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Theater round up for the 4th of July weekend

Hello and happy Independence Day weekend! Scarecrow will be closing at 9pm on Sunday, July 4th so we can all get home before the firework festivities are in full swing. We'll be open our regular 11am-11pm hours on Monday, so stop by if you have a long weekend and are in need of some movies or VIDEO GAMES. If you're also planning on frequenting the cinema this weekend, here are some options: Beware of the undead staggering around Fremont on Saturday with the Fremont Outdoor Cinema's RED, WHITE & DEAD BLOCK PARTY. It's a full day of activities such as the Thriller Dance Workshop (highly recommended if you can carve out some dance space in the crowd), a Fashionably Undead Fashion Show, and the Zombie Walk, where they'll try to break the current record for most zombies marching (A note to participating zombies: Please don't smear fake blood on the windows of local businesses). Once the sun finally goes down around 9:30pm, they'll be screening the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake. Northwest Film Forum has a new 35mm print of PUNISHMENT PARK, Peter Watkins' intense 1971 pseudo-documentary about a group of political radicals who are arrested and given the choice of jail or participating in a "game" that allows police to chase them across the desert. As the trailer states, it's "a controversial and relentless depiction of suppression and brutality." There's all kinds of crazy stuff going on at Central Cinema--BEST WORST MOVIE finishes up this week; on Monday there's another screening of THE ROOM (is it the Rocky Horror of our time?); the FREAKS & GEEKS TV PARTY featuring four episodes as voted on by you (Noshing & Moshing, people!); and then on Thursday there's the Siouxie-sational 120 MINUTES SING ALONG. And what Fourth of July weekend would be complete with a little TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE? It's playing on Friday & Saturday. America! F*** YEAH! Our partners in U-District glory Grand Illusion Cinema has Part Two of the SHADES OF A SCOUNDREL: TWO FILMS OF HUMPHREY BOGART with William Wyler's THE DESPERATE HOURS, where Bogie plays a convicted killer hiding from the law with a suburban family headed by Fredric March. Then in the Late Night spot, the makers of TOKYO GORE POLICE and MACHINE GIRL present VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL. With a title like that, how can you NOT see it? If you're of the ilk that appreciates a film venue that will in the same day play both a Humphrey Bogart movie and an crazy foreign film where two mutant girls engage in bloody conflict, please consider becoming a member of the Grand Illusion Cinema. You may also be using this weekend to catch up on your mainstream movie releases, like the latest installment of the TWILIGHT saga or the five-Kleenex minimum TOY STORY 3. You can do both down at the Columbia City Cinema. We at the Crow wish you all a happy & safe holiday weekend!