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New Permanent Live Action Manga Section!

AW JEAH more work done in the Animation room!! I am super excited (again, still!) to announce that anything live action based on a manga series is now up in the Animation room! not too different from the comic section, it only made sense that so many Japanese (and a few H.K.) movies should be moved up there to be with it's anime and comix counterparts!

one of my recent favorites based on a manga is Love*Com! Short for "Lovely Complex" the tallest girl in school ends up liking the shortest boy in school. totally embarrassing! but also totally hilarious! I was so impressed by the movie's colorful cinematography and the incredible wardrobe all the kids wore. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a laugh, a cute "hate-turns-into-love" story, and maybe some inspiration for a new outfit (she never has the same hairstyle twice!!).

NANA!!!! the creator of this manga is one of my favorites! All her mangas I've read are beautiful and so fashionable, I almost get jealous. The actress they have playing punk rock Nana is uncanny to the manga. I am a big fan of this series! Nana entails two girls by the same name who are from completely different worlds but end up rooming together (destiny!!!). Nana O wants to be in a band and sing her heart out. the other Nana is a hopeless romantic who is trying to figure out what to do with her life. This is an awesome series, if you can't pick up the manga, check out the movie(s) that stay true to them! Did you know the Lone Wolf and Cub series is based on a manga? as well as Shogun Assassin? Look, not only do you get to rent awesome movies, you are learning at the same time! Check out the new section, right after manga and right before kid's anime! Hooray!