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Theatergoing roundup for 5/21

Greetings everyone and welcome to the theatrical round-up for Seattle film fans' favorite weekend of the year. That's right, THE SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL begins its full day of shows on Friday and will continue its cinematic domination through June 13th. There's just too much good stuff for us to go over here, so head to the SIFF website for the full list of films (we suggest you start with the MIDNIGHT ADRENALINE series) and check out The Stranger for the lowdown on this year's lineup. For those with the technology, you can handily manage your SIFF-going with the iSIFF app for your IPhone. Of course, Seattle is such a film-fueled town that biggest film festival in North America can be going on and there's still tons of other great movies playing around town. Northwest Film Forum is celebrating the anniversary of Europe's largest ever rock festival with 40 YEARS ON: MURRAY LERNER'S ISLE OF WIGHT FILMS. The series includes films about Miles Davis, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and more, all centered around their performances at the legendary musical event. Murray Lerner will be in attendance at the films through Monday. Central Cinema has the infinitely watchable BACK TO THE FUTURE ("That is your name isn't it? Calvin Klein? It's written all over your underwear"). On Thursday the 27th, STIFF Nights is showing AMERICAN JIHADIST, the awarding winning documentary that asks, "What social, economic and political environments create the mindset of a Jihadist, especially an American one?"and seek to answer that question by examining the life of an American Muslim named Isa Abdullah Ali. Our friends & neighbors at Grand Illusion Cinema are showing Charlie Chaplin's "comedy of murders: MONSIEUR VERDOUX and the classic 80s freakout FORBIDDEN ZONE (aka "The movie with Tattoo from Fantasy Island") in the Late Night spot. On Friday they'll be screening the original black & white version, then on Saturday they're showing the "new mind-blowing color version!" No matter if you choose b&w or color, you'll still get to enjoy the musical stylings of Oingo Boingo. The Hollywood summer movie season continues with new additions SHREK FOREVER AFTER at Columbia City Cinema & other venues around town (read our list of complimentary viewing over on the Seattle Times website) and MACGRUBER (which if you believe the poster is the best SNL film since WAYNE'S WORLD. Lastly, Sunday marks the end of an era as LOST ends its six season run. Many of us on staff will be crowded nervously around the TV. The rest of us will be here renting out the first five seasons to those curious what all the hubub is about. Happy weekend, everyone.