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Awards this weekend and farewell to Conan’s Late Night

It's almost time! THE OSCARS are Sunday, 5pm our time on ABC (or Channel 4 to us locals). You can start your award show fervor the night before with the Independent Spirit Awards--airing on the fancy IFC Channel at 2pm our time then again at 10pm on AMC (so stay off any movie sites if you don't want spoilers). It will be interesting to see who wins Best Female Lead between fellow Oscar nominees Anne Hathaway (Rachel Getting Married) and Melissa Leo (Frozen River), especially with Michelle Williams (for Wendy and Lucy) in the running. The awards are always held under a big tent on the beach and provides a laid back celebration of all things indie, a nice contrast to the pomp and circumstance of the next night's proceedings. Steve Coogan's hosting so you're guaranteed a laugh even if you're favorites don't win. Still don't know what you're doing tomorrow? Check out the list of parties/events in the post below or check at your local watering hole; they may have it on as well. Tonight also marks the last Late Night with Conan O'Brien show before he moves to L.A. and takes over The Tonight Show. Has it really been 16 years? I can sort of remember the ads when he first started, especially one that said something like, "He'll do just fine." MSN has a look back at memorable characters, but for some reason they left out Pimpbot 5000. And where's "Max on Max"? If anyone can find video of that, please let me know. If you're feeling nostalgic for Late Night's past, come in and check out Conan's 5th Anniversary Special and 10th Anniversary Special up in the Comedy TV section. Let us know your last minute award thoughts/feelings and/or Conan memories.