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New Releases for the Week 7/20

Cop Out* - Here it goes...Kevin Smith + Bruce Willis (nope... not Live Free or Die Hard) + Tracy Morgan (sounding more like Last Boy Scout now) + rare baseball card (a bit nerdy but at least it's not a comic book) + guns + smart mouthed white guy in back of the car (Lethal Weapon 2?) = Cop Out!

Forbidden World* - No movie could hold up to a cover like this, unless it was directed by Peter Jackson. Instead...Roger Corman is responsible for it. 'Nuff said.

Galaxy of Terror* - Apparently when the script for Alien was being thrown around it ended up in front of Roger Corman for a split second. Probably long enough to inspire this knock-off that has its own personal quality in the sci-fi fantasy monster movie genre. There's also a rumor that a specific monster attack in this film has had a huge influence on the Japanese film-makers who put tentacles in places they would best be left out of.

Losers, The* - Based on a smart and stylish comic book via the Vertigo line at DC. The Losers are a group of specialists with Oceans 11 like style who get severely screwed over and have to get revenge in order to clear their names. As a comic it looks pretty original as a movie it looks like a re-imagining of the A-Team. I wonder which A-Team re-imagining will be better?

Mother (2009) - Korea - So just imagine a Lifetime Original movie about a mother doing what she could to keep her son wrongfully going to prison for murder. Now subtract Meredith Baxter-Birnie or Melissa Gilbert, insert a Korean cast and have it skillfully directed by the guy who did The Host.

Runaways, The (2010)* - Biopic movies about musicians can be pretty similar and predictable. There's always a rise and a fall and then a rise again. But when there's one about dirty, angry and rocking teen chicks from the 1970's, you get to stand out from the crowd and hang with the likes of Sid and Nancy.

A Town Called Panic - There are animated movies about toys out there that are touching and make you sentimental for your childhood. Then there are animated movies that use toys the way your lost childhood wishes it could have used toys. One will use computers and eye-popping technology to virtually bring out those emotions. The other will use real toys and play with your imagination. The latter is A Town Called Panic.

ANIME NEW RELEASES My Bride is a Mermaid: Pt 1 Eps 1-13 Vampire Knight Vol 1 Eps 1-4 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Courage the Cowardly Dog: Season 1 Pinocchio (2008) Pocket Dragon Adventures: In Your Dreams Secret of Magic Island (No English) Superfriends: Season 1 Vol 2 NEW VIDEO GAMES New for XBOX Bioshock (XBOX) Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (XBOX) Little League World Series 2010 Baseball (XBOX) Mass Effect (XBOX) Orange Box (XBOX) Singularity (XBOX) New for PS3 Singularity (PS3) New for Wii Bully: Scholarship Edition (Wii) Little League World Series 2008&09 Baseball (Wii) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (Wii) NEW TV ON DVD Being Human: Season 1* Desperate Romantics - British Drama TV Look Around You: Season 1 Outer Limits (1995) Season 2 & 3 People's Choice (1955) NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Alamar - Mexico Barking Dogs Never Bite - Korea Fish Tank - England Hungry Hills (Canada) Little Nicholas (France) May 18 - Korea Professional, The (1981) - France Salaam-E-Ishq - India Ulitmate Heist - France Unfinished Sky - Australia Vital Signs (2009) - Canada NEW TO THE SIFF 2010 SECTION Cairo Time (Canada) Father and Guns (Canada) NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE Aids: Evolution of an Epidemic - "Two Leading AIDS researchers discuss the latest findings on HIV and advances in the fight against a global epidemic." Belfast Girls (PAL Code 2) - "Sweden released, PAL/Region 2 DVD: it WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. You need multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player to view it in USA/Canada: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), English ( Subtitles ), French ( Subtitles ), Swedish ( Subtitles ), ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN (1.78:1), SPECIAL FEATURES: Anamorphic Widescreen, Interactive Menu, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: This is the story of Mairéad Mc Ilkenny and Christine Savage, growing up in post-war Belfast. Two strong, young women with their everyday life struggles, living as in different worlds in the same city, cut off from each other by many high walls. A film about two girls struggle for the right to do things their own way." Bodybuilder and I - "A documentary about geriatric bodybuilding from the point of view of a son who's had an estranged relationship with his father who is preparing to take back the championship position." Citizen Nawi - "Citizen Nawi tells the story of Ezra Nawi, the driving force behind the protection of Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills who regularly face attacks from their Jewish settler neighbors. The South Hebron Hills have recently turned into the "wild west," where the strong rule and the weak are silenced. Nawi works to change this situation. He embraces the necessary fights and arrest, assists in the Arab olive harvest and in digging wells, and also organizes day camps for the Arab children. Ezra has committed himself to the cause of the South Hebron cave dwellers. Saving them has become an essential part of his life." Don't You Forget About Me - "As if we could forget John Hughes. Mia "Sloane" Sara, Ally "Allison" Sheedy, Andrew "Blaine! That's a major appliance, it's not a name!" McCarthy & others reminisce about the man who so perfectly captured on film the joy of being a teenager." Double Life of RNA - "RNA can be much more than a passive transmitter of genetic information. It can also act as an enzyme that directly participates in cellular biochemistry. In four lectures, Dr. Thomas R. Cech tells the story of the discovery of RNA catalysis-research that led to his receiving the 1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He explores why RNA's ability both to store genetic information and to catalyze biochemical reactions lends plausibility to the theory that RNA had a central role in the origin of life. Dr. Cech also reveals how the ability of RNA catalysts (ribozymes) to cut and splice RNA molecules has sparked efforts to develop them as new therapeutic agents against viruses, cancer, and genetic diseases. DVD includes detailed chapter search by scientific topic, direct access to animations, English subtitles, interview with the speaker, special features on RNA interference, telomeres, and RNA structures, and a Nova scienceNOW feature on RNA interference. Presented at the 1995 Holiday Lectures on Science." Frontline: College. Inc. - "The business of higher education is booming. It s a $400 billion industry fueled by taxpayer money. But what are students getting out of the deal? Critics say a worthless degree and a mountain of debt. Investors insist they re innovators, widening access to education. FRONTLINE follows the money to uncover how Wall Street and a new breed of for-profit universities are transforming the way we think about college in America." Frontline: The Wounded Platoon - "Since the Iraq War began, soldier arrests in the city of Colorado Springs have tripled. At least thirty-six servicemen based at the nearby Army post of Fort Carson have committed suicide. And fourteen Fort Carson soldiers have been charged or convicted in at least eleven killings. Many of the most violent crimes involved men who had served in the same battalion in Iraq. Three of them came from a single platoon of infantrymen. FRONTLINE tells the dark tale of the men of Third Platoon, Charlie Company, 1st battalion of the 506th infantry; and how the war followed them home. It is a story of heroism, grief, vicious combat, depression, drugs, alcohol and brutal murder; an investigation into the Army s mental health services; and a powerful portrait of what multiple tours and post-traumatic stress are doing to a generation of young American soldiers." Ground War: The Evolution of the Battlefield - "GROUND WAR tells the stories behind the key technological advances and strategic breakthroughs that have driven and been driven by thousands of years of ground warfare. Each episode will focus on an area where technology and science have influenced the unfolding evolution of ground combat. Programs include Warrior Weapons, Battlefield Mobility, Firepower and Command and Control." Italian Americans and Federal Hill - "Federal Hill, Providence Rhode Island's "Little Italy," is one of America's most storied neighborhoods. Relive the traditions and challenges of Italian Americans whose ancestors immigrated for a better future. Produced and directed by Jon Raben, features personalities with ties to Federal Hill including three former Providence mayors, a Rhode Island lieutenant governor and a Providence City Council president. Also included are an historian, a judge and a U.S. ambassador, as well as priests, artisans, entrepreneurs and other Italian Americans from Federal Hill." Morocco (Documentary) - "Imagine the eternal Sahara with it's windswept mountains of orange-gold sand, labyrinths that are the medinas of Fez and Marrakech, colorful markets with their fruits, tapestries and mint tea. Merchants selling rug kilims and goatskin lamps. Artisans specializing in tile mosaics or brass metalwork, silk slippers, or fragrant spices. This is the Morocco that was. And is." Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsburg... - "2010 Oscar Nominee for Best Documentary Co-winner of 2009 Freedom of Expression Award from the National Board of Review (and one of their Five Best Documentaries of the Year), Winner of the Special Jury Award at IDFA, and now nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America tells the story of Daniel Ellsberg, a high-level Pentagon official and Vietnam War strategist, who in 1971 concluded that the war is based on decades of lies and leaks 7,000 pages of top secret documents to The New York Times, making headlines around the world. A riveting story of how this one man's profound change of heart created a landmark struggle involving America's newspapers, its president and Supreme Court. With Daniel Ellsberg, Patricia Ellsberg, Tony Russo, Howard Zinn, Hedrick Smith, John Dean, and, from the secret White House tapes, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, who called Ellsberg "the most dangerous man in America." New Recruits: Can Capitalism Save the World? - "This documentary profiles aspiring social entrepreneurs who journey to the world s most volatile and impoverished regions to effect change through business acumen." National Geographic: Big Sur: California Coast - "National Geographic presents a comprehensive view of the spectacular California coastal area known as Big Sur—through the eyes of three intrinsically connected native creatures. Fly with the California condors and capture the panoramic view of Big Sur's many topside layers, and dive with California's sea otters to investigate life below the waves. Then, follow the stealthy mountain lions and see how the scavengers, the key-stone species and this top predator are all critical contributors to Big Sur's unique habitat." National Geographic: World Toughest Fixes Season 2 - "Big machines, big problems — World's Toughest Fixes with engineering enthusiast Sean Riley tackles the most oversized repair jobs on the planet." Nollywood Babylon - "Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Nollywood, Nigerias explosive homegrown movie industry, where Jesus and voodoo vie for screen time. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, known in Lagos as Da Governor, is one of the most influential men in Nollywood, a term coined in the early 1990s for the worlds fastest-growing national cinema, surpassed only by its American and Indian counterparts. This critically acclaimed documentary is peppered with outrageously juicy movie clips and buoyed by a rousing score that fuses Afropop and traditional sounds, NOLLYWOOD BABYLON celebrates the distinctive power of Nigerian cinema as it marvels in the magic of movies." Nova: Mount St. Helens - Back from the Dead - "When Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, every living thing in the blast zone was buried beneath 300 feet of avalanche debris, covered with steaming mud, and finally, topped with a superheated layer of frothy rock from deep within the earth. It seemed as though Mount St. Helens might remain a wasteland forever. Then, to everyone s surprise, life began to bloom again. Over the course of thirty years, biologist Charlie Crisafulli has been documenting the dramatic return of plant and animal life to the barren landscape. But he has also tracked a new threat: The mountain, like the wildlife, is coming back to life. Soon after the 1980 eruption, new lava was bubbling up to the surface, and in 2004, a flurry of explosions blasted steam and ash thousands of feet into the air over Mount St. Helens. What force is driving this baffling pattern? Using GPS, magnetic mapping, and more, geologists are tracking the movement of magma deep within the volcano and revealing a hidden lattice of faults that lies beneath the volatile landscape. NOVA presents a pioneering look at the interplay between biology and geology that may help scientists predict future volcanic eruptions." Originality in Design: Creating a Form Language... - "The ultimate goal for the concept artist is to create an individual artistic design language that is unique to them. Nick's demo takes the viewer through the process he uses to get as close to this goal as possible. The ephemeral nature of this subject is discussed within the framework of historical context. Inspiration sources and methods for cleansing the mind and body are shown, and a hands-on process is demonstrated. Over 140 pages of sketches lead to 6 pencil rendered images that define a novel look and form that can be applied to a wide variety of designed objects." Place Out of Time: The Bordentown School - "The little-known story of the last all-black, publicly funded, co-educational boarding school North of the Mason-Dixon Line. In a segregated society, The Bordentown School was an educational utopia and cultural oasis for black citizens in the Northeast and beyond for more than 70 years. Founded in 1886, and forced to close in 1955 after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, the story of Bordentown is also the story of black education in America, across three centuries." Potent Biology Stem Cells, Cloning & Regeneration - "Do stem cells really hold the key to understanding and curing many diseases? What's the connection between embryonic development and tissue regeneration? Doug Melton and Nadia Rosenthal are leaders in stem cell research, working primarily with mouse and human tissue. They will discuss where embryonic and adult stem cells come from and the biology of how they supply the cells the body needs. Stem cells are fundamental to biology. In the course of embryonic development, stem cells generate all the specialized cells that populate body tissues like muscle, the nervous system, and blood. In adults, reserves of stem cells repair and regenerate tissues damaged by disease and wounding. Because of the potential of stem cells to generate fresh, healthy cells, there is a huge interest in cultivating them to treat various diseases. This year's Holiday Lectures will explore exciting progress toward the goal of harnessing stem cells to treat diabetes, nerve damage, and heart disease." Prodigal Sons - "Returning home to a small town in Montana for her high school reunion, filmmaker Kimberly Reed hopes for reconciliation with her long-estranged adopted brother, Marc. But along the way she uncovers stunning revelations, including Marc's blood relationship with Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth, intense sibling rivalries and unforeseeable twists of plot and gender that forces them to face challenges no one could imagine." Techniques of James Clyne Vol 2 - "In this educational DVD, James explores the crucial first steps in the creation of powerful design ideation and quick environmental layout techniques. James will take you through a step-by-step progression of pen and marker sketching and the ideas behind them. Multiple avenues will be explored culminating in a final drawing, executed on design vellum, ready for rendering. These techniques mimic the process in which James brainstorms for ideas in the pre-production phase of a feature film. He will also demonstrate the creation of a dramatic and effective environment through the use of such themes as scale, mood, depth, and composition. All artists within the fields of film, industrial, game, and architectural design will find such techniques useful for producing advanced and inventive imagery. Materials used: Pen and Marker." Through the Door of No Return - "The filmmaker returns to Africa, the land of her ancestors, to ask these questions... Following her father's footsteps, she journeys to the Elmina Castle, that forboding structure on the west coast of Ghana where millions fo her ancestors were warehoused before being sent out through that last exit into middle massage of slavery. Called by their voices, she returns the way her ancestors left: at night, by the water, back through the door of no return..." Two Escobars (30 for 30) - "While rival drug cartels warred in the streets and the country's murder rate climbed to highest in the world, the Colombian national soccer team set out to blaze a new image for their country. What followed was a mysteriously rapid rise to glory, as the team catapulted out of decades of obscurity to become one of the best teams in the world. Central to this success were two men named Escobar: Andrés, the inspirational captain of the National Team, and Pablo, the infamous drug baron who pioneered the phenomenon known in the underworld as "Narco-soccer." A favorite to win the 1994 World Cup, the Columbians never made it out of the first round. In the 35th minute of the team's game against the United States, Andres scored an own goal, costing his team a shot at the title and his nation's chance to transform its image on the international stage. Less than ten days later, he was shot 12 times, gunned down outside a bar in a suburb of Medellin. An official selection at the Tribeca and Los Angeles Film Festivals, and an official selection at Cannes' Cinema de la Plage, award-winning directors Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist examine the mysterious events surrounding Andres' tragic death with this intense thriller about the intersection of crime and sport." Wild Man Blues - "An accomplished clarinestis, [Woody] Allen has played regular gigs in New York with his band for over 25 years, but now, for the first time, they're taking it on the road. Two-time Oscar-winner Barbara Kopple (Harland County, U.S.A., American Dream) captures the energy and passion of the music while also uncovering Allen offstage: being mobbed by fans, harassed by paparazzi, hounded by strangers and accompanied by wife Soon-Yi." Witness, The (2004) - "chronicles Eddie's journey from a violent world to a life of compassion and animal advocacy. This unique, indelible 43-minute documentary has been called "the most persuasive and important documentary film ever made." ...AND MORE MOVIES Affair in Monte Carlo - "Ideally set in Monte Carol a compulsive gambler stumbles towards losing everything when Merle Oberon decides to save him from himself. The story has a narrator." Because of Him - "After appearing in a Broadway production of Cyrano de Bergerac, actor John Sheridan (Charles Laughton) informs playwright Paul Taylor (Franchot Tone) that he wants a young, unknown actress to star opposite him in their next production, Strange Laughter. When waitress Kim Walker (Deanna Durbin) learns of Sheridan's request, she tries to pass herself off as an experienced actress and even succeeds in winning the coveted role. That's when the real problems begin. The score by Academy Award-winning composer Miklos Roza includes "Good Bye," "Danny Boy," and the Rodgers & Hart tune, "Lover." Call Me Malcom - "Malcolm describes his childhood like this: 'I always thought of myself as one of the brothers. I have two brothers so that would have made me the third brother. But other people perceived me as a girl and I couldn't really correct them. It made me feel like I wasn't there.' This reality led to years of self-doubt and confusion as he wondered why his perception of himself did not match that of the people around him. Additionally, all the messages in his church community seemed to indicate that God hated him. He became estranged from his family, his friends, his church and even himself. All roads toward claiming an identity seemed to have dead ends. Eventually, Malcolm, while still under the name Miriam, ended up at seminary. Initially, he enrolled to see if he could reconcile the conflict between his heart and the things being taught in his home church. It was around that time that he first learned the word 'Transgender' and began to investigate the necessary steps for his own self-actualization. Much to his surprise, Malcolm found his greatest support in his new Christian community at Iliff Theological Seminary and began the process of gender transition. The first-and in some ways biggest-of these steps was taking on his new name and repeatedly saying to people, 'From now on, call me Malcolm.' As the film begins, so does Malcolm's final year of seminary. It is a time filled with great concern and apprehension. He is, by all accounts, unemployed, uncertain about his future as a minister, unrecognized as 'Malcolm' by his parents and without a love in his life. Before the school term begins, he steps away from his safe environment and sets out on a road trip. He travels across the country visiting with many people along the way, each of whom have a different perspective on the issues of identity, faith, and love. In a small town outside of Denver, Malcolm reconnects with his past by visiting a former high school teacher whom he has not seen since he transitioned. In Cortez, he meets Pauline Mitchell, whose Nadleeh, or two-spirit, Navajo son was murdered while still in high school. In Los Angeles, Malcolm talks religion with Calpernia Addams, the subject of the Showtime film Soldier's Girl. Malcolm then travels to San Francisco to meet a police sergeant, who gained international attention when he transitioned on the force. By the time Malcolm arrives in New York, his journey has covered more than just miles. And his future holds more possibilities than he could have ever dreamed." Commercials of the 70's - "Damon Packard presents Commercials of the 70's Volume One. Digitally Transferred from 16mm" Con Brio: Karl Ulrich Schnabel-Master Teacher of Piano - "Schnabel (1909-2001), the son of famed pianist Artur Schnabel, began playing piano at the age of five and made his concert debut in 1926. In the following decades, he pursued a brilliant solo career as well as reviving the piano duo tradition, first performing four-hands with his father, then his American wife, Helen Fogel, and later with Joan Rowland. During his long career, he was also the teacher of several of the great pianists of our time, including Leon Fleisher, Peter Serkin, Richard Goode and Claude Frank. This video includes biographical material about the Schnabel family, comments by Schnabel s famous former students, and concentrates on Schnabel's later years as a master teacher. Con Brio is a musical term meaning spiritual fire, a cornerstone of Schnabel's teaching. The effect of this passion upon both pupil and audience is deeply moving. Schnabel also possessed a special genius to teach what most believe to be unteachable--musicality. Through the power of his dedication and example, he touched thousands during his remarkable life and career." Don Giovanni (2007) Mozart - "Chorus and orchestra of the Zurich Opera House Franz Welser-Most. Production by Sven-Eric Bechtolf." Equality U - "a feature-length documentary following a group of 33 young activist on the Soulforce Equality Ride, a first of it's kind, two-month, cross-country tour to confront anti-gay discrimination policies at 19 conservative religious and military colleges. It is a story of a group of young people struggling to stand up for what they believe is right." Farm Family: In Search of Gay Life In Rural America - "Award winning documentary featured on LOGO TV. Have you seen many stories about Gay people living in rural America? Right.not many are ever told. FARM FAMILY.. In Search of Gay Life in Rural America contains seldom heard voices from gay rural America. Stories that are poignant, funny, frightening and inspiring from men who are almost an invisible part of gay culture. Raised on a dairy farm in the Midwest, the film maker reflects back on his own roots with a look at the lives of gay men living in rural/farm environments. In this unique work, the film maker has traveled to Wisconsin, Wyoming, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and even New York City. The film contains portions from some of the more than 32 interviews that were conducted by men who have chosen to live outside the more familiar gay urban centers. From men raising children, to dairy farmers, to radical faeries, to hermits, and even a visit to an all gay rodeo, the stories are funny, surprising and sometime frightening! This is a far cry from the stereotyped urban gay culture. Informative & poignant." For the Love of Mary - "When Mary Peppertree (Deanna Durbin), a White House telephone operator, breaks her engagement to marry Phillip Manning (Jeffery Lynn), an attorney for the Justice Department, it causes a stir and encourages to new admirers, David (Don Taylor) and Tom (Edmond O'Brien), to pursue her. Mary's romantic entanglements soon become the talk of the White House and even the President of the United States and four Supreme Court justices try to play Cupid for her in this screwball comedy which marked Durbin's final screen appearance. The cinematography by four-time Academy Award nominee William H. Daniels (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) and such songs as "Moonlight Bay" and "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" provide additional distinction." Goodbye Kiss - "Giorgio Pellegrini has been living amongst guerilla fighters in Central America for the past fifteen years. Once a zealous Italian revolutionary, he was forced to flee his homeland after being implicated in a political bombing. Now, weary and war-torn, Giorgio is ready to return to Europe, and make a fresh start, but a plan to clear his name is thwarted by a corrupt police officer in possession of incriminating evidence. Trapped at the officer's mercy, Giorgio finds himself being pulled back into the life he was desperate to leave behind." High Lane AKA: Vertige (Vertical Fear) - "France released, PAL/Region 2 DVD: it WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. You need multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player to view it in USA/Canada: LANGUAGES: French ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), French ( Dolby Digital 5.1 ), English ( Subtitles ), WIDESCREEN (2.35:1), SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary, Interactive Menu, Making Of, Scene Access, Teaser(s), Trailer(s), SYNOPSIS: The teenagers Fred, his girlfriend Karine and their friends Chloe, William and Luke travel to Croatia to climb and hike. They find the starting point closed with rocks but the experienced climber Fred convinces the others, including Luke, has a crush on Chloe and wants to be close to her, to cross the track. As their journey progresses, they realize that the trail is more dangerous than they had first thought: the rope bridge collapses after their crossing. Fred climbs with Karine to help their friends but is wounded in a bear trap. Karine uses a rope to bring help their friends to the top, but they can't find Fred. When Chloe falls in a hole with another trap, they soon realize that their entertainment turns into a fight to survive." Kennedy, Edgar: Rediscovered Comedies of... - "Ten rare comedies from the master of the "slow burn". Mad About Music - "In an attempt to maintain her glamorous image, a famous film actress (Gail Patrick) is forced by her studio to hide her 14-year-daughter (Deanna Durbin) in a Swiss boarding school away from the publicity-hungry press. To keep her real identity secret from the other school girls, she invents a fictitious father, claiming he is a globe-trotting big game hunter. Forced to prove his existence, she tries to coax a friendly composer (Herbert Marshall) on vacation in Switzerland to play along with her ruse. Nominated for 4 Academy Awards including Best Cinematography and Best Music Scoring. Durbin's third feature film features a music score including, "A Serenade to the Stars," "Chapel Bells," and Durbin's rendition of "Ave Maria". Message From Space (1978) - "Where Fantasies are Real & Reality is Fantastic." From the director of Tora Tora Tora and Battle Royal."
Relative Fear AKA Gramps (1995) (PAL) - Andy Griffith as a psycho and John Ritter as his son who's victim to his violent side. Skatetown, USA - "The Rock and Roller Disco Movie of the Year [1979]". Staring: Scott Baio, Patrick Swayze, and Billy Barty and featuring music by Earth, Wind, and Fire and The Jacksons" That Certain Age - "Newspaper publisher Bill Fulerton (John Hliday) offers his guest house to visiting reporter Vincent Bullitt (Melvyn Douglas) who is under a tight deadline to finish and important article and needs a quite place to write. His arrival creates resentment from Fullerton's daughter Alice (Deanna Durbin) and her boyfriend Ken (Jackie Cooper) since they were using the guest house as a rehearsal space for a show and fund raiser for the Boy Scouts. At first Alice tries to drive Vincent away through trickery but then develops a huge crush on him which causes concern for everyone. Billy Wilder an Charles Brackett were co-writers on the screenplay and the movie garnered two Academy Award nominations, including one for the song, "My Own". Three Smart Girls Grow Up - "Penny (Deanna Durbin) has a knack for matchmaking and realizes that her own two sisters Joan (Nan Grey) and Kay (Helen Parrish) could use her help since one of them is in love with the other's boyfriend. In attempting to manipulate the situation so that both sisters end up with the ideal fiancé, Penny only creates further problems until her father is forced to intervene on her behalf. Often noted as Deanna Durbin's first young adult role, this breezy, lighthearted entry is directed by Henry Koster (The Bishop's Wife) and co-stars Robert Cummings and William Lundigan." There's more where that came from, so head in & check out the New Release section today. Happy viewing. mutant