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New to View: The MacGuffins chat with

In the latest episode of the MacGuffin Podcast, Spencer talks to Laremy from They begin with a discussion on 3-D animated movies, where they admit to a special love for How To Train Your Dragon and pshaw at the idea of Cars 2. Next, in honor of the new-to-theaters Predators, they chat about the resurrection of franchises a decade or so after their last big hurrah. Live Free or Die Hard? Ok. Rambo? That works. Star Wars? Sigh... Blues Brothers 2000? Why?Why?WHY? Lastly, they get into the sticky wicket of guilty pleasures. Many of us at Scarecrow believe that when it comes to film, there's such a thing as a guilty pleasure, but that's a discussion for another day. For now we'll just ask this: How many people have to "like" a movie before it stops being "a film you like everyone hates" and becomes "a movie some people like"? This segment also has the longest discussion of Step It Up 2: The Streets I've ever heard. Confidential to Laremy: That's a cool shirt.