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Theater-going roundup for 5/28

Hello and welcome to the theatrical round up for this Memorial Day weekend. If you're not picking up movies at Scarecrow--we're open regular hours all weekend including Monday--or out at Sasquatch or grooving at Folklife, there's plenty of excellent movie outings around town. The SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL runs full speed ahead into its second week--there's too much good stuff to cover here (CANE TOADS in 3-D!) so head over to their site for the schedule & film details. Northwest Film Forum is paying tribute to the late Malcolm McLaren with the Sex Pistols rock/mockumentary THE GREAT ROCK 'N' ROLL SWINDLE. On Tuesday, June 1st, they're showing THE BEST OF THE 48-HOUR FILM PROJECT, the annual competition that gives filmmakers two days to make a movie that's under ten minutes long. Sixty-five teams competed in this years competition, and the winners will be announced at this screening. It will be a regular Dude Fest down at Central Cinema with THE BIG LEBOWSKI, frequently cited as one of maybe five films everyone on staff agrees is fantastic. Central Cinema is also celebrating their 5th Anniversary on Thursday, June 3rd with a FREE event full of movie trailers, short films and music videos. Congratulations to all at CC and thanks for five great years of drinking & watching! Our pals at Grand Illusion Cinema have PROMISED LANDS, Susan Sontag's 1974 documentary examining the Arab-Israeli conflict and the divisions over Palestinian sovereignty filmed during the last days of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The 80s cinematic oddity FORBIDDEN ZONE makes a return appearance in the Late Night spot. Lastly, if you're still up for seeing SEX AND THE THE CITY 2, we suggest you do so at a Columbia City Cinema. Have a safe & wonderful weekend and happy viewing to all.