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THE ROAD & more New Releases for May 25th

There's another bumper crop of new DVDs in this week at Scarecrow, including sports documentaries from ESPN's 30 for 30 series; foreign films spanning the globe from Sri Lanka to Korea to Colombia to the UK and many places in between; the continuing drama of some Louisiana vampires; an Internet sensation and an American classic on Blu-ray; plus an unusually large amount of docs. about climbing Mt. Everest. Here's the list and your usual heads up that a * means we also have it on Blu-ray and you can buy it online by clicking on SALE. THE ROAD—"Do you carry the fire?" SALE DEAR JOHN—Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum are young people in love who trade letters across space and time in Lasse Hallstrom's film based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. TRUE BLOOD: SEASON 2 * —Another season of southern fried vampire camp with Sookie & friends. SALE DAVID CROSS: BIGGER AND BLACKERER—The star of Mr. Show and Arrested Development gets his laugh on over two shows filmed at Boston's Wilbur Theatre. MYSTERY TEAM—The Internet comedy team Derrick Comedy (which includes Donald Glover from Community) new film about a group grown up kid-detective looking rid the world of sex, crime and swear words. CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD *—A newly remastered Special Edition of Lucio Fulci's "hallucinogenic masterpiece of horror." THE OWL AND THE SPARROW—The critically acclaimed Vietnamese drama about a runaway orphan trying her hand at matchmaking on the streets of Saigon. EDEN IS WEST (2009)(PAL Code 2)—A man flees his poverty stricken family for the hope of a better life and ends up on a wondrous journey across Europe in the latest film by director Costa-Gavras. ALL MY FRIENDS ARE FUNERAL SINGERS—A supernatural dramedy about a fortune teller and the collection of ghosts who share her home and help her business. BY BRAKHAGE: AN ANTHOLOGY, VOLUME 2 *—The Criterion Collection presents 30 more short films by the experimental film pioneer spanning from the 1950s through his final work in 2003. Volumes 1 & 2 are also now available together on Blu-ray. SALE STAGECOACH *—The seminal John Ford/John Wayne western is now available from The Criterion Collection. Read what our colleague Sean Axmaker has to say over on his site. NEW BLU-RAY: FORMAT OF THE FUTURE Django Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Limits of Control Returner Seven Swords Spartacus (50th Anniversary Edition) ANIME NEW RELEASES Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 1 Eps. 1-13 Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Sea. 2 Part 2 FAMILY NEW RELEASES Bill Nye The Science Guy: Forensics Bill Nye The Science Guy: Garbage Bill Nye The Science Guy: Measurements Bill Nye The Science Guy: Momentum Bill Nye The Science Guy: Nutrition Bill Nye The Science Guy: Pseudoscience Bill Nye The Science Guy: The Science of Music Eyewitness: Dinosaurs Eyewitness: Planets NEW TV ON DVD George Gently: Series 2 Manhunt (1970): Complete Series Royal Pains: Season 1 Waiting For God: Season 5 Leverage: Season 2 NEW IMPORTS & FOREIGN FILMS Another World (2004)(PAL Code 2)—France The Ape (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Sweden Amor Idiota (2005)—Spain At The End of Daybreak * (2009)—Malaysia Attack The Gas Station 2 (2010) (Code 3)—Korea Christine (1958)(PAL Code 2 & 4)—France Dance Subaru! (2009)(Code 3)—Japan Deutschland 09 (2009)(PAL)—Germany Fire of Conscience * (2009)—Hong Kong Gokusen: The Movie (2009)(Code 3)—Japan Goth (2008)—Japan (Japanese horror) Hilito de Sangre (1990)—Mexico History of Scotland (2010)(PAL Code 2)—Scotland Image of Death (2009)(PAL Code 2)—Euro-horror Ishqiya (2010)—India Jermal (2010)—Indonesia Kada Kien Su Karma (2007)—Mexico Karmma, El Peso De Tus Actos (2005)—Colombia L'Eroe Dei Due Mondi (2001)(PAL Code 2)—Italy Loss of Teardrop Diamond (2009)(PAL Code 2)—USA Machan (2008)(PAL Code 2)—Sri Lanka Merry-Go-Round (1973)(PAL)—France, directed by Jacques Rivette Most Distant Course (2008)—Taiwan Murderer (2009)(Code 3)—Hong Kong New Town Killers (2009)—Scotland No Mercy (2010)(Code 3)—Korea Party's Over (1980)(PAL & Blu-ray)—UK Peep Show: Series 6 (2008)(PAL Code 2)—UK Pleasure Girls (1965)(PAL & Blu-ray)—UK Por Un Polvo (2008)—Venezuela Posse From Hell (1961)(PAL Code 4)—USA Rain Fall (2009)—Japan Secret Friends (2001)(PAL Code 2)—UK Scary True Stories from the Japanese Underground (1991)—Japan Shameless: Series 6 & 7 (PAL Code 2)—UK True Legend (2009)(Yuen Woo Ping)—Hong Kong Unloved (2009)(PAL Code 2)—UK Veer (2010)—India Vincent, Francois, Paul Et Les Autre (PAL Code 2)—France Who Dares Wins (1982) (PAL & Blu-ray)—UK Yesterday Girl (1966)—Germany Read Sean Axmaker's review over on Turner Classic Movies. World On A Wire (1973)(PAL Code 2)—Germany, directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder NEW & PLAYING AT THE SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Nowhere Boy (2009)(PAL Code 2)--The early days of John Lennon. Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (2009) (PAL Code 2)--With Andy Serkis as Ian Dury... NEW DOCUMENTARIES, ART, MUSIC & OTHER NON-FICTION FARE Backpacking Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide—All you need to know to survive in the great outdoors, like how to cook outside, what kind of sleeping bag to get, and how to hike in comfort. Basic First Aid—"This program details everything you need to be an effective first responder to individuals suffering from slips and falls, car accidents, cuts and bruises, head trauma, cardiac arrest or blocked airways." A Bit of Scarlet—"A Bit of Scarlet excavates clips from Britain's cinema archives to create a moving and humorous testament to the closeted gay and lesbian images from filmmaking's earliest days. Following gay characters as they go from being the butt of jokes to full-blown leading characters, Weiss has captured a playful, occasionally melodramatic, insight into on-screen queer representation. With Ian McKellen as narrator and witty graphics to introduce each theme, A Bit of Scarlet reveals to what lengths the film industry went to include and yet ridicule gay characters. Both well-known portraits - like John Hurt's performance in The Naked Civil Servant and Dirk Bogarde in Victim- and many more obscure finds, make for a telling post-modern look at British queer cinema." Brave New Womb—"The midwifery model of birth and pre-natal care is re-examined here in an attempt to create happier, healthier babies." Bing Crosby: The Television Specials Volume One—" From 1954 to 1977, beloved crooner Bing Crosby starred in 30 eagerly anticipated, highly rated television specials. Often the highlight of the entire season, the programs showcased him in the company of the top stars of the day. Included in this premiere, two-disc collection are Bing's debut special from January 3, 1954, featuring Jack Benny; the landmark September 29, 1959 show for Oldsmobile, with Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong; the May 14, 1962 special, with Road comedies co-star Bob Hope, Edie Adams, Gary Crosby and the Smothers Brothers; and the April 13, 1970 show, Cooling It, with Dean Martin, Bernadette Peters and Flip Wilson. These treasured programs have been meticulously restored from the original film and videotape sources, and are presented with all the original performances intact." Elite Forces—"Take an exclusive look inside the U.S. military's classified special forces units of the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines. See the action of the combat zone up-close. Meet the pilots & crew of the famed Blue Angels & Air Force Thunderbirds, see what it takes to become part of the Navy's bomb squad, watch real-life combat operations and test your nerves by following soldiers into ambushes, patrols, and nighttime raids." Fire Below Us: Remembering Mount St. Helens—"This digitally mastered special edition DVD dramatic documentary recounts the story of the May 18, 1980 eruption of Oregon's Mount St. Helens. Spectacular devastation footage and dramatic re-enactments put you in the center of en erupting volcano's awesome fury. Experience the stories of survival and faith from those who lived to tell of this unforgettable event. Featuring filmmaker Michel Lienau' personal story of survival, from his rescue out of the blast zone through his journey to understand the lesson of Mount St. Helens." Flamenco From A to Z—"Explore the beautiful world, music and culture of Flamenco step by step, from A to Z with this entertaining program that provides great insights into its dancing, singing and feeling. With illustrated definitions, interviews and archive pictures." Globe Trekker: South America—"Explore the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, visit the glaciers of Patagonia, scale volcanoes, wander through the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu and the Lost City of the Tayrona, trek to Angel Falls or tango till dawn in Buenos Aires - Globe Trekker's South America DVD box set offers all these experiences and more!" We have each disc available for rent separately by country: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile & Easter Island, Ecuador & The Galapagos Islands, Peru, and Venezuela. Hollywood Ghost Stories—A clip show of supernatural thrillers such as The Omen, Poltergeist and The Exorcist along with real life spook tales from Hollywood. Hollywood Uncensored—"Hollywood Uncensored unearths everything we always wanted to see-but weren't allowed to. Co-hosts Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Peter Fonda take us on a provocative and fascinating voyage through the history of Hollywood censorship: from highly exploitative scenes of Shirley Temple playing a Mae West-like seductress to the steamy sexuality of Carroll Baker in Baby Doll, from shocking scenes of an ape gone wild in King Kong to the powerful and disturbing violence of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver." Icons Among Us: Jazz in the Present Tense—"Directed by Michael Rivoira, Lars Larson and Peter J. Vogt, Icons Among Us examines the jazz music scene today by focusing the spotlight on many current jazz icons including Terence Blanchard, Ravi Coltrane, Robert Glasper, Nicholas Payton, Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Donald Harrison Jr., Anat Cohen, Esperanza Spalding, and Medeski Martin and Wood. The film also features the legendary predecessors and influences of today s contemporary jazz stars, including Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Wynton Marsalis." Jin: Making of a Rap Star—"Everyone wants to become a star. Some individuals are blessed with the opportunity, while others strive relentlessly to reach that pinnacle. Follow Jin as he launches from total obscurity to international stardom, where he battles more than onstage encounters with opposing mcs. Go behind the scenes to see what really goes on in the life of Jin as he sets out to dominate the music world as a Ruff Ryder artist." Lady Gaga: Glastonbury Festival 2009—Her performance at Glastonbury as shown on BBC3. Includes "Paparazzi," "Poker Face" and the world famous bubble outfit. Liquid Vinyl"Liquid Vinyl brings together the DJs, the people behind the scene and the dancers from the floor that all ultimately share in the magic of the music. It s not just about glow sticks and the grinding beat, but a whole culture defined by their love of dance music and an artist that can take a box full of records, mix them together and literally spin the dancer into oblivion." My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story—"My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story explores the unique relationship between people and their beloved pets through candid interviews with notable dog lovers. Viewers are offered an intimate glimpse into the lives of these actors and musicians, authors and designers through the aspect of their lives that unites them all: the profound connection they have with their dogs." National Geographic: American Serengeti—"America's Great Plains were once a vibrant grassland ecosystem, akin to the great savannahs of Africa. Here, a mere 200 years ago, Lewis and Clark stepped onto this fertile landscape and were awestruck by what they saw herds of bison, packs of wolves, grizzly bears, prairie dogs and more. Since Lewis and Clark s time, many of these iconic prairie creatures have all but disappeared. Now, one of the most ambitious conservation projects in American history is underway to create a thriving three million acre wildlife reserve that will restore America's Serengeti" Other Side of AIDS—"Take an unflinching look into an issue the mainstream media doesn t dare touch: the failure of the multi billion-dollar war on AIDS. The Other Side of AIDS gives voice to a growing movement of doctors, scientists, journalists, and HIV positives who reveal a tangled web of conflicts of interest, political correctness and unresolved errors surrounding AIDS." Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders & The Family—"The dramatic experiences of four families whose lives have been impacted by eating disorders." Narrated by Lauren Hutton. Preservation Hall Jazz Band: Night in New Orleans—" For the first time ever, New Orleans' most famous performing ensemble is televised from its home in the French Quarter. This program re-creates the experience of hearing the band at Preservation Hall, from tossing a $5 bill into the straw basket at the entrance, to sitting on the floor surrounded by music lovers from all over the world who have made the pilgrimage to this legendary venue." Pulling John—"John Brzenk is consumed by one question. A living legend in a sport he helped popularize, Brzenk has gone 25 years as the undefeated armwrestling world champion. At 40, he is torn as to whether he should retire while he is still on top or succumb to the inevitable, a loss to a new champion. Having traveled to over 120 countries over the course of his legendary 25 year career he has unrelentingly pursued the best competitors the world over and has beat them all. Pulling John, a feature length verite documentary shot over four years witnesses the mythical world of armwrestling where 2 titans battle in pursuit of a living god." Sailing The World Alone—"Every four years a few hardy sailors undertake the longest yacht race... to circumnavigate the globe single-handed. Twenty skippers from seven nations cross the starting line outside Charleston Harbor in September, 1994 to begin the 27,000 mile adventure of a lifetime. Before the winner crosses the finish line eight months later, two boats sink, one runs aground and another is lost at sea. This is the story of how the survivors tackle disaster and celebrate success. Narrated by Hal Holbrook." Scandals of the Ancient World—" In a centuries-long romp through sex, drugs, celebrity scandals, military mishaps, and murders, this show is the Vanity Fair of the Ancient World. New technology, recently discovered writings and fresh theories will explain once and for all the how and why behind the most salacious events of ancient civilizations, through the use of stylized dramatizations and active on site interviews. Scandals of the Ancient World will highlight topics that you won't find in the typical "how the pyramids were built" program. This isn't your father's Egypt." Unsolved History: KAL-007—"September 1, 1983 a Korean Airlines 747, carrying 269 people, is shot down while flying through Soviet airspace. Everyone on board is killed, including 61 Americans... The Soviets claim the plane was on a spy mission and that their actions were justified. The United States insists that Russia fired without provocation. Join the Unsolved History team as they launch a new investigation into this tragedy, using technology and forensic science not available 20 years ago." Visual Acoustics: Modernism of Julius Shulman—"Narrated by Dustin Hoffman, Visual Acoustics celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman, the world s greatest architectural photographer, whose images brought modern architecture to the American mainstream. Shulman captured the work of nearly every major modern and progressive architect since the 1930s including Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, John Lautner and Frank Gehry. His images epitomized the singular beauty of Southern California s modernist movement and brought its iconic structures to the attention of the general public. This unique film is both a testament to the evolution of modern architecture and a joyful portrait of the magnetic, whip-smart gentleman who chronicled it with his unforgettable images." Waveriders—" Featuring renowned surfers including world champion Kelly Slater, Kevin Naughton, and the Malloy brothers, Waveriders explores surfing s legendary Irish roots and its surprising influence on today s worldwide surf phenomenon. In this remarkable and awe-inspiring film, writer/director Joel Conroy offers a unique take on the origins of modern surf culture." Andrew Weil: 8 Weeks to Optimum Health/ Eating Well for Optimum Health—Helpfuly & healthy tips from the wise doctor with the awesome beard. Wild Russia—A two-disc Animal Planet documentary focusing on the different regions of such a vast country and the wonderful creatures that inhabit the landscape. NEW FROM ESPN's 30 FOR 30 DOCUMENTARY SERIES Band That Wouldn't Die—"Academy Award-winning filmmaker Barry Levinson (Rain Man, The Natural), himself a long-standing Baltimore Colts' fanatic, probes the changing relationship of sports to community and tells the story of the city's loss through the eyes of the Baltimore Colt's Marching Band. For the 12 years that the city was without an NFL team, the band continued to play, acting as musical ambassadors for the city, keeping football alive until the NFL returned." Guru of Go—"Oscar-winning director Bill Couturié will tell a fast-paced and emotionally moving story of innovation, triumph and tragedy" with the story of NBA star Paul Westhead. King's Ransom—"On August 9, 1988, the NHL was forever changed with the single stroke of a pen. The Edmonton Oilers, fresh off their fourth Stanley Cup victory in five years, signed a deal and exported Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian national treasure and the greatest hockey player ever to play the game, to the Los Angeles Kings in a multi-player, multi-million dollar deal... Acclaimed director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom) presents the captivating story of the trade that knocked the wind out of an entire country, and placed a star-studded city right at the humble feet of a 27-year-old kid, known simply as "The Great One." Legend of Jimmy The Greek—" The NFL Today on CBS was one of the preeminent sports programs on television in the early 1980s. It was a perfect combination of reporting, analysis, predictions, humor and talent. But there was no personality on the show more popular than Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder... From his rise to respectability to his tragic demise, Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Fritz Mitchell takes a uniquely personal look at Jimmy's life." Muhammad and Larry—"In October of 1980, Muhammad Ali was preparing to fight for an unprecedented fourth heavyweight title against his friend and former sparring partner, Larry Holmes. To say that Ai was in the twilight of his career would be generous - most of his admiring fans, friends and fight scribes considered his bravado delusional. In the weeks of training before the fight, documentarians Albert and David Maysles took an intimate look at Ali trying to convince the world, and perhaps himself, that he was still "The Greatest." No Crossover: Trial of Allen Iverson—"On Valentine's Day 1993, 17-year-old Bethel High School basketball star Allen Iverson was bowling in Hampton, Va., with five high school friends. It was supposed to be an ordinary evening, but it became a night that defined Iverson's young life. Oscar nominee Steve James (Hoop Dreams) returns to his hometown of Hampton, where he once played basketball, to take a personal look at this still disputed incident and examine its impact on Iverson and the shared community." Small Potatoes—" In 1983, the upstart United States Football League (USFL) had the audacity to challenge the almighty NFL, signing three straight Heisman Trophy winners and future NFL stars Steve Young, Reggie White and Doug Flutie. In its inaugural season, the 12-team league played before crowds that averaged 25,000 and garnered respectable TV ratings, winning over new fans with its aura of fun and flamboyance... Now, almost a quarter of a century later, Academy Award-nominated and Peabody Award-winning director Mike Tollin, a former USFL employee, showcases the remarkable influence of those three years on football history and attempts to answer the question, "Who Killed the USFL?" Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks—" Reggie Miller single-handedly crushed the heart of Knick fans multiple times...Through thrilling highlights and engaging interviews with Miller, his sister Cheryl, Spike Lee, Patrick Ewing and many others, Peabody Award-winning director Dan Klores uses humor and wit to capture the intensity of a rivalry between two cities.." Without Bias—"When rising superstar Len Bias dropped dead two days after being selected as the second overall pick in the 1986 NBA Draft, he forever altered our perception of casual drug use and became the tipping point of America's drug crisis in the mid-80s... More than two decades later, his tragic death still leaves more questions than answers. In the most ambitious, comprehensive and uncompromising account of Bias' life and death ever captured on film, up-and-coming director Kirk Fraser interviews Bias' closest teammates, friends and family in an effort to determine exactly what happened on that fateful night." SPOTLIGHT ON MOUNTAIN CLIMBING DOCS Americans on Everest—" Narrated by Orson Welles, this classic documentary includes the first motion pictures ever taken from Everest's summit by the first Americans to scale the dangerous west ridge. The viewer is a privileged witness to one of the greatest adventures of our time." Everest North Wall—"Join the American China-Everest 1982 Expedition as 16 men and one woman attempt an unclimbed north face route. Members include Marty Hoey, Dave Mahre, Jim Wickwire and leader Lou Whittaker. Hoey, who had hoped to become the first American woman to stand on top of Mt. Everest, falls to her death in a freak accident, just 1500 feet from the summit. With original music composed by Alan Hovhaness, the film captures the exhilaration and the dangers of living life on the edge. Everest North Wall is an engrossing stroy that embraces the human spirit." Narrated by Robert Redford. Hard Rock/Hard Plastic—"Exploding the myths that shroud extreme gritstone climbing, Hard Grit includes some of the most terrifying climbing scenes ever captured." Karakoram—" Travel to Nepal on a trek with America's outstanding professional climbers as they battle the elements amongst the world's highest and most remote mountain peaks. Lou and Jim Whittaker lead this expedition in the Karakoram range in an effort to reach the summit of K2, sister peak to Mount Everest." Three Flags Over Everest—"This exhilarating documentary covers the record breaking expedition of the 1990 Mt. Everest International Peace Climb. The team includes climbers from China, the Soviet Union and the United States led by Jim Whittaker, the first American to have reached the summit of the mountain in 1963." Winds of Everest—"In 1984, an American China - Everest Expedition returns to the treacherous north face of the world's highest mountain. The climbing team includes Jim Wickwire, Phil Ershler and John Roskelley, led by Lou Whittaker, the dean of American climbers. Journey with them through Tibet and follow them up the perilous mountain and share their triumph when a single team member, Phil Ershler, stands on top of the world." ...AND MORE MOVIES Babysitter Wanted—"Angie applies for a babysitting job and finds herself on a remote farm before the Stanton family and their little boy, Sam. But Angie's first night of work might just be her last when she must fight for her life to protect herself and the child. But is everything as it seems? Babysitter Wanted turns the classic "babysitter in peril" horror story absolutely on its head. Suspenseful, funny, gory and defying expectations every step of the way, this is one of the most enjoyable and critically acclaimed rollercoaster rides in recent horror cinema history." Butterfly Dreaming—A psychological thriller about a man's anxious dreams about his recently deceased wife that follow him into his waking life from writer/director Rufus Williams. Capone's Boys—"America, often seen as a land of opportunity, could offer no prosperity as the roaring twenties gave way to the depression. The one field that excelled, of course, was the Mafia and that is exactly where three ship waiters turn when their boat lands in the States. Jimmy (Marc Warren) and his buddies meet up with Georgio (The Sopranos' Al Sapienza), an heavy hitter in Al Capone's Windy City gang. He lures the trio in with promises to make a contender out of Jimmy, a hopeful prizefighter. The boys, however, are soon an integral part of the most notorious crime family America has ever known." Enigma (1983)—"East German defector turned CIA agent, Alex Holbeck (Martin Sheen) is assigned to discover the names of five Soviet dissidents targeted by a ruthless KGB hit squad. In order to stop this diabolic plot, Holbeck must infiltrate Soviet intelligence and obtain information from Enigma, a Russian computer component. But when he arrives in Berlin, his cover is blown and Holbeck quickly seeks shelter with his former lover, Karen. But as they get deeper in this deadly game of pursuit, Alex must outwit the assassins before they fall into the hands of the enemy." Final Flesh—"Final Flesh is a surreal, apocalyptic My Dinner With Andre in other words, existential, sublime and ridiculous, featuring unmistakeably porno production values and shudderingly unseasoned porno actors and actresses but no actual sex!" It's a whole new level of shock from Wonder Showzen co-creator Vernon Chatman. Finale—"Death is stalking a small town plagued with a rash of apparent suicides. But one grieving mother believes that there are darker forces at work and plunges herself into a supernatural nightmare to uncover her dead sons association with an evil cult. Her behavior grows increasingly paranoid and bizarre as she races against time to battle the terrifying demon unleashed to destroy her entire family in this atmospheric descent into horror." House Across The Bay (1940)—" Nightclub owner George Raft falls for and marries sultry singer Joan Bennett, but their happiness is short-lived when Bennett learns rival gamblers want to bump off her hubby. She and lawyer Lloyd Nolan hatch a plan to keep Raft safe by having him jailed (!) for tax evasion, but the scheming Nolan, after Bennett himself, manages to land him a 10-year sentence to Alcatraz. Walter Pidgeon co-stars." Meadowoods—"In a sleepy and uneventful small town, three college students, bored and desperate to make their mark, plot a savage and merciless murder. Electing to keep a video journal to memorialize their bizarre pact, they plot in secret, devising a homemade death chamber that will allow them to see, hear, feel, and linger over their intended victims torment and final moments of life. Then, chosen at random, a fellow student becomes this victim when she is to receive perhaps the most brutal and horrifying of all fates. The default leader of this macabre trio directs the physical and psychological terror, even as contention and hostility within the group threatens to jeopardize their twisted plan, culminating in a violent and chilling conclusion." Minnesota Clay—"In this western, a captured gunslinger is sentenced to swing, but before his execution day, manages to escape from prison. He then seeks out the one man who can prove his innocence. Because he is slowly going blind, he must use his enhanced sense of hearing." This 1965 spaghetti western stars Cameron Mitchell, Fernando Sancho and Alberto Cevenini. No Orchids For Miss Blandish—"Based on the shocking novel by James Hadley Chase, No Orchid's for Miss Blandish's mixture of sex, violence and low morals made it one of the most controversial films of the late 1940 s. The story tells of a pampered heiress (Linden Travers) who is abducted on her wedding night by a gang of small time hoods, in what starts out as a jewel robbery and turns into a kidnapping/murder when one of them kills the groom. Despite her terrifying ordeal, Miss Blandish finds herself falling in love with the gang leader, Slim Grisson (Jack LaRue). They plan to run off together, but the rest of the gang can t see parting with a potential million dollar ransom, or leaving a witness alive -- even if it means killing Slim Grisson to get to her." Silver Lode—"A fictional account of one of the most shameful moments in American history. McCarthyism justice western style: a case of guilt by suspicion. Outstanding model citizen Sheriff Dan Ballard (John Payne) becomes a marked criminal on the run when Ned McCarthy, US Marshall (Dan Duryea) rides into town with a warrant for his arrest for the murder of his brother and the theft of $20,000. Will the Sheriff be able to collect enough evidence to tell his side of the story? Will the townspeople listen to him?" Directed by Allan Dwan. Someone's Knocking At The Door—"A gruesome and graphic horror tale about a group of unsuspecting friends being terrorized by a pair of psycho killers. In a nod to those classic '70's indie splatter films, the story follows six college classmates on a drug - and sex filled week-end. When one of them is brutally murdered, it soon becomes clear that one by one they are being stalked by the unknown killers." Sunsets—"In this independent drama, Dave (Nicholas Constant) and Mark (Michael Idemoto) are two buddies who have recently graduated from high school in Watsonville, California. Dave works in a comic book store, while Mark is preparing to go to college in the fall. When their friend Gary (Josh Brand) is released from jail, the three spend most of the summer drinking beer, chasing girls, and committing petty crime. As the fall approaches, and with it the first stages of responsible adulthood, the three realize that the days are numbered for their friendship as they know it, with moments of wild energy and adventure facing off against boredom as the summer winds to a close." Supersonic Man/War Of The Robots (1979)—A Supersonic Man double feature! In the first film: "The alien Kronos is sent to the Earth, under the identity of Supersonic Man, in order to save it from Dr. Gulik's evil plans, namely rule the planet and kidnap Patricia, an eminent scientist's daughter and Supersonic's love interest, which involve such dangerous methods that could "break the Galaxy's equilibrium". This superhero possesses mighty powers such as flying, extraordinary strength, throwing fire and transforming handguns into bananas; he is also given a human identity, Paul, a reporter who can change back to superhero by activating a watch device and saying: "May the Great Force of the Galaxy be with me". In War Of The Robots, "an alien civilization, which facing eminent extinction, kidnaps two famous genetic scientists from Earth. A troop of soldiers is dispatched to combat the humanoid robots and rescue the victims." Tell Tale—"A chilling re-imagining of Edgar Allen Poe s timeless story The Tell Tale Heart. Hardworking single dad Terry (Josh Lucas) has a new lease on life, he has recovered from a recent heart transplant and met a beautiful woman. But things go awry as he becomes haunted by his own heartbeat and realizes that he must delve into the shocking death of the donor who saved his life." Tony—"Written and directed by first time feature film director Gerald Johnson, Tony is a dark, brutal and bleakly amusing psychological thriller that was selected by the Edinburgh Film Festival to be part of its official program in 2009 and has already drawn favorable comparisons to John McNaughton's seminal Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer." The Unidentified—"A budding New York City journalist falls for an optimistic artist, only to find that her simplistic outlook on life is driven by a dark undercurrent in director Kevan Tucker's incisive study of 21st Century apathy." Voyager (1991)—"Oscar nominee Sam Shepard takes on the role of a lifetime in award-winning director Volker Schlondorff's powerful story of a monumental love affair that spanned two generations and six continents. Following a trail of odd coincidences that leads him from a plane crash in Mexico to a transatlantic voyage, engineer Walter Faber (Shepard) meets the beautiful young Sabeth (Julie Delpy). Traveling across Europe together, Faber's life is rejuvenated by Sabeth's love until phantoms from his past confront him with an unbelievable truth." White Wall * —"In the near future, a handful of cities subsist behind a large white wall. These cities hold the last survivors of a fatal virus. Transformed into a child soldier in his youth, both a victim and a vessel of violence, Shawn Kors (James Boss) dreams of a new life. When a war erupts between the controlling militia and a terrorist gang, Shawn gives up the life he's built to confront the past he never wanted." There's even more being added as I type, so head in and spend some quality time browsing the New Release section. Happy viewing to all.