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Hey everyone! I'm super excited to announce that you can STOP renting cartoon network imports Naruto and Bleach and further explore the wonders of Japanese Anime with Scarecrow's *NEW* ANIME SPOTLIGHT SECTION!!! It's in the animation room in the window on 2 brand new turquoise shelves!!! Every month will be a new awesome theme that will help you navigate through the vast selection of anime we have at Scarecrow! It will help you narrow down a few in a select category that you may or may not have known to exist!! There is so much good anime out there to discover and entertain yourself with! It's time to graduate from Miyazaki and move past the comfort zone of Cowboy Bebop, and learn a bit more about Japanese culture in the process! It's so good! for the month of January we present a Post-Apocalyptic theme for all you hopefuls of the future--one of Japan's animated visions just might be the prediction we never knew! educate yourself before it's too late!!
some of my favorite post-apocalyptic animes from left to right: Fist of the North Star, Akira, A Wind Named Amnesia, Angel's Egg
Fist of the North Star is unbelievably entertaining just for the mere power that all these characters have. Japan goes over the top because they don't know how to be subtle. In this well-known &popular anime from the 80s, the world is barren and it's up to Kenshiro to protect the weak. He is a master of a special martial arts that tears sh*t up!!! his girlfriend who is trying to plant trees again is taken by this bad guy and Kenshiro is left for dead. Kenshiro, master of the divine north star... dead? Yeah right! He gets his revenge and saves the girl! probably the future of mankind too. his ultimate power is so ridiculous it's hypnotically AWEESSSOOMMEEE!!~ If you've never seen Akira, today might be that day. It's one of the most famous and popular anime's of all time. Akira didn't cut corners. It became the leading edge in animation for it's time. a classic and a staple. one of the lesser-known anime, A Wind Named Amnesia is not to be missed. The apocolypse depicted in this movie involved a breeze that erased all of mankind's knowledge. literally everything--how to speak, walk and even breathe! Whoever survived must start civilization from scratch. For some reason, our hero was seemingly unaffected. He is joined by a mysterious woman and while they cross the country and come across different and strange people, it's really interesting to see human nature at it's core. all the while they are being hunted by a robot who's only task is to destroy them. how does that not sound so good?! If there is any movie out there that could be described as "Hauntingly Beautiful" it's Angel's Egg!! Animated by the wonderful Amano who you might recognize as the artist who drew the Final Fantasy character designs and Vampire Hunter D! Come in and get worldly through anime at Scarecrow Video!!!