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Theater-going for the weekend of 7/9

Hello and welcome to a solar powered edition of the weekend theatrical events roundup. We begin with our neighbors at GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA. The non-profit, volunteer run theater needs your help to keep the doors open and their impressive range of films like SANTA SANGRE, ROLLING THUNDER and FROM HERE TO ETERNITY screening in glorious 35mm. We highly recommend you become a member of the GI and ensure the future of Seattle's oldest continuously running movie theater. This week at the GI there's the Hungarian avant-garde film JOHANNA and the return of VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL in the Late Night spot. Elsewhere in our sun-drenched city, on Sunday SIFF Cinema wakes up briefly from its well earned summertime hibernation with VICTORY OVER DARKNESS, a documentary about three blind athletes training to compete in the IronMan Trialthlon. Over at Northwest Film Forum there's WOMEN WITHOUT MEN, a profile of four women during Iran's 1953 coup. It's the directorial debut of artist Shirin Neshat and Sara Krajewski, Assistant Curator at the Henry Art Gallery, will be in attendance at Friday's 9pm show to discuss this visually stunning film and Neshat's work. Also this week there's D-TOUR, a documentary following Rouge Wave drummer Pat Spurgeon and his search for a kidney donor while the band heads out on a "D(ialysis) Tour." Pat will be there via Skype for Q & A over the weekend; read more about it over on NWFF's blog Hot Splice. You can cool off down at Central Cinema with SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. We're not alone in thinking it's required viewing for all humans , and seeing it projected on a big screen while enjoying a refreshing beverage is a good way to experience such a classic. If you can't see it at CC, come rent one of the many copies in our Stanley Donen director's section. BadMovieArt returns to Central Cinema on Monday with the lost blaxploitation film PIPE DREAMS starring a presumably Pip-less Gladys Knight and set'll never guess...ALASKA! Lastly, if you're like me and just can't absorb enough summer, head down to Fremont Outdoor Movies on Saturday night and enjoy the timeless GHOSTBUSTERS (it is embarrassing how much I still enjoy the music video). Stay cool and happy viewing to all.