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"A Visitor in the Night" at STIFF and more New To View MacGuffin Podcasts

You've heard friends-of-the-store Spencer Fornaciari and John Portanova chat about movies on the MacGuffin Podcast, but were you aware they're filmmakers themselves? Their short film A VISITOR IN THE NIGHT is part of the lineup of the SEATTLE'S TRUE INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL. It comes with the ominous-sounding synopsis, "A man finds himself trapped in his home with a mysterious stranger." Here's the trailer: STIFF starts Friday, June 4th with short films, features and events at Central Cinema, the Rendezvous's Jewelbox Theater and Northwest Film Forum. A VISITOR IN THE NIGHT is showing on Friday, June 11th at 7pm at NWFF and Sunday, June 13th at 4pm at the Rendezvous--click here for details. There's also two new MacGuffin Podcasts for us to catch up with. In Episode 43--FROM BAD TO WORSE--Spencer welcomes back John from his hiatus (aka "getting married!) and they discuss the movies from Saturday Night Live, consider video game based movies, and give their DVD picks of the week. John goes with the haunting film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel THE ROAD starring Viggo Mortensen, while Spencer goes with MYSTERY TEAM starring the maybe-Spider-Man Donald Glover. In Episode 44--A HISTORY OF SUCCESS--Spencer is joined once again by guest host Brandi Sperry for a discussion about Judd Apatow's work in advance of the release of Get Him to the Greek, (which opens today) they reflect on the careers of Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, and give their DVD picks of the week. Brandi goes with the Special Edition of Lucio Fulci's CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD. Spencer goes with the opposite end of the spectrum, the new David Atttenborough BBC nature documentary LIFE. Congratulations to Spencer & John on their film--we look forward to having A VISITOR IN THE DARK and more of their work on our shelves!