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Welcome New Directors!

join us in welcoming the following folks to the scarecrow directors' section: LUKAS MOODYSSON (Show Me Love), ARTURO RIPSTEIN (Place Without Limits), BELA TARR (Werckmeister Harmonies), ALEKSANDR SOKUROV (Russian Ark), JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET (Amelie), HAN HSIANG LI (Tiger and the Widow), SHUNJI IWAI (All About Lily Chou-Chou), SHINYA TSUKAMOTO (Tetsuo: Iron Man), SERGIO MARTINO (Torso), LUC AND JEAN-PIERRE DARDENNE (Rosetta), CHAN-WOOK PARK (Old Boy), YUEN CHOR (Magic Blade), MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM (24 Hour Party People), and JOE DANTE (Gremlins) additions to the infamous directors' section come every few years, usually starting with the inventory office soliciting suggestions and throwing in some of their own, followed by weeks of increasingly agitated discussion and culminating in a day long meeting of the minds where the merits of each director are debated, often ending in personal attacks on a person's taste and upbringing. this time around, the pain was kept to a minimum; we did it all on paper and tallied up the votes. what does a director need to get a section, you ask? we require he or she to have at least four films on a home video format (we created the WES ANDERSON section on the very day Criterion put out LIFE AQUATIC). After that, all it really takes is someone on staff championing him or her, and getting others on board until everyone's clamoring for it. But you really have to get a lot of people on your side. So, if there is ever a day when the majority of the staff adores Michael Bay, you'll see his films all together in one spot. To make room for our newest auteurs, we had to do a little weeding. PERCY ALDON (Rosalie Goes Shopping), PAUL MAZURSKY (Scenes From A Mall), JOAN MICKLIN SILVER (Loverboy, yes, the one with Patrick Dempsey), ALAN SMITHEE (WADD), and WAYNE WANG (Maid in Manhattan) all had their films tossed out into their respective genres. Smithee is an interesting one, as "he" is not actually a person but the name the Director's Guild used when a director didn't want to put his or her name on a film. Learn more at