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Theater-going round up for the weekend of 7/16

We begin this weekend's theatrical round up not on an actual weekend day but Monday the 19th at Central Cinema for the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE VHS NIGHT. You'll want to arrive at 7pm with your favorite movie on VHS in hand, then you and your fellow VHS afficionados will vote on which you want to watch, then everyone will bask in its VHS glory, perhaps while enjoying a beer or two. They'll be trivia and other fun VHS tape related activities to participate in with prizes furnished by us truly. For the actual weekend, Central Cinema has the cheertastic BRING IT ON. There's a celebration of Finland on film over at Northwest Film Forum with the FROM THE LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN series, featuring Richard Lefebvre's re-make of Aki Kaurismaki's CALAMARI UNION (we have it for rent in Kaurismaki's director's section). There's also the KILLING KASZTNER, a documentary on the Jewish-Hungarian journalist and lawyer who in 1944 negotiated with Eichmann to save Hungarian Jews, only to be accused of collaborating with the Nazis and assassinated twelve years later. Director Gaylen Ross will be in attendance for the weekend's shows. Our good friends at Grand Illusion Cinema (are you a member yet?) kick off Week One of BALTIMORE CONFIDENTIAL: TWO FILMS BY JOHN WATERS with PINK FLAMINGOS. In the Late Night spot there's the local indie drama WHERE THE AIR IS COOL AND DARK, the story of one man's self-destructive ways set amongst the Olympic Peninsula and to the music by members of The Walkabouts. Lastly, we're all clamoring to see what will hopefully be the first great film of the summer that doesn't make us openly weep--Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and some seriously awesome looking special effects. Allen over at the MacGuffin Film Blog gives an early review here. The first line is "My mind has just been blown." Happy viewing to all.