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Theatrical goings-on for the weekend of June 11th

Seattle's yearly theater-going frenzy comes to a close as the SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and SEATTLE'S TRUE INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL wrap up this weekend. SIFF's home stretch includes the highly anticipated Midnight Adrenaline films TICKED-OFF TRANNIES WITH KNIVES and ROBOGESHIA. The fact that Bill Murray plays a "fast-talking funeral home owner" in the Closing Night film GET LOW should be enough pique your interest in seeing it, along with the added bonus of Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, and posh party at the Pan Pacific Hotel. STIFF is closing out with a FREE Late Night Dance Party at the Northwest Film Forum on Friday staring at 11pm. We suggest you attend, as dancing will help shake out all the stiffness in your legs from sitting for so long watching movies--plus, it will be all kinds of crazy fun. They also have a host of shorts & films through the weekend, including Spencer & John's short film A VISITOR IN THE NIGHT, which you can win tickets to over on our Facebook page. Once STIFF is done at NWFF, they're showing Matt Porterfield's HAMILTON, which THE NEW YORKER calls "One of the most original, moving, and accomplished American independent films in recent years," and local filmmaker Linus Phillips' search-for-self road trip BASS ACKWARDS. There's A LOT going on at Central Cinema: another showing of THE ROOM, they "they're all going to laugh at you!" freakiness of CARRIE, Three Dollar Bill Cinema's presentation of WIGSTOCK. But the main attraction is on Thursday, when BadMovieArt hosts a HORROR PROM (insert your own "my prom was a horror!" joke here). Don your prom best and enjoy HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT PART 2 and CARRIE, along with a PROM VIDEO DANCE PARTY (keep your eyes out for buckets of pig's blood). For a peek at the awesome programming Central Cinema has on deck this summer, check out this great trailer--I can't wait for the 120 Minutes sing-along! Your best bet for coming down off your film fest high is over at Grand Illusion Cinema, who are presenting Dennis Nyback's PANORAMA OF THE 20TH CENTURY. Mr. Nyback will be "guiding you through his entertaining, offbeat version of the 20th century" with an eclectic selection of films--too many to go over in this short space, so please check out the GI site for details. Lastly, if you're looking to take in the 80s remake one-two punch of THE KARATE KID or THE A-TEAM this weekend, you can see both at Columbia City Cinema. Enjoy.