Lee (Dracula) plays a sympathetic gunsmith who befriends Hannie. This one-of-a-kind western was directed by Burt Kennedy (The Train Robbers)." Huxley on Huxley -" Italian-born Laura Huxley, a teenage violin virtuoso, played for European royalty and made her American debut at Carnegie Hall before leaving the concert stage to become a renowned psychotherapist and author. In 1956 Laura married Aldous Huxley, author of BRAVE NEW WORLD, literary giant and prophet of the 20th century. In the conservative 1950s, the Huxley home in the Hollywood Hills was the center of the artistic and intellectual avant-garde of Los Angeles. Guests to their famous Saturday luncheons included George Cukor, Igor Stravinsky, Orson Welles and Christopher Isherwood. The Huxleys' passionate search to find higher levels of consciousness included their controversial experimentation with psychedelic drugs. Narrated by Peter Coyote and featuring interviews with such luminaries as John Densmore, Michael Murphy, Nick Nolte and Ram Dass, HUXLEY ON HUXLEY offers a compelling glimpse of Laura's life with Aldous, as well as the revolutionary and provocative work that had a major influence on American and contemporary cultural history." I Need That Record! - "Guerilla filmmaker Brendan Toller unleashes I NEED THAT RECORD! THE DEATH (OR POSSIBLE SURVIVAL) OF THE INDEPENDENT RECORD STORE, "an elegy for a vanishing subculture...a lively, bittersweet film that examines - with caustic humor, brutal candor, and, ultimately, great affection - why roughly 3,000 indie record stores have closed across the nation over the past decade," (Johnathan Perry, Boston Globe). A tour-de-force tale of greed, media consolidation, homogenized radio, big box stores, downloading, and technological shifts in the music industry told through candid interviews, crestfallen record store owners, startling statistics, and eye-popping animation. Fat cats or our favorite record stores? You decide. Featuring- IAN MACKAYE, NOAM CHOMSKY, MIKE WATT, THURSTON MOORE, LENNY KAYE (Patti Smith), CHRIS FRANTZ (Talking Heads), GLENN BRANCA, PATTERSON HOOD (Drive By Truckers), PAT CARNEY (Black Keys) , LEGS MCNEIL, BOB GRUEN, BP HELIUM, and many indie record stores across the U.S." Jesse Stone: No Remorse - "Tom Selleck reprises his role as Jesse Stone, the anguished and relentless former police Chief in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts. While in self-imposed seclusion following his suspension from the Paradise Police Force, a mysterious series of related murders in nearby Boston draws Stone back into the fold. Before long, he's following a crooked path that leads to none other than the city's most notorious crime boss Gino Fish (William Sadler). Based upon characters created in best-selling author Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone books. Co-starring William Devane and Kathy Baker, Jesse Stone: No Remorse is a trip to Paradise that you will not want to miss!" Job, The (2008) - "When unemployed Bubba Brady (Patrick Flueger) gets a tip from a drifter named Jim (Ron Perlman) about a job offer by Perriman (Joe Pantoliano), Bubba's girl Joy (Taryn Manning) is thrilled - it means they can finally start a life. But the job is not as advertised; though the opportunity is real, Bubba will have to learn if he has the killer instincts to do what it requires. Based on Bitterman's award-winning play, The Job is a funny, frightening vision of a world not so far from our own." L.A. Takedown (PAL) (Code 2) - "As cop and criminal, two ruthless professionals have the same outlook and code. L.A.Takedown, directed by Michael Mann (Heat) , is a complex and gripping thriller about Vincent Hanna an obsessive cop tailing a callous and clinical armed robber Patrick McLaren. They first meet across a crowded cafe and after a heist goes wrong Hanna and McLaren confront each other in a full scale battle on the streets of Los Angeles." Laferriere, Dany: Films From a Poet's Imagination (Haiti) - "The mystery and wonder of modern-day Haiti come alive in this two-film set based on the work of writer-director Dany Laferriere. In How to Conquer America in One Night (96 mins.), handsome Gege, a Haitian in his thirties, arrives in Montreal at the doorstep of his Uncle Fanfan, determined to be successful by charming blonde-haired women. During the course of one night out on the town, Gege and Fanfan discover fun, friendship, and fantasies--with the help of twins Andree and Denise. On the Verge of a Fever (88 mins.) is set in 1971, against the backdrop of Haiti's brutal dictatorship and features younger incarnations of Fanfan and Gege, the characters from the previous film. Fanfan finds himself in deep trouble after an incident with the Tonton-Macoute, Haiti's bloodthirsty military police force. He holes up with a beautiful neighbor in her house, where his life will drastically change. In French with English subtitles." Narcotic Nation -" Methamphetamines. Cocaine. Heroin. Three powerful drugs that continue to tear this country apart. Now, Narcotic Nation takes an unprecedented look at America's most devastating addictions. Watch how these drugs work, what happens when they take hold of people's lives, and how law enforcement is fighting a brave and ruthless battle to keep these terrible drugs off our streets. This DVD features three programs - "Meth Nation", "Heroin Nation" and "Cocaine Nation", plus deleted scenes." Neighbor (2010) - "A mysterious new girl arrives in a posh suburban neighborhood and quickly sets out to terrorize the town. As she starts breaking into homes and torturing the occupants, they begin to realize that she isn't just another girl next door." Oily Business - "In the wake of the BP oil disaster we are finally beginning to understand that the pursuit of further oil drilling and exploration is not the answer to our energy challenges. With this in mind we are focusing this month's film selections on the pitfalls of the oil industry and alternative sustainable energy resources." Only Way (1970) -" In April 1940, the armies of Nazi Germany invaded Denmark. The Danish government promised peaceful cooperation on the condition that Denmark s Jews remain free. The Nazi s agreed. In October, 1943, the agreement was broken...This is the true and magnificent saga of Denmark s valorous actions to save Danish Jews from Nazi extermination at peril of death! For the Danes, this was THE ONLY WAY." Operation: Endgame* - "A battle ensues among groups of government spy teams in an underground facility after their boss is assassinated. Starring: Zach Galifianakis, Rob Corddry, Ellen Barkin, Joe Anderson, Ving Rhames, Jeffrey Tambor" Police Women of Broward County - "The answer to tough crime in Southern Florida is a tough Sheriff's Department. And they don't come any tougher than the deputies and detectives of Broward County. Detective Andrea Penoyer is a single mom raising an eight-year-old. But she's also a major player in her unit's hard-hitting anti-crime squad. This petite blonde's looks are deceiving - she'll be laughing one minute and tackling a perp twice her size the next. Just don't mess up her manicure. Detective Julie Bower has worked the Sex Crimes Unit for 13 years and prides herself at getting at the truth-no matter how strange it is, she's heard it all. But at the end of the night, she just wants to get back home and raise her two sons, and try to give them a normal life. Detective Ana Murillo is a member of a tough anti-drug unit known to the deputies and detectives as 'The Wolf Pack'. And she's known to run at the front. Whether taking down a dealer or a known crackhouse, or chasing after a perp on the run, she works and sweats harder than any of the guys before racing home to her two-year-old son. Deputy Shelunda Cooper rides the graveyard shift on Road Patrol, where anything can-and does-happen. She's the first on the scene for emergency calls from people in need. And she knows what she's doing-crime fighting is a family affair. Just ask her husband or her identical twin sister-both deputies! Police Women of Broward County digs deep into the South Florida underworld, with real cops, real criminals and real arrests. All four females are tough enough-and strong enough-to do police work in a man's world. But they add the one thing the Broward Sheriff's Office doesn't always have - a woman's touch." Prowler* -" If you think you're safe... you're DEAD wrong!" Avalon Bay, 1945: On the night of her graduation dance, young Rosemary and her date are brutally murdered by a prowler thought to be a jilted soldier home from the war. The killer was never found. Thirty years later, the dance is held again for the first time since that horrific evening - but something else may have also returned... Tonight, the teens of this sleepy town will meet their grisly ends at the hands - and pitchfork, blade and more - of THE PROWLER!Also known as ROSEMARY'S KILLER, this gruesome shocker is one of the cruelest "body-count" movies of the 1980s, thanks to razor-sharp direction by Joseph Zito (FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER) and graphic gore effects by Tom Savini (DAWN OF THE DEAD, MANIAC). Hollywood legends Farley Granger (STRANGERS ON A TRAIN) and Lawrence Tierney (RESERVOIR DOGS) star in this rarely-seen sleeper from the golden age of slasher films - now presented completely uncut and uncensored in grisly High Definition!" Puppet Master (Restored & Remastered)* - "Horrific puppets sculpted to inflict pain get dusted off for this newly restored and remastered DVD and Bluray release of Charles Band's classic tiny terrors." Puppet Master: Axis of Evil -" In a stateside hotel during the height of World War II, young DANNY COOGAN dreams of joining the war effort. Following the murder of hotel guest Mr. Toulon by Nazi assassins, Danny finds the old man's crate of mysterious PUPPETS and is suddenly thrust into a battle all his own. He discovers that Nazis MAX and KLAUS, along with beautiful Japanese sabateur OZU, plan to attack a secret American manufacturing plant. After his family is attacked and his girlfriend BETH is kidnapped, it is up to Danny and the living deadly Puppets to stop this Axis of Evil...." Rain AKA Lluvia (2008) - "Two strangers share their emotional traumas over the course of a few stormy days in this drama from Argentinean filmmaker Paula Hernandez. Roberto (Ernesto Alterio) was born in Buenos Aires, but has been away for close to 30 years when he finds himself back home to visit the father he feels be barely knows after the man falls into a coma. Waiting for his hotel room to be ready, Roberto is walking in the rain that has been falling on the city for three days straight when a woman named Alma (Valeria Bertuccelli) opens the door to her car and he impulsively hops in. Alma feels almost as lost in the city as Roberto; her nine-year relationship with her boyfriend ended abruptly a few days before, and having been tossed out of his apartment, she's been living out of her car and looking for a new place to call home. Fate brings these two lost souls together, but where will it lead them?" Rambo Extended Cut (Bluray) -" the fourth Rambo film available for the first time ever on any format, features nine extra minutes of footage and nearly 90 minutes of newly created bonus materials including "RAMBO: To Hell and Back" - Sylvester Stallone's video production diary." Red Barry - "First time on DVD! Based on the comic strip by Will Gould, the serial followed the adventures of tough guy police detective "Red" Barry (Crabbe) in his quest to recover valuable stolen savings bonds. Crabbe has to deal with a gang of Russian crooks (headed by Edna Sedgewick and including Stanley Price), a group of Chinese agents (headed by Cyril Delevanti) and a bunch of American/Chinese racketeers (headed by Frank Lackteen, Wheeler Oakman and a young Tom Steele), as well as an hostile police commissioner (William Gould; no relation to the strip's creator) and a bumbling British sleuth named Valentine Vane (Hugh Huntley). Despite all the conflicting gangs, Crabbe manages to come out on top with the help of female reporter Mississippi (Frances Robinson) and Police Inspector "Scotty" Scott (Wade Boteler). Crabbe was ideal as Barry, an unshakable and unconventional cop who didn t let protocol or due process mess up his investigations, and who was in constant conflict with the windbag police commissioner (William Gould)." Red VS Blue: Reconstruction S.6 - "The Reds and Blues must form an unlikely alliance in the latest hilarious installment of the smash-hit comedy series Red vs. Blue, based on the blockbuster game Halo." Royal Inquest - "The real stories of royalty are sometimes far from fairytale fantasies. Royal Inquest weaves a compelling tapestry of mystery and intrigue, telling you the true stories behind the headlines. Each one-hour episode investigates an intriguing and provocative royal story from the past decades, including a Saudi Prince charged with masterminding one of the largest drug heists in history and a British princess who narrowly escapes being kidnapped. Relying on interviews with respected journalists, authors, royal experts and participants in the events, Royal Inquest teases apart fact from fiction and goes inside the world of power, privilege and wealth." Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage* - "Rush is one of rock's most influential bands. Ranked third in consecutive gold or platinum albums after The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the band enjoys a devoted following by legions around the world and is revered by generations of musicians. Yet, their incredible success story has, up to this point, remained largely untold. Now comes the new documentary Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, the first comprehensive exploration of the extraordinary power trio. Featuring never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with notables such as Jack Black, Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Gene Simmons, this film explores the forty-year career and phenomenon behind what could be the world's biggest cult band. This 2-disc DVD in deluxe packaging features over 3 hours of video, including a 1.5 hour bonus disc of never-before-seen live performances, special features, and deleted scenes from the film." Secret of the Grain (Criterion)* - "Winner of four César awards, including best picture and director, Abdellatif Kechiche's The Secret of the Grain is a stirring drama about the daily joys and struggles of a bustling French-Arab family. It has the texture of a documentary but a classic, almost Shakespearean structure: when patriarch Slimane acts on his wish to open a port-side restaurant specializing in his ex-wife's fish couscous, the extended clan's passions and problems explode in riveting drama, leading to an engrossing, suspenseful climax. With sensitivity and grit, The Secret of the Grain celebrates the role food plays in family life and gets to the core of contemporary immigrant experience." Sex and the U.S.A. - " From director Jan Wellman comes this genre-defying examination of abstinence-only education and its effects on the teens of a conservative California suburb. Narrating the film is Audrey, a thoughtful 14-year-old who decides to make an amateur documentary about her school-sponsored vow of chastity. Unlike the characters in earlier coming of age films like Kids and Thirteen, the high school students in Sex and the USA must navigate popular media channels that blur the line between reality and fiction. Audrey s home video recordings are laced with webcam footage, YouTube videos, and social media pages, creating an aesthetic that s as hyperkinetic as today s media landscape. The viewer is left just as disoriented as the film s protagonists, whose literal interpretation of chastity leaves room for many other forms of reckless behavior. In the end, Audrey and her peers are forced to question whether an education rooted in religious ideology can truly help connect the dots between their conservative values and their modern, connected lifestyles." Sikandar (India) - "Sikandar Raza is a 14 year old schoolboy in Kashmir. Ever since his parents were killed by militants 10 years back, he has lived with his aunt and uncle, in a small town in Kashmir. All Sikandar's desires revolve around the happiness of his foster parents, and getting the ball into the goal on the football field. One day, on his way home from a school football match, Sikandar finds a gun lying on the path. Despite admonishments by his newly made school friend, the 14 year old Nasreen, Sikandar picks up the gun, and thus begins a journey into the darker side of his nature. The quiet yet strong Nasreen becomes Sikandar's conscience keeper. She tries to dissuade him from giving in to the lure of the gun. However, all is not what it seems. Sikandar gets embroiled further and further in situations beyond his control, and people get killed. At first it seems that the happenings occurring alongside Sikandar's predicament are not connected. But, as layer upon layer unravels, it becomes clear that Sikandar is the innocent victim in a game being played out between the militants, the army, the peace bartering politicians and the religious heads of the little Kashmiri town." Snake, The (2008) - "If 'Clerks' and 'Dangerous Liasons' had a bastard child, it would be 'The Snake'. Ken (Adam Goldstein) overcompensates for his insecurities by seducing women. Not a bad plan... if he could actually seduce any. Sinking to a new low, Ken joins a support group to get into the skinny jeans of Talia (Nina Braddock). He intends to win her over by enabling her eating disorder, but first he must survive 'partner time' with the other members - including a radical feminist and a vengeful divorcee. Can Ken maintain his sensitive charade, or will he be outed as The Snake? This pitch black comedy, complete with an appearance by Margaret Cho, will make you cringe with laughter!" Spies (History Channel) - "From Nathan Hale to Mata Hari to James Bond, the darkly glamorous world of spies and secret agents, whether real or fictional, heroic or criminal, continues to fascinate the public. For God, for country, for the thrill? Why do SPIES do it? And how? Immerse yourself in this clandestine world of double agents and counter-spies who risk their lives to uncover, steal and sell secrets ostensibly in the name of protecting their country. This special SPIES DVD Collection contains: • Piercing the Reich: Spies in Nazi Germany: One of World War II's most thrilling sagas, learn every hidden detail of daring OSS heroes who penetrated the heart of history's most ferocious police state. • Spies Among Us: Archival footage, propaganda posters, period newsreel and radio broadcasts establish the oppressive sense of perpetual crisis that characterize the years of the Cold War. • Spy Technology: From seemingly innocuous drop boxes, rudimentary codes, tiny, high-tech bugging devices and all varieties of super-secret spy equipment, trace the evolution of the tools of espionage over the past century. • Secret Superpower Aircraft: Spy Planes: Discover the unforgettable missions of the extraordinary spy planes and meet the pioneers who made it all possible. • Traitors Within: Former KGB, CIA and FBI agents analyze six recent, high-profile cases where double agents compromised America's security. • Echelon: The Most Secret Spy System: The information sharing system developed by the U.S., England, Canada and others to get around the prohibitions on internal surveillance is revealed." Trouble in the Sky - "Veteran pilot George Gort (Bernard Lee) faces a Court of Inquiry as the result of the crash of Phoenix jet airliner. He is ruthlessly cross-examined by Sir Arnold Hobbes Q.C. (George Sanders) and found guilty of pilot error. The pressure mounts on Gort when Captain Judd (Peter Cushing) accuses him of brining the aircraft in too low at Calcutta.With passenger lives at risk, Gort s daughter Charlotte (Elizabeth Seal) fights to clear her father s name by enlisting the help of Captain Dallas (Michael Craig). With time and lives of the essence, Charlotte tries to prove that more crashes could happen because of the manufacturer s flying regulations, and that her father is innocent of any negligence." Uninvited (2008) - "In the tradition of Rosemary s Baby, psychological horror film The Uninvited reveals a new wife who may become a mother whether she wants to or not. Lee (Marguerite Moreau of the new NBC hit Parenthood) has finally recovered from a rare illness akin to agoraphobia. Instead of fearing open spaces, Lee has been frightened by any too-great distance between herself and other objects. So the warm embrace of documentary filmmaker and husband Nick (Colin Hay of the Grammy-winning band Men At Work) has proven the perfect cure. But their fresh start in a quiet, isolated home is shattered by intense visions from Lee s past, an unhinged former assistant of Nick s, Satanists and Lee s growing realization that the forces of evil she senses around her aren t so uninvited after all. Writer-director Bob Badway s film debut offers horror fans the chance to catch a bold new talent in the making. Consider yourself...invited." Union Station - "Returning to the city from her wealthy employer residence, Joyce Willecombe (Nancy Olson), spots two armed men on the train. She reports them to the conductor who radios in to the Station's police. Once at Union station she points out the men to Lt. William Calhoun (William Holden), head of the station's police squad and they find out that the gunmen are members of a gang who have kidnapped her employer's blind daughter and are seeking a $100,000 ransom. The Chicago police headed by inspector Donnelly (Barry Fitzgerald), and the FBI are both called in. The action in this classic Film Noir culminates in a chase through the station's underground tunnels. Directed by Rudolph Maté (D.O.A.)." Valhalla Rising - "For years, One-Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been held prisoner by the chieftain Barde. Aided by a boy, he kills his captor and together they escape, beginning a journey into the heart of darkness. On their flight, One-Eye and the boy board a Viking vessel but the ship is soon engulfed by an endless fog that disintegrates only as they sight an unknown land. As this new world reveals its secrets and the Vikings confront their terrible fate, One-Eye discovers his true self. Valhalla Rising is a brutal medieval epic from the producers of The Football Factory and the director of Bronson." Via Bearzi - "is the completion of a film started by climber Mike Bearzi just before his untimely Death in the Himalayas in 2002. His aim was to portray the essence of two-man, alpine climbing on a new route up the steep face of Gyachung Kang.Using Mike's video and a lifetime of stunning mountain still-photography, along with the accounts of his climbing partners, friends Jeff Alzner and Brook Kirklin painstakingly compiled this portrait of a man attempting to realize a dream.This film reflects the adventure and motivations, along with the humor and ethics, of a climber who left his impression on everyone he touched." Vida Loca (2008) - "El Salvador a country still living in the shadow of a brutal civil war. Poverty. Corruption. Political Instability. In recent years, this struggling nations problems have been compounded by a growing, increasingly brutal gang culture. Over the course of a year, acclaimed photographer and documentarian Christian Poveda turned his camera on one neighborhood Clica (chapter) of the Mara 18, one of the largest and most infamous gangs in El Salvador. Tracing the daily lives criminal exploits, murders, funerals, prison sentences, attempts at rehabilitation of a handful of Mara 18 members, LA VIDA LOCA is part documentary, part war correspondent report, and part social commentary, a white knuckle, fly on the wall look at a world rarely seen by outsiders." Vincere - "Acclaimed Italian director Marco Bellocchio (Fists in the Pocket; Devil in the Flesh) delivers his boldest work yet, an audacious, visually stunning film that the Village Voice calls a stylistic knockout about fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and the woman he loved, scorned, denounced and then wrote out of history. Rising actor Filippo Timi is magnetic in a dual role as both the steamrolling dictator and the son he refuses to acknowledge. And Giovanna Mezzogiorno (Love In The Time Of Cholera) delivers a career-making, award-winning performance as Ida Dalser, the lover who wouldn t go away. Bellocchio is a master of eroticism and their scenes of abandon are so powerful and reckless (The Hollywood Reporter called them steamy ), it s easy to understand why Dalser could never give him up. His rise to power and her descent into an insane asylum are tragic counterpoints in a doomed romance. Dalser may have been written off at the time, but Bellocchio and Mezzogiorno allow her a final, unexpected triumph in this cinematic masterwork." Yiddish Cinema - "Narrated by prolific playwright David Mamet, this film is a perfect way to introduce new audiences to Yiddish cinema. Nourished by Yiddish literature and theater, Yiddish film production in Eastern Europe and the United States flourished between the two world wars. The Yiddish Cinema traces the history of the genre through interviews, archival photographs and film clips of many of the NCJF's Yiddish feature films. In addition, the film discusses the reasons for the decline of Yiddish cinema, including the Holocaust, the Stalinist suppression of Jewish culture in the Soviet Union, and America's demands for assimiliation among its new immigrants."