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Breaking news! Andy Richter Controls the Universe coming to DVD!

While sleepily stumbling around the Internets this morning, I found this eye opening piece of important news at Andy Richter Controls the Universe--3-disc collection coming to stores March 24th It will include all 19 episodes of the canceled-before-its-time show plus five that never aired and commentary by Mr. Richter on some episodes. Whooo!! Before this morning the only things we had to get excited about for TV on DVD in March were My Two Dads: Season 1 and Mr. Belvedere: Seasons 1 AND 2.* Hurrah!! Cross one off the "TV shows we wish were on DVD" list! Our fingers are now crossed for Andy Barker, PI. *Ok, that's not entirely true. The first season of In Treatment and the third season of our beloved Venture Brothers will also be out in March.