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New to View: MacGuffin Podcast at CRYPTICON: Part Two

Hello again and welcome to Part Two of the MacGuffin Film Podcast's adventures at the horror con known as CRYPTICON (you'll find Part One here). While roaming about the Everett Holiday Inn, Spencer & John (with the awesome Brandi behind the camera) chat with a calvalcade of stars: Amanda Wyss--Freddy Kruger's first victim ever! You may also know her as Beth from Better Off Dead or as Brad (Judge Reinhold)'s girlfriend Lisa from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. She talks about these films as well as the monkey madness of Shakma, which we have for rent up in the Psychotronic room's Nature Gone Amuck section. Andras Jones--You may recognize Andras from Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, The Attic Expeditions with Seth Green, or as the host of the "pop oracle" experience Radio8Ball, which he did at Crypticon with his fellow Nightmare on Elm Street guests and Skyped-in Robert Englund. He's also a local, so you may have just seen him about town...perhaps even here at Scarecrow. Felissa Rose--She was just 13 when she starred in 1983's Sleepaway Camp, and since then she's made her film career home mainly in the horror genre. Her panel accompanying a screening of the film was a highlight of Crypticon. Ernie Hudson--From Oz, The Crow, and yes, Ghostbusters. Note that during Ernie & Spencer's chat, you can see our booth in the background. We're just sad we didn't mosey over and tell Mr. Hudson how much we enjoy Penitentiary II. After all that, Spencer & John pick their DVDs of the week. One's an actually decent remake, one's a classic action movie on Blu-ray. What are they? You'll just have to watch.