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New to View: The MacGuffin crew hangs with Mr. Gruber & experience CRYPTICON

Hello again and welcome to yet another star-studded MacGuffin Podcast round up! The first is a special bonus minisode--and by "bonus" we mean BONUS. While Spencer & John were chatting with the Cinematic Titanic folks, they also snagged an interview with Dave "Gruber" Allen. You may have seen him open for CT during their live show, but all smart TV viewers will recognize him as Mr. Rosso from Freaks & Geeks. The trio's awesome & enjoyably silly conversation touches on such varied subjects as drive-ins, Russell Crowe, Spencer's merits as a boyfriend, Punch Drunk Gruber, casting a live action American Tail movie, and Last Year at Marienbad. Be warned, it starts with major Sex & The City 2 spoilers!

BTW: Today is the double F&G birthday of Busy "Kim Kelly" Philipps & Linda "Lindsay Weir" Cardellini. So you should watch an episode or two.

Next up: Spencer, John & Brandi were also on hand for last weekend's Everett horrorfest CRYPTICON, which we at Scarecrow refer to as our "subterranean mobile commerce adventure." In Part One of their wrap-up, they chat with Fangoria's new editor Chris Alexander and Hellboy/Pan's Labyrinth/Mimic's Doug Jones. Our booth was right across from Mr. Jones at the Con and after watching him interact with fans all weekend, we can say with some certainty that he is a very kind man. Stay tuned as they should have Part Two up soon. Get ready for a conversation with a Ghostbuster!