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Oscar nominations–Part II

How many people nominated for an Oscar last Thursday can you spot in this video?* If you answered two, Josh Brolin and Melissa Leo, you're correct! Mr. Brolin (who also has the distinction of being the only Goonie nominated for an Oscar) is up for Best Supporting Actor for Milk, though he would have also been deserving for Best Actor in W. Melissa Leo was nominated for her remarkable performance as a single mother who takes desperate measures to provide for her sons in Frozen River. It's too bad she's up against Kate Winslet; in any other year she could have given the pack a run for their money. Frozen River will be out on DVD on February 10th so you can see for yourself. W. comes out that day as well, by then there will be enough distance between us and the former administration that you'll be able to watch with minimal nausea. Brolin really does an amazing job in the film--it can't be easy to make Bush a sympathetic character. With The Dark Knight out of the running for Best Picture, I can put my full cheering force behind Milk. I can't even think of another film that makes me cry during no less than three separate scenes and leaves me excited to see it again. I won't get my hopes up, though. Right now it looks like Slumdog Millionaire will be the big winner. I can understand that, it has both kinds of tragedy and triumph that the Academy loves. I'll be happy for it to win, but would really freak out if Milk managed to trump it. Much of Milk's success in transcending the standard issue biopic lies in Sean Penn. I would have bet anything on him winning until I saw The Wrestler. Now it's impossible for me to pick. In my head it's dead even. We'll see what happens at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards... While waiting for Milk and The Wrestler to arrive on DVD, check out the Academy Award winning documentary The Times of Harvey Milk up in the Gay/Lesbian section and Beyond the Mat under Wrestling in the Sports section. That's all for now. We'll report back once we can figure out what's going on with Bruce Springsteen not being nominated for his Golden Globe winning song in The Wrestler.