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Oscar parties for great causes

[caption id="attachment_390" align="alignnone" width="679" caption=" "] [/caption] THE OSCARS ARE ON SUNDAY! (thanks to Awards Daily for linking to this) Even if it's a forgone conclusion that Slumdog Millionaire will win everything except Heath Ledger's award, host Hugh Jackman's promise of a more "intimate" Oscars will likely make for either a much needed change of pace or a flat out disaster. Either way, you'll want to share the excitment/horror with like-minded folks. Get out your fancy duds and head to one of these fabulous gatherings that all benefit worthy non-profits in our area: --Three Dollar Bill Cinema and Gay City Health Project will be at SoDo Park watching on many big screen TVs, including an eight foot inflatable screen. Expect cool drinks, yummy hors d'oeuvres, door prizes, a mini Hollywood prop & costume museum and much more. --The awesome year round media program for young women Reel Grrls is hosting a viewing party at Central Cinema with dinner, chocolate and champagne along with trivia, clips from award-winning Reel Grrls films, prizes for best dressed & more. --If you're down south, Olympia Film Society is also having a benefit screening at the lovely Capitol Theater. Click on the links for all the party times, VIP and ticket information. If you'll be at work or hosting your own party, follow along on your computer or portable Internet maker with David Schmader and Lindy West at The Stranger as they Live SLOG the proceedings. You've still got plenty of time to come in and rent many of the nominated films so you can speak with authority to your fellow partygoers: "Hmm, well, yes of course Kate Winslet was going to win for her body of work but I really think Melissa Leo gave the better performance this year. Frozen River was remarkable" (nod and sip champagne).