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Shutter Island, Curb Your Enthusiasm & more New Releases for 6/8

If you like French films, Peter Sellers, Muppets, Martin Scorsese, Pluto (the planet, not the dog), U2, rock poster art, kids doing kicks, Bobcat Goldthwait, awesome locally made films or fish porn, you'll find plenty to watch in this week's crop of new DVDs. If you don't, well, hey, there's still a ton of titles to choose from. Here's the list, remember that the * means we have it on Blu-ray and you can follow the SALE link to buy it online. SHUTTER ISLAND *—Martin Scorsese's atmospheric, psychological thriller adapted from the novel by Dennis Lehane, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams and Patricia Clarkson. SALE CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: SEASON 7—Larry tries to reunite the cast of Seinfeld and himself with Cheryl in what thankfully won't be the last season. SALE WORD IS OUT: STORIES OF SOME OF OUR LIVES—If you missed its recent run at Grand Illusion Cinema, the groundbreaking 1977 documentary chronicling the gay experience in America now makes its DVD debut. FROM PARIS WITH LOVE *—Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is a by-the-book CIA agent. John Travolta's the grizzled agency veteran. Together, they fight terrorists and make nudge-wink references to at least one other Travolta film in what local critic Sean Axmaker calls his "B-movie of the week." 180 DEGREES SOUTH *—Jeff Johnson retraces the 1968 journey by adventures Yvon Chouinard & Doug Tompkins from California to the treacherous peaks of Patagonia. OCEANS (2008)—The BBC's astonishing nature documentary looks at marine environments all over the globe. The dive team includes Jacques-Yves Cousteau's grandson Philippe. SALE MONTY PYTHON: NOT THE MESSIAH *—A rousing live performance from 2004 of the "baroque & roll" musical inspired by The Life of Brian. DOG CITY: THE MOVIE—Canine noir from The Muppets! CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION—Four of the sleuth's classic cases new on DVD: Dark Alibi, Dangerous Money, The Trap and The Chinese Ring. DIED YOUNG, STAYED PRETTY--Eileen Yaghoobian's documentary about the history of rock music posters and the underground graphic artists who create them. EDDIE IZZARD: STRIPPED—LIVE—New stand-up from the Brit comedian on an import PAL Code 2 DVD. POWER KIDS—We suggest you view this new Thai film as part of your Karate Kid remake weekend. SHINJUKU INCIDENT—Speaking of Karate Kid remake weekend, this new film stars Jackie Chan as a Chinese immigrant looking for work in Japan who gets sucked into the deadly world of the Yakuza. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF LITTLE DIZZLE—Local filmmaker David Russo's film, funded in part by the Northwest Film Forum's Start-To-Finish grant and a hit at last year's Seattle International Film Festival, arrives on a PAL Code 4 DVD. NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Breathless (1959)--Godard in hi-def! Bulletproof Monk Caddyshack Doctor Who: The Next Doctor (2005) A Fistful of Dollars For a Few Dollars More Happy Together--Wong Kar-Wai's film is going to look sooooo good on Blu-ray. SALE Hart's War Institute Benjamenta—This import Blu-ray of the Quay Brothers first feature includes the PAL DVD. Last Flight (2009)—A woman goes searching for her husband who has been lost in the Sahara in this new French film starring Marion Cotillard. Night of Varennes—Ettore Scola's 1982 perid film about a group of travelers who get caught up in the French Revolution, starring Marcello Mastroianni as Casanova & Harvey Keitel as Thomas Paine. FAMILY NEW RELEASES Adventures of Mouse and Mole Vol. 1 Emily of New Moon: Seasons 3 & 4 Ghost Writer: Season 1 Shaun the Sheep: One Giant Leap for Lambkind Wheels on the Bus...and More Musical Stories NEW TV ON DVD Virginian: Season 1 Volumes 1-3 Tales of the Gold Monkey: Complete Series—Read more about this 1982 Raiders of the Lost Ark wannabe series over on Sean Axmaker's blog. Nip/Tuck: Season 6 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Aisha and Rahul (2008)—Canada Beket (2008)(PAL Code 2)—Italy Borderline (2008)—Canada The Deserter (2008)—Canada Enemies of Happiness (2006)(PAL Code 2)—Denmark The Harder They Come (1972, restored & remastered)—Jamaica Kal Ho Naa Ho (2009)—India Last Days of Shishmaref (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Netherlands Little Book of Revenge (2009)—Canada Modern Boy (2009)—Korea Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009)—India Stowaways (1997)—Canada Swaha (2009)—India Twilight (2007)—Canada NEW FROM FRANCE Adieu Philippine (1961)(PAL) Autobus (1991)(PAL) Bad Spelling (2004) Blue Jeans (1958)/Return To School (PAL Code 2) Castaways of Turtle Island (PAL Code 2) Cote D'Orouet (1969)(PAL Code 2) Female Agents (2008) Girl Cut In Two (2007)—directed by Claude Chabrol Je L'Aimais (2009) Locked Out (2006) Maine Ocean (1985)(PAL Code 2) UV (2007) Wanderer (2006) Face (2009)(PAL Code 2), directed by Tsai Ming-Liang, check out a snippet here. NEW FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM Heartless (2009)(PAL Code 2) Sharman: Complete Series (1995)(PAL Code 2) Skins: Series 4 (2009)(PAL Code 2) Small Island (2009) Smoking Room: Series 2 (2006)(PAL Code 2) Wrong Box (1966)(PAL Code 2) St. Trinian's 2: Legend of Fritton's Gold (2009)(PAL Code 2) NEW & PLAYING AT THE SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Agora (2009)(PAL Code 2)—The new film by Alejandro Amenabar Mugabe and The White African (2009)(PAL Code 2)—UK Princess Lillifee (2009)(PAL Code 2) NEW DOCUMENTARIES, MUSIC & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE Amoeba: Aple EP—"Combining an even, fresh soundtrack with museum-caliber images, aple is a must-see for the audiophile, VJ and art collector. For the first time amoeba lays down some of the secrets which he has devised from his coastal studio in the UK, and which have made him part of the international arts scene as both a performer and producer. He is now consistently taking his show around Europe an beyond, recently opening at festivals for One Dot Zero and Kazantip in the Ukraine." Frontline: Behind Taliban Lines—"This past Fall, an Afghan video journalist negotiated extraordinary access to a part of the country that has quietly reverted back to Taliban control. For close to two weeks, the journalist traveled a region that he found was now largely under control of the Taliban shadow government. He also tracked members of an insurgent cell working with members of Al Qaeda on a mission to sabotage a major U.S./NATO supply route. As the new U.S. strategy focuses on the south and eastern parts of the country, this film opens up a window onto a potential new front in the north, and sheds an important light on who's fighting the U.S. efforts in Afghanistan and why." Frontline: The Quake—"On January 12, 2010, Haiti was leveled by one of the most devastating earthquakes in recorded history. Those responsible for handling the catastrophe, including the Haitian state and the United Nations, were crippled by the magnitude of the disaster and struggled to respond. In the confused aftermath, survivors were left without food, water or shelter. Frontline correspondent Martin Smith and team arrived in Port-au-Prince within days, and in this powerful report, bears witness to the disaster and the ill-coordinated relief efforts in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere." Grindstone Redux—"This is an exciting new form of Documentary movie that explores the 1980s Underground Music Network. 10 Artists who made it happen tell the story in their own words. Includes interviews with and videos by: Data-Bank-A, Randy Greif, Mark Lane, Charles Goff III, Jeff Central, Chris Phinney, Curious Voltage, Don Campau, Mikhail Bohonus and Al Margolis." IMAX: Horses-The Story of Equus—"For sixty centuries, we have ridden on the backs of these animals as their strength and willingness changed the course of civilizations across the world. Now, they depend on us for their survival. Horses—The Story of Equus shows why this is a debt we owe the noblest animal of them all." Just Add Spice—"Just Add Spice is a series for parents of children ages 3-6 that teaches how to use positive parenting skills to help children learn healthy habits. Each of the four episodes follows one family as they try to put the SPICE (Structure, Praise, Inspire, Consistency, Enjoy) parenting skills to work on their family's most ingrained unhealthy habits. A leading parenting expert works with each family to set goals and move towards, not only healthier kids, but also a more harmonious family life." Kent State: The Day The War Came Home—"In the span of 13 seconds the Ohio National Guard fired 63 shots that killed 4 students and wounded 9. Kent State: The Day The War Came Home chronicles the events leading up to May 4, 1970. The definitive story is told here for the first time. The haunting photograph of Mary Vecchio poised in anguish over the body of a slain student. The fervor of the wounded student activist still consumed by the need for justice 30 years later. The former Guardsman living with a badge of shame few could imagine. Some choose to forget. Others fight to keep their bitter lessons alive for new generations." My Lai (American Experience)—"The words 'My Lai' are seared into our memories of the Vietnam War, but few know what really happened in the small Vietnamese village on March 16, 1968. Now, drawing on 400 hours of recently discovered audio recordings and new interviews with participants, eye witnesses, and investigators, the complete story can finally be told about one of the most shocking atrocities in modern times-and about lesser-known acts of remarkable courage." Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist—"A film that reveals a rare and fascinating view of the world of laboratory science. Featuring a group of eager students, mentored by Dr. Larry Shapiro, the film follows them along a challenging and uncertain journey toward their PhD degrees." National Geographic: Is It Real?-Vampires—"For most of us, the vampire is a fictional count who became a horror movie icon. But is there more to the legend than fiction? Do the undead actually walk among us? From a self-proclaimed modern-day blood-drinking vampire, to a bishop who claims to have exorcized vampires and demons to experts in anthropology, forensics, folklore and vampirism, Is It Real? Vampires sheds light on why this archetypal image has haunted us for so long." NOVA: The Pluto Files—"Since its discovery in 1930, Pluto has held a warm place in the public imagination. So, when the American Museum of Natural History s Hayden Planetarium stopped calling Pluto a planet, director Neil deGrasse Tyson found himself at the center of a firestorm a firestorm led by angry, Pluto-loving elementary school students. But what is it about this cold, distant rock that captures so many hearts? NOVA joins Tyson as he follows the amazing story of its discovery and the captivating science that surrounds this former planet, including the possibility of finding more Pluto-like planets in the mysterious Kuiper belt an area of icy rocks at the edge of the solar system." We here at Scarecrow remain firmly pro-Pluto. Can you spot the Scarecrow employee in this protest photo? Republica Perdida II—"Documentary that chronicles the period of military dictatorship in Argentina from the coup in 1976 to 1983, chiefly based on clips from newsreels and other archival footage." Secrets of The Dead: Japanese Supersub—Focused on the years just after WWII, "Japanese Supersub investigates Japan's efforts to take submarine technology where it had never gone before, and reveals how close the Japanese came to using the sub for an attack on the U.S." Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days—Interviews with nutritionists, doctors and celebs like Woody Harrelson explore how a raw diet can help treat diabetes. Through A Dog's Eyes—"Through a Dog's Eyes is a film about the human-canine bond as told through the moving stories of service dogs and the people whose lives they have changed." It's narrated by Neil Patrick Harris. Worse Than War—"Worse Than War takes viewers on an extraordinary journey with noted Holocaust scholar Daniel Goldhagen, as he travels to the sites in over eight countries of the worst mass slaughters in the past century. Together we encounter killers, survivors, witnesses, journalists and political leaders whose stories provide powerful insights into why genocides continue to plague our planet. More than 60 years after the Holocaust inspired cries of "Never Again," is it possible for us to prevent genocide and save millions of lives? The film shows us how." U2: 360 Degrees at the Rose Bowl *—"I have climbed highest mountains/I have run through the fields/Only to be with you Only to be with you.." NEW FROM THE WARNER ARCHIVE The Bobo (1967)—"For the minstrel matador Juan Bautista, only one thing holds him back from becoming Spain's most famous singing bullfighter. That "obstacle" is Olimpia, the most beautiful and manipulative woman in all Barcelona... You'll hail Peter Sellers' conquering comedy genius in this fast-paced farce - and be smitten at the comedic charms of his then-wife Britt Ekland, keeping pace as a pampered princess whose foxlike intuition is somehow always overwhelmed by Juan's ridiculous stabs at suavity." Champions: A Love Story (1978)—"Aggressively trained by her no-nonsense mother (Emmy® and Tony Award winner Shirley Knight), teenage singles skater Carrie Harlech (Joy LeDuc) has the talent but lacks the confidence to win. So when her new coach (Tony Lo Bianco) pairs her with a handsome ex-hockey player (James Vincent McNichol), Carrie finds the love and inspiration that will take them to greatness and a shot at the National Championships." Classic Musical Shorts from The Dream Factory—" Go into your dance, burst into song and laugh until it hurts with this astonishing assortment of MGM Theatrical Shorts spanning two decades and showcasing big bands, classic comedians, vaudeville greats and more in an amazing 8+-Hour, 4-Disc Collection of 34 Theatrical Shorts, two discs in fabulous, festive Technicolor." Cracking Up (1982)—"Cracking Up is a crazy quilt of sight gags, one-liners, caricatures, slapstick and quirky vocal mannerisms. In short, it's marvelous mayhem of the kind which has gained Jerry Lewis admirers the world over." Cry Rape (1973)—"Andrea Marcovicci delivers a powerful star turn as a young woman violently raped - and whose life is irreversibly turned inside out by the ensuing legal aftermath - in this hard-hitting Emmy®-nominated drama that was one of television's early attempts to deal with this powerful issue." Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu (1980)—"In his final film, Peter Sellers merrily spoofs one of horror's favorite arch villains. He's deliciously diabolical - and doesn't stop there: he's up to his old multiple-role tricks that worked so hilariously in Dr. Strangelove and The Mouse That Roared, also stiff-upper-lipping it as Fu's unflappable nemesis, Nayland Smith of Scotland Yard." The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (1979)—"The Dr. will see you now. Basketball's Dr. J - Julius Erving - operates on the competition in this hoop-it-up disco-era fantasy about a team on a winning streak when it signs up motley players born under the zodiac's fish sign of Pisces." Friendships, Secrets and Lies (1979)—"Friendships, Secrets and Lies --the ingenious story of former sorority sisters swept into mystery when the demolition of their old house reveals the skeleton of a newborn. Has one of the sisters hidden a terrible secret for 20 years? Soon past and present intertwine, clues pile up and suspicions push friendships to the breaking point." Hot to Trot (1988)—"Want a good stock tip, bud? Just follow Don's advice. Some say he has insider information. Others say he has horse sense...and they're right. The source of Hot to Trot's moneymaking, laugh making data is Don, the talking horse who mouths wisecracks that Francis the Talking Mule and Mr. Ed were never hip enough to say. Here's another hot tip: frenetic funnyman Bob Goldthwait stars as the hapless stockbroker Don saddles up with to sprint along Yuppie's fast track." Last of the Mobile Hot-Shots (1969)—"Based on The Seven Descents of Myrtle, Last of the Mobile Hot-Shots is the 15th Williams work to reach the screen. Sidney Lumet (Network, Dog Day Afternoon) directs this adaptation rich in character and atmosphere. James Coburn, Lynn Redgrave and Robert Hooks star as a raw-edged trio housed in a rundown mansion during an incessant rain - and knotted with racial and sexual animosities." Shattered Innocence (1987)—"A small-town girl with big-city dreams, 18-year-old Pauleen Anderson (Jonna Lee) arrives in Hollywood, where the blue-eyed blonde hopes to launch a high-paying modeling career. Beginning with topless photos but soon making the move into hardcore porn, Pauleen becomes one of the biggest names in the business. But success has its price, as her struggles with guilt, drugs and her family's shame slowly drive the young woman toward the edge." Strange New World (1975)—"Cult icon John Saxon (Enter the Dragon) battles clones, barbarians, beasts and more in this startling sci-fi adventure based on concepts developed by Gene Roddenberry, the visionary creator of Star Trek. After 180 years in a cryogenic freeze, a trio of astronauts returns to Earth, only to find giant asteroids have devastated the planet. Roaming across America's vast wastelands, they encounter weird new cities, strange civilizations and bizarre descendants of Earth's distant past." Terror in The Mall (1998)—" A peaceful shopping center becomes an underwater deathtrap in this nerve-shattering thrill-ride starring Ron Estes (Silk Stalkings, 90210), David Soul (Starsky and Hutch, The Hanoi Hilton) and Angeline Ball (The Commitments)." Which Way To The Front? (1970)—"Comedy legend Jerry Lewis stars as Brendan, puncturing war's lunacy by being even loonier. He's heavily armed with his trademark physical buffoonery, dizzying pace and solid support from comedy pros like Jan Murray, Steve Franken and the incomparable Kaye Ballard. Which way to uncontrollable laughter? This way, of course." Zuma Beach (1978)—"Suzanne Somers rocks the blues away in this sunny seaside adventure..." ...AND MORE MOVIES Confessions of a Police Captain/Summertime Killer—A 70's Euro-crime double feature! Confessions stars Franco Nero, while Summertime Killer features Karl Malden, Christopher Mitchum and Olivia Hussey. Cry of the Owl (2009)—"Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr. Ripley), a young woman becomes inexplicably attracted to a man who is stalking her. When her boyfriend goes missing, the stalker is the immediate suspect, until a game of jealousy and betrayal turns deadly." It stars Julia Stiles and Paddy Considine. Florida Enchantment—"Lillian Travers, a New York heiress, pops down to Florida to surprise her fiance, Fred Cassadene, the house doctor at a prominent Saint Augustine hotel. The surprise, however, is Lillian's when she finds Fred in a series of compromising situations with a certain wealthy widow staying there. When she can take no more, Lillian discovers a box forgotten at an old curiosity shop in which lies a hundred year old secret: a vial of four rare and exotic African seeds that promises to transform whoever swallows one from a woman to a man or vice versa." This 1914 silent film stars Sidney Drew, Edith Storey and Jane Morrow. Hustle & Fish—"Fulfilling Steve's lifelong dream of getting paid to fish should be simple. Make a fishing movie, fish, sell the movie, fish, make loads of money and fish...but will anyone want to buy a hilarious movie about fishing? Will Steve get to go on the epic fishing adventure of his dreams? Hustle & Fish is a one-of-a-kind experience, featuring breathtaking cinematography, high stakes adventure, gut-busting humor, big fish, bears, sharks, wolves, crazy characters and tons of fish porn!" Jackie Chan & The Karate Kids—Not one, not five, but EIGHT films with kicking youngsters and Mr. Chan. This is the way you really want to prepare for Karate Kid remake weekend. The set contains Young Dragons: Kung Fu Kids (1986), Young Dragons: Kung Fu Kids 2 (1987), Kung Fu Kids (aka Little Rascals of Kung Fu)(1980), Incredible Karate Kids (1988), Killer Meteors (1976), Old Master (1979), Kung Fu Cook (1979), and Jackie Chan: The Invincible Fighter (1989). Monster and The Ape (1946)—"A thrilling 15 chapter serial of a mechanical monster GONE MAD!" Stigma (1972)—"Dr. Calvin Crosse (Philip M. Thomas) is a doctor just out of medical school, and he has moved to a small New England town to set up a medical practice. He's black, however, and the townspeople are pretty bigoted. Things don't look too good. The sheriff (Peter H. Clue) of the town started a whole wave of trouble when he infected his wife, long ago, with syphilis. The disease spread to their unborn daughter. Now grown, and very contagious, the daughter (Josie Johnson) has been having group sex with the town's young people in order to pay the old man back for his crimes. The doctor has to treat her victims and track down the disease's source. Vietnam Veteran Bill Waco (Harlan Cary Poe) assists him in this." Toe to Toe (2009)—"Toe to Toe tells the story of the friendship and rivalry between lacrosse mates Tosha and Jesse, two senior girls at a competitive Washington, D.C. prep school. Tosha is an African American scholarship student from Anacostia, one of Washington`s poorest areas, while Jesse is a troubled and promiscuous white girl from the ritzy suburbs of Maryland. The two forge a close and genuine bond on the field, but their friendship unravels as they navigate through race and class related obstacles. When Jesse and Tosha discover that they've both been dating the same boy, the conflict becomes explosive." Vanity Fair (1915)—A silent film adaptation of Thackeray's novel, starring Helen Gardner, Rose Tapley and Harry Northrup. War Boys—"Home from his freshman year of college, David is reunited with his childhood buddies Greg and George - the War Boys are together again. They used to sit in their pick up truck on the US-Mexican border waiting to chase illegal immigrants across the wasteland just for fun. Now the boys hijack a semi hoping to sell what they think are black market televisions and make a quick buck. Meanwhile new feelings and relationships are forming between them, their family and friends and when the contents of the semi prove to be more sinister than they had thought, the young vigilantes begin to realize that they are as helpless as the immigrants they once chased across the border." Aids Jaago—"Under the auspices of Mirabai Films and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the AIDS Jaago Project presents four short dramatic films by cutting-edge Indian directors Mira Nair, Vishal Bhardwaj, Santosh Sivan, and Farhan Akhtar that aim to dismantle myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS." If you can believe it, there's even more here at the store, so stop by and browse the New Release section. Happy viewing.