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Theatrical goings on for the weekend of 6/18

Hello and welcome to this weekend's theater-goin' roundup. Some of us Crowsters will be spending the weekend up in Everett at the CRYPTICON horror fest. Weather being as it has been, we can wear our Freddy sweaters. If you're there, please stop by our booth and say hello. If you're staying within the King County limits, SIFF Cinema will be screening THE BEST OF SIFF 2010 all weekend, including the new Edward Norton film LEAVES OF GRASS and Golden Space Needle winner THE HEDGEHOG. You can also stop by Scarecrow and check out our special SIFF 2010 rental section, where you'll find the early John Lennon biopic NOWHERE BOY, the political thriller documentary MUGABE AND THE WHITE AFRICAN and more. While you're at the store, check out our BADMOVIEART rental section, where amongst the oddities of cinema you'll find TROLL 2, the subject of the film this weekend at Central Cinema: BEST WORST MOVIE. It's a truly intriguing look at the making of a truly ridiculous film; we highly recommend it. We're not even sad the footage they shot here got cut out. Northwest Film Forum is showing THE OATH, a documentary about the inner workings of Al-Qaeda by Laura Poitras (Oscar nominee for MY COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY) and Harmony "Gummo" Korine's latest TRASH HUMPERS (read what Brendan Kiley has to say about it over on SLOG). Korine will be in attendance on Friday for both Opening Night shows. Our friends at Grand Illusion Cinema are showing a brand new 35 mm print of Fred Zinneman's FROM HERE TO ETERNITY starring Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, Montgomery Clift and Donna Reed. In the Late Night spot, there's Alejandro 'Holy Mountain" Jodorowsky's SANTA SANGRE. If you've yet to experience the psychological psychedelia of Jodorowsky's films, you should definitely check this 35mm print on a big screen. Then there's what many of us consider the real first film of the summer--TOY STORY 3. Isn't it great when a G-rated movie has such broad appeal that there are Midnight screenings? Those of us who were there last night recommend that when you see it, bring a childlike sense of wonder and a couple Kleenex. Happy viewing, everyone.